Management Education and Corporate Social Responsibility

The social and environmental challenges facing our society coupled with financial scandals and crises have led to focus on expectations for corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, in order to meet this expectation, business students need education in the CSR field. CSR addresses normative and ethical issues, and students’ self-awareness, attitude, and understandings of others are key elements. In this sense, CSR education is different from most of the typical business school education format, and therefore requires different educational tools.

Fortune institute of international business is doing its part towards CSR with the Help of GOONJ, a non-governmental organization based in Delhi which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 21 states across India. It’s the onset of winters & everyone must be sorting out their summer & winter wear.  Every year many homeless people die due to cold wave that typically lasts from December last week to February first week. FIIB Student clubJaagriti is working in collaboration with “GOONJ”,  to contribute towards a clothes collection campaign “Odha Do Zindagi”(ODZ) for the underprivileged and destitute. The campaign will be organized from 26th October – 9th November 2015 at FIIB campus.

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Clothing is one of the three basic needs (out of food, shelter and clothing). It symbolizes the person’s dignity. While there are more than 100 issues being talked about in the development sector, right from domestic violence to global warming, this basic need doesn’t find a mention anywhere. FIIB with the help of GOONJ wants to make clothing a matter of concern as an important issue. GOONJ has been sending material to parts of 21 states of India. People get this material, not as charity, but they work on their community issues and get the contributions as motivation.

The basic aim of all the management learning revolves around being a distinct and accountable human being as a part of this society. FIIB contributes its share by collaborating with various organizations and imparting social responsibility to the students. FIIB as an institution grants us an opportunity to come forth and lend a hand in the development of the society.  FIIB is committed to delivering excellence and preparing its students to become agents of change in society by espousal of initiatives that lead to the holistic development of the students. FIIB’s mission is to ‘To advance the practice of management and produce leader-managers of business and social relevance’. This mission permeates all activities at FIIB.

– Entry from Club Co-heads, Jaagriti Club.