“MBA is not a course, it’s a Mindset” – Candid Reflections of an MBA Student

I have been part of two different worlds. After completing my graduation I worked in the corporate sector. But after working for four years, I felt the need to go back to school and pursue an MBA to achieve far greater things in life. 

College to work and then going back to college is not an easy task. Many of my friends and well-wishers were surprised by my decision. They just couldn’t fathom why I was hopping from job to education. Honestly, I also didn’t have a good answer to give them then. I was myself quite confused and apprehensive of taking such a life-altering decision at that stage of my life. But in the guts I could feel I was doing the right thing and told myself, “Everything can be achieved if you have belief in yourself”.

From College to Corporate and back to College

Once back in college, I was quite unsure and apprehensive of what lay ahead. It felt weird to be a student again. The first person I met at FIIB was Mr Santosh Kumar from the Admission team. He welcomed me with his now-familiar smile and I instantly felt at home. While in the classroom I found most of my classmates to be younger than me, it hasn’t really been a problem. I have found great friends in my classmates and teachers, especially my mentor Dr Shegorika Lachandani, who has been a pillar of support to me. I found FIIB a place full of warmth and all my awkwardness disappeared pretty soon. 

At FIIB, MBA is not just a course but a mindset

I had clearly joined MBA with the intention of enhancing my career prospects. But my experience at FIIB has really been a mind-opening one in that regard. At FIIB, I realized that learning management is an ongoing life-long process.

FIIB is a place where education and knowledge are not just a part of the curriculum but also an integral part of its culture. The faculty-block is the epicentre of this learning culture, where the faculty members are deeply engaged in inculcating and facilitating learning among students. Books kept in the knowledge center (yes, that’s what the library is called here) take our learning far beyond just reading and scoring in exams. Every other week there is some event happening in the campus which helps us develop a mindset to infuse a spirit of challenge within us.

It is as much about being a self-learner as about learning better 

Switching from a regular job to college is never an easy task. It needs a complete reorientation of the mind. With a host of extracurricular activities along with classroom studies, I have been able to tap into my potential well. I have been an integral part of the Finance Conclave and International Management Conference as a student volunteer. I also emceed the TEDx at FIIB which saw speakers from all walks of life, including the likes of Baichung Bhutia, the most famous Indian footballer. Their talks were highly inspirational. 

Having had a corporate experience I could see how participation in these events simulated real-life work, making us into better managers and team workers. I was able to channelize my inner spirit when I participated in the Leadership Programme, which was an enriching experience for all of us. As a working professional, I thought I knew better, but I feel that in my student avtaar I am evolving to be an even better learner and a better person each day. I now believe that learning can happen anywhere and at any point in your life. I am glad FIIB has given me such exposures to self-actualize and evolve.

Making my own Path

FIIB has given me a chance to charter my own course. The college offers me ample freedom and support to pave my own way, grow as a professional (and as a person) and learn to succeed. My journey at FIIB began with a transition but has subsequently turned into a transformation. I now feel a more confident and spirited version of myself.