Most Fascinating and Quirky Convocation Traditions (Explained)!

The most exciting phase of your MBA journey has also passed and you’re finally graduated! We can imagine how proud your parents were feeling at that day, seeing you with a degree in hand and “Yes, I did it” expression on your face. April 27th, 2019 indeed a date that 23rd Convocation batch remember lifetime!

From picking up a beautiful dress for your graduation day to making sure your parents arrive on time, you must have worked hard for your graduation ceremony. Likewise, we plan your special day in a very formalized way and specifically followed all the traditions associated with the convocation ceremony. At FIIB, we give our students and their loved ones an opportunity to recognize and celebrate significant accomplishments. And, that’s why we follow all the quirky convocation traditions for the recent 2017-2019 graduating batch.

Be it the way you wear your graduation gown and hat or, the song plays during Academic Procession – every graduation tradition has some definite purpose behind. In case you were too busy enjoying the day that you totally forget to emphasize the meanings, then we have covered it all here for you.

Academic Procession

Academic Procession is the most famous convocation tradition that usually happens at the start of the ceremony. The University dignitaries, including board members and faculty, march together wearing traditional academic dress. All of the graduands remain standing until the entire academic procession has taken seats.

Tossing of the Graduation Hat

Though convocation is considered as a formal event, throwing the graduation hat in the air is one the famous tradition that almost every student love to do. The purpose behind following this tradition is just to make students feel happy and proud. Many say that it a symbol that exclaims “we did it”!

Playing Pomp and Circumstance Song

Being an important part of college and university graduation exercises, Pomp and Circumstance is a largely universal tradition that comes second to graduation gown and hat. Most people identify this song as graduation march and is played as processional music for the commencement ceremony. The song was written by British composer Edward Elgar for the coronation of King Edward VII and is actually British in origin. It is in core belief that Pomp and Circumstance resemble a tune that comes once in a lifetime. Fortunately, graduation is one such moment of achievement for students to celebrate lifetime and nothing else can serve the pride feel than this song.

Turning of the Tassel

Earlier, the tassel adorning a graduation cap was just a simple practice to make the cap more decorative. But it has also considered as a tradition with a strong symbol now. The gesture of moving the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left symbolizes that the students received their degree. Prior to getting the degree, the tassel is expected to be worn on the right. Turning the tassel is a feeling of immense happiness as its an individual’s movement: from candidate to graduate.

The Academic Procession departs after chief guest finishes addressing the graduates in the same manner as they’ve entered the auditorium. All the graduates then follow the exit route and celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family. Congratulations to all the graduates for their accomplishments!

So, which tradition you liked the most and why? Tell us in the comment sections!