Learning inside Vs. outside the class – CIP Journey

Recognizing the need for our future leaders to operate in a global setting, the PGDM course of the college focuses on providing all our courses provide relevant multinational inputs that help learn the best practices in differing socio, legal, cultural environments.  As a summer intern, our students are assigned to projects from various companies. Assignments cover various areas of work throughout the specializations Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Information Systems Management, International Business, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

While most of our students have already joined most of the Big 4 organizations for their Internship, we spoke to Akash Patra to give us some insight on the difference he spotted in the classroom learning and learning outside the campus.  Here’s what he had to say:

In order to be a successful manager, it is important to get corporate exposure, which is possible through application of therotical concept into practical one’s.  1st year at FIIB, taught me basic concepts from diverse subjects of management. Individual and group assignments gave me the understanding of working in a team and better understanding of  subjects.  After I used different concepts of class room learning while working on projects in various subjects,  I knew how and where to apply them, which increased my understanding of the fundamental concepts and it’s applicability. Guest lectures were also an add-on for me in understanding various management concepts and thier implementation in the industry.

Understanding concepts in a classroom and applying them practically in real life work environment is a whole new ball game. Internship at Birla Sun Life Insurance is  coming out to be a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills to the company and at the same time get maximum learnings from my 3 months of work. To me, Skill=Concept+Application and Learning=Mistakes+Failures. My 1st week at Birla Sun Life Insurance was really a good start. My primary duty is to make a communication strategy for Birla Sun Life Insurance by analyzing consumer behavior data, understand their values and belief and matching them with Birla Sun Life Insurance product. This is a pretty exciting project to work on and I as an intern will contribute to the growth of Birla Sun Life Insurance.

Internship at Birla Sunlife.