MBA -The first impression

Education, a Latin word ‘educatio’ which meant was to bring up has transformed to Education. An act of passing facts and figures from one generation to the other. In the changing times the act of education and getting educated has evolved through as well. It is the education that reinforces the fact “Change is the only constant thing and is done by the same set of minds”.
From pram to kindergarten, from kindergarten the never ending journey of learning begins. Ever exposure got a radical change in our behavior, outlook, perspective and perceptions. However, the most crucial two years of learning, exposure and implementation are left for our education. But for people who are interested in corporate world this is the most important run to finish before beginning a career.
As we are in the beginning of the term, the knowledge that we have about the course is based on the hearsay .Course is based on the practical approach involved at various level in evolving a business.
The first impression about the course has been changing with everyday in my first week. Curriculum is closely knit to assess oneself as we move into our first week of orientation program.
Every day seems to get more and more exciting as we interact with the college professors and seniors. This gives us time to sharpen our traditional tools of learning and an idea what lies ahead. It makes us more confident to face the upcoming challenges in our future endeavors.
We have met some of the outstanding speaker and entrepreneur in the beginning so can expect the journey to be all the more exciting and fruitful. The experience of working and learning from everyone at FIIB will fetch me high exponential learning curve. The first impression it all seems like fantasy slowly churning into dream that I will live like a student who carries high hopes.
The versatility of the people joining the course from different stream makes it more diversified. So it seems a very exciting and enriching years of learning lie ahead of us.