Mentoring at FIIB

Mentoring means creating possibilities and providing guidance and support to others in a relationship of trust; it includes facilitating, bringing visions to life and enabling people to achieve it. Essentially, it involves helping others to learn, grow and become more effective in their professional and personal life.

I have realized the true meaning of this term only after joining FIIB. FIIB regards mentoring as a valuable tool for all-round student development. Mentoring here is a rigorous, systematic, structured, and outcome oriented process. We have got a dedicated weekly slot in the time table for meeting our mentors. This highlights the importance attached to this process at FIIB.

The mentors take a keen personal interest in helping their mentees to grow in personal and professional life. The students are made aware of their strengths and weaknesses and given inputs on how to capitalize on our strengths and work on the areas of concern.

The mentors at FIIB help the mentees not only in their academics but also in career planning and growth. Mentors are aided in this process by having detailed information about their mentees based on a comprehensive assessment done right in the beginning of a student’s life in FIIB. These assessments include specific skills such as numeracy, communication, computing, and the overall personality.

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