Managing the “Uncertain Times Of The Pandemic” With An Attitude Of “Certainty of Learning”

The fact that it is literally impractical to imagine a life without uncertainties has probably never been more true than today. And that’s why we as a community need to save ourselves from falling into the trap of thinking only about the worst-case scenarios that tomorrow may bring and start employing ‘learning’ as a tool to stay on track and live with the unpredictable future.” – Dr. Anil K. Sinha, Director – FIIB

There’s no second guessing the fact that the sudden pandemic outbreak has heightened the uncertainties around every aspect of our livelihood – from economy to employment – and created unprecedented challenges in every direction of our life. But, irrespective of how challenging the times are and how uncertain the future may seem, our collaborative approach towards focusing on the things that are still in our control and working for solutions with clarity is the only driving force to stay relevant. 

The Power of Knowledge

As the famous proverb “Knowledge is power” states that a person with knowledge can outwit any uncertain situation and cope up with any challenge that life throws at him or her. So amid these uncertain times, FIIBians have literally lived by this phrase and willingly integrated the essence of learning into their respective career goals. 

Watch this video to get a glimpse of how the FIIB community stood strong in the face of COVID-19 challenge and showcased a “Won’t stop then, Can’t stop now” attitude to create a learning attitude that further sprouted win-win career opportunities for all its stakeholder groups. 

But knowledge isn’t a power until it is applied!

As builders of the nation’s young leader-managers, the broader responsibility of keeping the learning curve of the youth growing falls on the shoulders of educators. While we all know that teachers are the treasure trove of knowledge, this pandemic outbreak has significantly challenged the way educators provide knowledge to their students, leaving them with no option but to upgrade their technical competencies. 

For the past two months, the faculty at FIIB have been on their toes, exercising different ways to substitute traditional pedagogical methods with innovative virtual pedagogies that safely and effectively allow them to perform their core responsibility. Here we share views of some of the FIIB Faculty on how the forced change has affected them and what different strategies they’ve used to accommodate to the pandemic situation and continue to perform their duties:

On changes in routine to accommodate with the outbreak:

In a jiffy, the entire world moved from real to virtual, teaching shifted from a real room to Zoom. Exploring virtual classrooms, organizing webinars, taking online courses, recording teaching videos, sessions on virtual platforms has been a learning process for me to ensure limitless learning for my students.” – Dr. Ekta Singhal, Assistant Professor (Marketing & Entrepreneurship) – FIIB

As rightly said by Zig Ziglar “You don’t  have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” “With the emergence of Covid-19, technology has become the greatest friend and the most useful product for the people globally. Work from Home and Learn at Home are the new ways of life,” she further added.

On utilizing time to provide trending lessons to students:

I have not made many changes in my regular schedule to accommodate the pandemic change. I have always kept myself updated by listening to financial TV news on the phone while driving to the office. It keeps me going through the whole day. Now, during lockdown, even if I am not driving down to the office; I still put in that 1 hour to update myself on the financial markets, changes made by various companies, updates on other important business news. I have always carried these examples in my classroom teaching and would continue to do so, even if the classes are conducted on online mode.” Dr Shegorika LalchandaniAssistant Professor (Finance and Accounting) – FIIB

On staying steady despite the sudden change: 

The lockdown hasn’t made much of a change in my regular routine because as a part-time faculty and part-time consultant I have been working from home already for many years now. Though it did add some hours to my work from home schedule but that kind of gets compensated by the time saved on commuting to the institute or client’s office. And as you may all know that’s quite a significant amount of time in Delhi’s traffic. With adequate technology support being available these days to conduct classes, meeting, emailing and texting online, my ability to deliver the work, or ensuring the quality of work, hasn’t got affected much as well.” – Sanjay Tiwari, Adjunct Faculty & Brand Consultant – FIIB

Prof. Tiwari also shed light on the fact that considering all the unwrapped possibilities that this lockdown has thrown up our way, there is a definite felt need for upgrading further on technology gadgets and skills to catch up and adapt to the more intense work from home requirements.