Learn, Unlearn, Focus and Grow!

Some people want to just finish their working hours and some people believe in finishing their work meaningfully, learning from it and performing even better than they did the last time. Sameep Singh is of the second kind. Let us hear more from him on his believes and professional calling.

On asking him to share some of his memories while he was in FIIB, he said

“I  started my FIIB journey in 2004 and in 2006 I got my first job through college placement. My batch had several students coming from different parts of India hence I remember myself interacting with them on various topics every now and then. My professors were always supportive. I am still in touch with some of my professors then, Mr. Swaminathan from Marketing and Mr .Roy from Finance and it feels really nice to have known such personalities through FIIB.”

Life after FIIB

“There are several lessons and exposures that FIIB gave me and I am still thankful for that. It is crucial to be a good communicator in life and through the presentations that I gave in front of the entire class every now and then, I gained the confidence to speak in public. I now habitually cherish public speaking and try to  maintain the momentum. It was during my days at FIIB that I overcame any possible hesitation to speak in public.

My batch mates were from different parts of the country like Tamil Nadu, Odisha, MP, Jammu & Kashmir and more. Through them I got tremendous exposure and understanding of how diverse our country is. This helps me in my career till date as it changed my understanding of India. 

His daily motivation to work

“I like my work very much because my role is unlimited. I am happy with my designation, my organization and my paycheck. In my work, I cover the technology, the media and the telecom sector. We have companies across the globe, hence I cover the sovereign, market, industry and other companies. This gives me a good macro view of things and brings clarity in what steps to be taken next. There is nothing repetitive, nothing mundane in what I do so I always look forward to work. It is natural to make mistakes but the key is to learn from those mistakes and that is how I have grown in the last 5 years. At the end of each day I get to learn something new. 

He passes on his ideas to the current students 

“We have to let go of the attitude that says “Let it go with the flow”. This is because one has to think out of the box and status quo does not help much. One has to remain active all the time and upskill the self to serve the best to the organization. Finishing up tasks beforehand in case you are free is a good move. Never push your work to the next day, rather complete your work ‘today’. Always push your managers to deliver something outstanding and beyond your expectations. No one can stop you if you will simply believe in yourself and will be disciplined.”

Surely we have got to learn a lot from Sameep Singh. In fact the way he approaches work can actually help anyone to sort out several work life issues in a short span of time. 

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