Leadership Vs Management


Gone are the times when the terms ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ were used interchangeably. With ever-evolving business paradigms and a smarter globally-conscious audience, these terms have come to be interlinked, sure, but are now clearly demarcated. Consequently, to become a trustworthy leader or a better manager, you would first need to understand what the terms mean and entail.

Fundamentally an employee of an organization, a manager is responsible for carrying out four crucial functions—planning, organizing, leading and controlling. And before the term ‘leading’ confuses you, it would be important to remember that even managers can have leadership qualities, but to a certain degree. How efficiently do they effectuate these qualities makes the difference between their subordinates complying with their demands out of will or obligation. The managers also follow certain protocols and use quantitative data to maintain the status quo and meet organizational goals and objectives. Because they are held responsible for their own actions as well as of their subordinates, they enjoy the privilege of promoting, hiring, ousting or rewarding employees based on their performance and behavior.

Leadership, contrastingly, is the ability of an individual to inspire or influence others towards a common goal. Leadership is about three things: to listen, to inspire and to empower. Effective leadership includes strong character and communication skills, along with traits like honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and ethics. A leader is a person who creates an inspiring vision for the future, motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision and manages the delivery of the vision. He finds answers to challenges, shows optimism and provides positive energy to people around them. He is someone who looks at the bigger picture and plans long-term goals accordingly.

FIIB is not just a business college providing a PGDM degree, but rather it’s an educational institution where young managers are nurtured and future leaders are born. It makes us truly prepared for today’s business challenges with quality activities and projects that push us to walk an extra mile, thoughtful case studies that make us think beyond and come up with a feasible solution and exciting conclaves and events that teach us teamwork and leadership. FIIB Alumni who are now spread across the world in top business roles are a testimony to that.

by Akash Ranjan Patra

Class of 2018