The Multifaceted Approach to Management – FIIB’s 25th Batch Opening New Avenues

As an institute that rides the waves of changes of fast moving technology, there are certain challenges we face teaching in higher ed. Although the conventional management sutras remain the same, the way we apply them has drastically changed with the advent of the digital era. Not only that, the people who are steering the corporate world are much different to the ones who were doing it just 5 years ago. It seems yesterday that our first batch started with us and here we are already commencing our 25th batch. 

Our silver jubilee batch is unique in its own way, for many reasons – the diverse backgrounds they belong to, the data overwhelming era they’re living in, the job market they’ll enter, and the management learning they need. Catch a glance of the backgrounds of some managers of today who have kick-started their rides to management careers with us this year.

Hard Stats:

FIIB is committed to finding the right mix of students with versatile and intriguing backgrounds that is both diverse and inclusive.

FIIB’s gender diversity of the 25th batch inches towards parity, it’s a delight to have equal participation. This is an evidence to the fact that there are more women managers and the workplaces in current scenario are diverse and inclusive. This batch is a blend of different cultural backgrounds coming from 21 states from all parts of India. 

The fact that students with various backgrounds are choosing Management as their post graduation speaks for the fact business world today is multi-disciplined and the teaching has to evolve in a way to counter the interdisciplinary issues faced in the current corporate environment.

Beyond Academics:

FIIB gives the utmost importance to candidates’ potential for academic success as well as their attitude to learn so while selection, we consider their academic background for sure but in addition we also select the students who exhibit a rounded personality – who has interests beyond academics. The 25th batch of FIIB is a versatile mix of students who are quite talented. We tried to feature some of the most talented bunch here.

These are just a few gems among the fascinating fresher batch that started their term this month with us. It goes without saying that they are special in more than one way. Setting records year after year FIIB students are making noise in the corporate world and we’re sure this batch would not be any less. What are your thoughts about our young guns? Let us know.