Learning By The Alumni and For The Alumni – A Double Header Learning Opportunity Created By FIIB During Corona Times

Coronavirus might have started as a health pandemic but the outbreak has impacted almost everyone in many ways, making major shifts in the way people live, engage and work. Some feel that those who are handy with the Internet and remote working culture are affected less than the others. However, the fact may be that millennials are no exception to this. 

Whether it is to do with their residential status, financial worries or remote working, millennials too have faced a multitude of issues during the corona outbreak. However, the biggest issue that this generation is facing currently is missing out on some meaningful networking and learning opportunities that may have  long-lasting implications on their future. Knowing this well, providers of quality education like FIIB have been tirelessly working towards bringing highly relevant and viable means of continued learning to action that will keep the learning curve of its Students, Faculty, Alumni and other stakeholders even in the times of uncertainty. 

Reseeding the values of #NeverStopLearning

While FIIB was quite quick to pull in Webinars as a highly convenient and viable means to continue providing satisfactory learnings to its current as well as prospective students, it also swiftly roped in its experienced Alumni base to be a part of this movement to mentor and guide students on areas of career development and readiness. 

Further brainstorming on how to go deeper in enhancing the learning curve of all its stakeholders who are battling to make their organizations sail past the corona pandemic led to a great sponsorship idea – providing all of them a golden opportunity to continue their #NeverStopLearning attitude through free access to over 3,800 courses and 400 specializations from Coursera

Within the first week of rolling out this “Self-learning during lockdown” initiative among our Alumni, we’ve got 100+ registrations. Many more of them are expected to follow, along with our Students and the Faculty. Here are what some of the enrolled Alumni have to say about getting a new learning high with the free Coursera courses and on FIIB’s commitment to its motto of #NeverStopLearning’. 

First of all I would like to thank my alma mater for giving its alumni and their students a learning platform that is in today’s world of utmost importance. With this opportunity given to me, I have enrolled myself for more than 10+ courses through coursera.edu. It was more like a dream come true a couple of days back before taking up the courses, I was browsing to many such websites for online learning like skillshare, udemy, edx, etc. I enrolled myself with some of the courses out there as well.” – Mr. Kostubh Mittal, (FIIB Alumni, Batch 2005-2007); Founder & Creative Director at Amolik Jewel House

It’s quite great. I guess during this lockdown period Coursera is turning out to be beneficial. What I couldn’t do during my regular days , now I can do just by sitting at home along with my office work with ease.” –  Md. Mazen Siddiqui, (FIIB Alumni, Batch 2015-2017); Account Manager at WPP Group

Making the new add-ons familiar to the extended family virtually

For FIIB, conducting Webinars have been amongst the most viable ways of offering meaningful learnings and providing relevant industry insights on a remote basis to both current as well as prospective students. It has also emerged as a great communication bridge in making two of FIIB’s key stakeholders, Students and Alumni, familiar with each other. This virtual connection between the two Racers Community groups in a manner where one finds purpose in being a mentor and other seeks knowledge by being a mentee is a clear message to anyone who underestimates the power of upgrading the self in a virtual manner. 

In the past two months, FIIB has been able to showcase the true essence of its alumni network that is deeply connected with the mothership. Webinar sessions on topics ranging from “Career game never ends!” by Tarshant Jain, Head of Marketing – MoonX and Peregfin China to “How to be your own boss” by Purnima Tyagi, Founder- Happy Inviting and Choga by Purnima Tyagi – FIIB Alumni have left no stone unturned to ensure that their junior’s learning curve doesn’t show any kink during the times of the pandemic. 

Here is a sample of responses by FIIB’s 26th admitting batch of students on these webinars, describing their virtual learning expectations and experience: 

Literally feel like being a part of an extended family

“In the last month itself I’ve attended three webinars hosted by FIIB Alumni that literally made me feel that I’m a part of FIIB’s extended alumni base. “Career game never ends” by Tarshant Jain was amongst the most insightful webinars that helped me to think strategically about my future career options.Wasim S, Student of Batch 2020-22

Great way to connect with the Industry and learn insightful lessons

I have attended 3-4 FIIB webinars hosted by industry leaders themselves till now and the key takeaways from each one are worth spending time on. From what’s trending in the market to where the industry will shift post covid- 19, every webinar has enlightened me with new learnings.Akshay Dogra, Student of Batch 2020-22

Unique way to upskill yourself in a socially distanced manner!

“I could never think of learning like this in a virtual manner, but FIIB has literally made me comfortable with it. It was really difficult for me to raise my hand and ask questions in a class, but now I’m sharing what’s in my mind with so many never-seen before people that too in a webinar! All thanks to FIIB for giving me an opportunity to attend these webinars and upskill myself!Megha Gupta, Student of Batch 2020-22