Defining Millennials

The term ‘Millennials’ has been doing rounds on news, social media and business world for quite some time now. And most happening news items too quite often contain this term. So, for convenience we cay that that anybody born in, or after 1984 is at present a millennial, and there may not be anything specific or special about these people, except: there is! These millennials are considered to be the generation of innovators, risk takers, entrepreneurs, and start-up people who are poles apart from their counterparts from other generations. Of course the youth of any country, globally, is the strength of any country and the millennials have proved it right and established themselves as the winners with multiple and myriad fields ranging from business, art and culture to social media, and the most apt example would be Mark Zuckerberg, the father of Facebook and now WhatsApp too.

Who are these people?

If you too are a millennial, you would notice that most of the upcoming business ventures, cafes, restaurants, travel companies, fashion platforms are run by budding business men. In fact at some work places the entire workforce, top to bottom comprises of everyone below 30 years. Stating the obvious this generation has achieved too much too soon by opportunity or by hard work, but they do stand apart from other generations. India being the youngest nation by the highest percentage of youth in a country has seen a clear impact of the millennial wave. Be it young authors or entrepreneurs. However, like all other generations this generation too has a set of challenges and shortcomings.

Impatient, self-loving, fast, low moral values are a few a tags that many people associate with the millennials. And as they say “no smoke without fire” some millennials have really earned these tags, by either wanting all the comfort and abundance in the early months of their jobs. Most of them don’t even want to settle for jobs that do seem fulfilling to them.

Famous leadership author and speaker Simon Sinek, recently said in an interview why the millennials are headed for a failure too early in their lives and what really went wrong in the parenting they received, where they were not given the right proportion of ‘Reward and Punishment’ by the society, and especially by their parents.

They want it, and they want it NOW!

Job satisfaction, equality or zero commitment in relationships, or clear and big career goals are a few things that many millennials advocate for. Frequent job change is another challenge that the job industry faces with the millennials. For they want everything better than what they have in hand. Deloitte’s 5th annual millennial in 2016 reflected that more than 50% millennials didn’t or don’t want to work in the same organization for more than 2 years. Clearly, the attrition rates are heading to an even bigger number.

Stating the obvious, these millennials have definitely set the bar high of what one should except from their jobs and career, and they HAVE worked hard for it. However, many of this generation also find themselves at the threshold of dissatisfaction, and gloom when they can’t seem to be doing something exciting and happening, or leaving and impact. Social media these days is full of travel stories where people quit their jobs and travel the world, or open a café in somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas or came up with a revolutionary startup idea or minting money by a new YouTube Chanel.

However, not everyone is cut out for the same job profile or lifestyle. The onus is definitely on the individual to measure his/her options carefully. Just because someone had a great start-up business doesn’t mean it is a foolproof idea to survive. And many of course quitting their jobs at the prime of their youth and career, regret it later. Well, the idea is to take everything with a pinch of salt. The millennial work or life pattern may not always go well with the job market or employers and even with one’s family members. Guess, it would be right to say that “The ‘Secret of Happiness’ lies in looking at all the wonders of the world and never forgetting the two drops of oil in the spoon, we hold”