Making The Most of Any Opportunity and How!

Life is fair and one needs to remain alert for opportunities and hungry for growth to identify the same. Making the most of what he learnt in FIIB,  Mr. Ravi has scaled new heights of success by holding the lessons he learnt at FIIB, close to his heart. Let us read more. 

When asked about his journey with FIIB, he said

“When I entered FIIB I realized how strong the institute academically is. The case studies that we were introduced to in the institute are still followed in the corporate world today. The strategies designed by the institute to groom the students were extremely effective. To make the students corporate ready there were different clubs and committees to show the right direction and provide just the right support and guidance throughout. There were various organizing members for the student’s welfare and they all, in sync, polished us to become better professionals so that we can adapt to the professional world in order to drive it to the next level. 

The one big thing I learned through FIIB is how to make better connections with people, how to present myself better in front of the higher authorities and how to delve deeper and more meaningfully into the corporate dynamics. The lessons learnt during my FIIB days are still serving me recognition wherever I go and that is huge and the perfect ROI that I could have hoped for.”

There are precious lessons that he has learnt in FIIB and is still carrying the same with himself into the corporate world. He shares the following

“When I entered the corporate world, I was still learning about it. My aim was to contribute better with time no matter where I am and I have been successful in this no matter what. I learnt how to maintain determination and approach a situation correctly from FIIB. I contribute to the technicality, the culture and to the strategy of an organization to reach its goals. I get appreciation for my quality of work and what I am because of the quality education I received from FIIB. My vision changed due to the schooling I received and I am way more creative and innovative than I ever predicted myself to be.”

He has some Any pearls of wisdom that you would like to share with the students? 

“Well, I must say that FIIB is taking extraordinary initiatives and has reached the next level for sure. I interact with my assigned mentees for the Alumni Mentorship Programme and that has helped me in learning about all the FIIB activities for the student’s welfare. I am proud of FIIB and everything that I would have expected to happen is happening now and that is noteworthy. The times have changed and the college has come to a different orbit now. My only suggestion to the students will be to grab such opportunities. FIIB is doing a lot for all of you and just the right decision at the right time from your end to give more importance to studies will make your future more favorable. All the very best!”

This was Mr. Ravi for you, motivating you in the best ways possible while making you aware of the basics that will take your career to the next level. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in

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