Learning with Profit Making – Students write

During the Marketing Conclave in October 2016, a marketing fair was held on the 22nd October 2016 in the basement of the college campus and it was a great learning experience for us. I, Srishti Tandon and my friend Ashish Srivastava came up with an idea of placing a stall of handmade chocolates in the marketing fair. Making chocolates has been my hobby since childhood, but marketing fair’16 was the first time I could finally gather some courage in setting up a stall. We made about 500 chocolates with 7 different flavors varied from dark chocolates to milk chocolates, and even white chocolate. Both of us decided to sell the chocolates at no profit-no loss pricing strategy. Since we were convinced and had firm faith in our Concept/Product, we were looking at the prize money as our ‘profit’, which was 2000 INR. We sold each pack of six chocolates of selective flavor at the price of 50 INR. To our surprise all our products were sold out by the given time and at last we had a winning amount as our profit.


With our promotional and publicity ideas of putting posters on the campus and around the college, we created a buzz for the product in our college students using online as well as offline mode of communication. One could see CHOCO ठेला  posters and pamphlets everywhere which created a curiosity amongst the students for our products. This buzz resulted in a success for us since all of our chocolates were sold out and bought by everyone including the students, faculty, and even guest within the given time.

Marketing Conclave 2016

Our learning was definitely significant and it gave us a big chance to test our products at an initial level. This success has motivated us to take our product to a next and bigger level. People have liked our product and some have even asked for more chocolates to be made on a special order. We are determined to continue pursuing our passion for coming up with better ideas and strategies for making handmade chocolates.


For CHOCO ठेला 

Srishti and Ashish