Learning beyond the classroom is important to develop leadership skills. Discover why?

Leadership skills are not something that people are born with, they need to be seeded, nurtured and honed, and often evolve with time, situation and regular practice. With this belief, FIIB strives to nurture leadership as an inherent skill among all its students so that they are fully ready to step into the corporate world with confidence. 

To infuse and to further grow the leadership qualities it is crucial for young minds to live beyond the classroom walls. The outside world is as important as the courses and assignments inside the classes. Accordingly, FIIB’s curriculum has been designed to create a healthy mix of academic and extracurricular activities, so as to inculcate a learning-by-doing mindset among its students. 

Student life at FIIB is both busy and exciting with a lot of meaningful ‘beyond the classroom’ learning and fun activities to build both personal as well professional dimensions of our student’s personality. There are 9 Student Clubs at FIIB which are all largely managed and run by students themselves, giving them a hands-on exposure on ideation, planning, organizing and managing a whole lot of campus events and activities. The institute has also curated an innovative B-Involved Program to motivate and incentivize students to participate in all campus activities and to nurture a spirit of friendly competition amongst them.

The 9 different student clubs at FIIB offer students a variety of activities that they can try their hands on and hone their personality and leadership skills.

The Brand Rovers Club covers the Marketing domain and helps students interested in marketing to know more about the world of Brands in a fun way. 

The Cynergy Club covers the HR domain and helps the interested students to know the art of network building and improve their interpersonal skills so that they can manage people more confidently when they step into the corporate world. 

The Cue Club is the Speaking Forum where students can come and express themselves in order to overcome the fear of public speaking, or to simply share their thoughts with their mates. 

The Dominoes Club helps students to realize and hone their financial instincts and strategize the most sustainable results through the tactics and theories used in the Arthashastra.

The Dramatics Club discovers the creative side of the FIIB students. Stage performance, invigorating discussions with popular play artists, writers and directors are some of the activities that this club conducts.  All these provide excellent opportunities to the students to explore their Self. 

The Jaagriti Club educates and sensitizes the budding corporate leaders on the need to strike a balance between the business and the social environment it operates in. This also helps a student to understand and become a more active participant in the corporate social responsibilities side of the business. 

The Sigma Club helps interested students to better understand and master the field level issues of Operations, IB and ISM  in a fun way. 

The Udaan Club fires up and fosters entrepreneurial mindset among the students and tests their courage, creativity and managerial potential to face up to the unknown and unexplored situations and challenges.  

The Prose Club polishes a students command over English language and helps them express themselves in ways they never thought was possible. Making students proficient in corporate communication is also what the club aims to achieve.   
So, these are some of the most engaging and creative ways in which FIIB teaches its students beyond the classroom world, and inculcates the attitude of “Never Stop Learning” as a lifelong habit in them. If you have any ideas on some other fun ways of learning beyond the classroom, and would like to share them with us, please email them to: ayushi.jain@fiib.edu.in.