Management Education: An inevitable necessity of our times?

No education ever goes wasted but deciding on a suitable education program could be really confusing. Gone are the days, when youngsters could only thought of either getting into the defense forces, medical line, becoming a charted accountant, or joining the family business. The job market has significantly changed over the last 2 decades, thanks to the globalization, technology, and the internet

In view of the development in technology, social media, and businesses both at domestic and international levels, the education sector too has not been unaffected. The dynamics of education are changing and needless to say benefiting from these developments of the world. Colleges are introducing and offering new specializations in the field of management education. Who knew that one could take up MBA with specialization in Social Media Management?

Do you really need the Management Education?

Many people remain indecisive and uncertain about taking up a full time education in management, but does everyone need an MBA to make it big in life, or to become successful? What’s the real value of doing an MBA? And is it worth pursuing a course in Business Administration? Especially in countries like India which is apparently world’s largest business-school market, with over 250 B- Schools, offering various specialization. One needs to give a deep thought to these questions and seek appropriate guidance whether one really needs an MBA or a PGDM course to improve their chance of landing at the right platform in the job market.

MBA and Startups

Innovative, creative, and seemingly low budget business initiatives, commonly known as startups are booming all around us. One can earn a fixed handsome amount every month just by uploading few interesting videos on Youtube channels. Governments, political parties, IT companies, and even the local vendors are finding it far easier and comfortable to approach their audience and customers through social media and mobile apps. And to build these apps you again need more creative advice and help, which may or may not require one to have a formal education in the field of management. It all hinges on your skillset with or without the MBA.

Skill over credentials

One should aspire to acquire skills rather than just grabbing a flashy degree/diploma. Management these days is not only about possessing the knowledge of facts rather it is an amalgamation of capability, leadership, and even soft skills. One should go for a management program which helps the students to not only get theoretical knowledge rather hands on experience in various field to opt from.

FIIB offers its PGDM course with various specializations from HR, Marketing to Strategy and Entrepreneurship. The admission process begins with the counseling sessions with a career advisor who guides the aspirants in the right direction to be able to decide for their future with a better clarity.

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