Learning the art of Marketing and Marketing it well!

“If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy”- Jeff Metcalf

FIIB, Fortune institute of international business

I truly believe in this statement by Metcalf about marketing. I think I am crazy when it comes to following the passion for the field of marketing. Instead of going for traditional career streams like Engineering or Medical, I opted for +2 Commerce and then did my B.com with Management Honors. My honors papers really helped me build basics of Marketing, which included general marketing, service marketing, retail marketing, rural marketing and lots more. Yet, my curiosity level of knowing more about marketing was always higher than others. MBA is one of the popular career options to become specialized in a particular field. So finally, I decided to do my PGDM from FIIB that provides excellent internship and job opportunities in top companies to all marketing students, so that everyone gets the best exposure. I have chosen Marketing as my major specialization, and I have done live projects with few companies in sales and marketing profile. This helped me in applying marketing theory I studied during the classes and guest lectures. Now I have deeper insights about consumer behavior, business buying decisions, and other related marketing concepts. As an active member of the student promotion team, I have marketed many events of FIIB clubs and brought in more footfalls, which in turn taught me teamwork and co-ordination. I have also acquired a certificate course in marketing to add a new skill to my profile. I regularly read marketing magazines at the FIIB library whenever I get time, to myself abreast with the current trends in marketing. I interact with many seasoned salespersons who come to FIIB for guest lectures. I really take interest when they talk about how they started their career in marketing as a freshman and how they managed to achieve their targets and moved up the corporate ladder. During marketing classes and marketing club activities, our professors encourage us to come with innovative ideas and solutions while interacting or working on any marketing concept. All this helps me in stimulating my brain and find solutions to real problems faced by consumers and business owners.

The art of marketing and marketing well!

I have realized that, whether someone opts for Finance or HR or Operations, one has to project himself as a person who is selling his services effectively, and communication is the key towards it. As marketing is all about making long lasting relationships with people. I have worked hard on my introvert nature to interact with people, build friendships. Eventually, I want to  get into an organization in marketing profile, so that I can implement all my marketing knowledge and skills that will contribute to company’s sales growth and profitability.

Student Entry – Akash Patra – Class of 2018