Learning Is Unstoppable, No Matter What The Situation Is

An unexpected shift from my Corporate Internship to Virtual Internship has given me the much-needed chances to explore my inner potential and provided me with corporate experiences that I might not have experienced as an intern physically.” – Ananya Snehi, Second-year student – FIIB

As a FIIB racer, I have not only learnt how to tackle struggles but also developed an attitude to embrace change readly and create a learning experience out of it. So when I got the virtual internship opportunity rather than a physical one due to the Corona crisis, I knew I needed to derive the most out of it and not let it go in vain. And at the end of the internship I felt that I have come a step closer in preparing myself better for the #NewNormal corporate world. 

A Ladder Towards Self-exploration

At FIIB, we are always taught to be ready to adapt with every change and respond with a can-do attitude and collaborative approach. When this whole virtual internship news broke due to the pandemic I only thought of one thing – can this lead to a better career opportunity? And with that single thought I moved ahead and embraced whatever challenges, learning, experiences, and most importantly, team conflicts came my way. 

I did my virtual internship with Scyara Megacorp, where my role for the company was as a product marketer. From attending tasks-to-do zoom meetings as an intern to providing outcomes as a potential marketing intern, getting feedback from a strict corporate mentor to sharing creative ideas collaboratively within the team – the company provided me with a holistic and realistic view of how things work in the corporate world.

This internship has undoubtedly been a great learning experience and it helped me discover my interest towards branding building. All the hustle and challenges made sense and gave me immense satisfaction when I was acknowledged as a top performing intern by my corporate mentor himself. Despite having no physical experience of the workplace or corporate environment, this new mode of internship introduced me to my inner self and my capabilities to cope with the difficult times.

Tying With Meaningful Experiential Opportunities

With a clear intent of specializing in marketing, I am exploring further experiential learnings in the domain and am now working as a Business Developer intern with Fin Ladder, which is an Ed Tech Start-up. The internship is helping me grow with every conversion I do for the company’s online courses. It is not only helping me to explore a new role that I thought would be beyond my comfort zone, but it is also making me more focused and goal oriented with every target I reach.

Making Myself Digitally Savvy For The Future World

Content writing has always been my passion, something that I have always loved doing. So to merge my passion with my profession, I have been updating my LinkedIn profile consistently with write ups and articles. It has become the new Instagram for me, where I invest most of my leisure time now. 

Happiness comes with every trending post notification that I receive from LinkedIn. It feels great when my posts get appreciated by the LinkedIn audience. The best part is, it is not only helping me to showcase my writing skills, but I am also building a good number of genuine connections and network through it. 

Reaping the Perks of Being A Digitally Active Marketer

The amount of effort I have put on LinkedIn seemed highly fulfilling when I got selected as a member of HBR Ascend Select just by mentioning my LinkedIn URL in the application form. Being an HBR ascend select member, I have got an opportunity to share my views and opinions with the editorial, marketing and product teams.  

I am essentially a person who is inclined more towards gaining practical experience and knowledge rather than theoretical, and therefore taking up quite a few online certification courses also. This new normal has also helped me improve one of the major soft skills required in the corporate world, Time Management which is extremely important to have a smooth work life.
As I strongly believe that “learning is unstoppable”, I did not let this unprecedented crisis hamper any of my learning experiences. Keeping the mindset that  “In the middle of the difficulties lies opportunities”, I have taken initiatives that have allowed me to position myself better in the corporate world.