Mentoring Program at FIIB: Transcending students in a progressive arc

Starting out in a college can be stressful especially as PGDM is a terminal degree for many. These 2 years are considered to be the most important to set a solid step into the corporate environment. This is also the time where students feel overwhelmed with decisions regarding courses, specialization, internships, career paths, and placements. To show them the guiding light to find their way to success, FIIB focuses on the mentoring program where the relationship between the student and mentor goes beyond the classrooms. The erudite faculty at FIIB doesn’t just teach them the management concepts that the industry demands, they also hold themselves accountable for the progress of the students in their professional and personal life at and away from the institute. Moreover, it’s not just faculty who are involved in the mentorship program. It is more than that. Read on to know how.

Faculty Mentors

Right from the time they enter the campus to the time they leave us to succeed, at each turn they are mentored. The first of them being the mentoring orientation day, where the mentors and students sit together to understand each other’s expectations. Starting then, the faculty mentor is the go-to person for the student to understand complex concepts, take informed decisions, and to choose the direction their career can be led. Faculty mentors assigned to each student facilitate monthly feedback around academics as well as skill improvement. Through coaching and feedback, these mentors handhold students to enable a smooth transition to the professional space. When these freshers begin their internships, the faculty sets ground rules for them to make the most of the exposure to turn those internships to placement offers, the mentors also visit these students at the organization they’re interning with to ensure they are not facing any difficulties. Once they come back successfully finishing their internships, and till they are finally placed, every interaction with the mentors ensure that the students are groomed and polished well for the business world they’re about to step into.

Industry/Corporate Mentors

We believe that interacting with game-changers of the industry helps the students understand what the market demands from them. Regular guest lectures and industry visits allow them to experience the corporate environment by themselves. In addition, FIIB hosts View From The Top series – a collection of inspiring, informative, and interactive talks – by some of the best, biggest, and brightest minds of the century that opens the doors to the career empowering community. In the mentoring program, the students also go through 4 rounds of SANKALP – Skills And Knowledge Aligned to Lead and Perform, which is an assimilation of grooming sessions by corporate experts coaching the students at every turn of the road to their corporate entry.

SANKALP-1, SANKALP-2 are more of directing the students to set out a career path out of the specializations available and what the market demands them after PGDM while SANKALP-3 and SANKALP-4 are about preparing for an indulging corporate internship experience, and placement drives. FIIB also ensures that during the internships, the students are under the guidance of a corporate mentor to help them fulfill organizational goals through the tasks assigned to them. This gives them the taste of the world they’re entering and the market they’re going to transform.

Alumni Mentors:

Utilizing the strong alumni network as a mentor base gives our current students a chance to ask questions of someone who has been in their shoes and can relate to them more easily. FIIB brings together the students and alumni in a purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships with alumni-to-alumni mentoring programs and alumni interactive sessions which allow freshers and recent graduates to receive career advice from those with more experience in similar professions. This strengthens the bond of the students with their alumni and enhances the professional network they are building.

We do not limit mentorship as an aspect of only professional grooming, it’s beyond that. Every student who joins FIIB gets a senior buddy who will act as their coaches. They help them understand the life at and around FIIB. They help them make decisions on a wider range of topics like the cafes to hang out at, the places to visit but more importantly how to fully utilize the 2 years at FIIB.

The whole culture at FIIB revolves around the central concepts of mentoring, guiding, and helping each other that everyone who enters to learn, leaves to succeed.