MBA exams..My first!

Tttrrrriiinnng…ttrrriiinnng, there goes my alarm clock sharp at 6am and an end to my beautiful sleep. There was a time when I never did see an early morning and felt that warm sun’s rays on me. Though it is very difficult to get up early from the bed, having slept only for 5 hours, I felt refreshed and motivated for the day ahead. Guess what! My first MBA exams are only a few days away and I have not even finished the quarter of my syllabus. It’s something new to me as I had no clue about how the exams are going to be, subjective, objective or case study analyses. ‘Case study’, a new method of teaching and learning in our professional program, is very enriching and experiential. It teaches us to act and provide the most appropriate solution based on the current situation.

Though the syllabus was small and consisted of only a few chapters, when I got down to actual studying it seemed never ending. More than studying, most of us were calling or texting one another on how to go about studying for our first MBA exams. Everyone had difference of opinions and methods, but I stuck to my old style of studying. My main objective was to read through every chapter once and highlight the important points and during my revision I would look at those important points to remember. I used many symbols to help me remember what I studied. Some concepts were difficult to understand, so I simply memorised the whole definition of it like most of my friends did, but it is always advisable to understand and learn the concepts.

Although I feel that I am not scared of anything and can face every obstacle in my path, I was a little nervous and frustrated. Frustration leads to  time loss and not being able to comprehend many concepts. I have appeared in so many exams from class 12, graduation and CAT, but I asked myself a question, “why am I feeling so nervous, I have done this before!”. Our seniors in the Institute provided great help in preparing for our exams, a required help during our tough time and professors were providing extra classes and guidance to all those who required it.

The ‘D’ day, i.e. the day of my first MBA exams  was the next day/ is tomorrow and I still had a lot to finish. I hurriedly finished studying for my first paper- accounts and then went off to bed early. Next day I woke up early and got ready for first exams- had bath, made breakfast and ate, wore my clothes and took my required stationery. I reached my institute on time for my exam, and got to know I had to sit on first row right next to the invigilators! “Oh no!”, I uttered loudly in my mind, “No chance to cheat at all”, I felt as though I was all alone and no one to look for help. But on the positive side, all I had was my belief and determination to overcome a new challenge which I was facing.

Days went by and the final day of my exams arrived, for which I was eagerly waiting. Last subject- marketing, was very new to me and had difficult concepts and theories. It was the subject which kept me thinking to myself, “will I be able to score and do well?”, but I had to gather my confidence and face my last subject with all my effort.

Sigh, what a relief, my first MBA exams were over. I did well in all my subjects and felt that I had given my full effort. Hurriedly I came back home to catch up on all the things I missed during my preparation for my exams.

My first MBA exams, a new experience, a new feeling, it was an eye opener for me because the MBA exam was very different from other exams that I had previously given. It was not an exam to test my memory but rather to test my thinking capacity, more of a practical approach than theoretical one. I was very anxious about my first MBA exam which I can gladly say ended with a much needed relief of knowing to cope with my fear,  with the  help of my classmates, seniors and professors who were ready to help me in my short four day important journey of my memorable first ever MBA exams!