Moving up from abject poverty – Present scenario

Everyday sunrises and sunsets in the world and the same things happen in India but from the sunrise to the sunset there is a different story in each cities of our country. Wealthy people wakes up early to loose their weight, while poor people wakes up early to make their earnings. Walking through the shopping malls of Delhi, India’s one of the biggest cities, it is to see how fast the country is developing, the current GDP rate of India is 6.5. This rapid growth is in everywhere in India but directly across the streets from these crowded malls there was a much different type of neighborhood.

The world Bank’s report says that India spends more than 2% of its GDP on programmes to reduce poverty, but these programmes are upset by corruption, bad administration, and under payments. India is world’s 2nd fastest growing economy after China, some estimate suggests that as many as 77% of its 1.2 billion people live below the poverty line. The United Nation’s study released in the year 2010 founds more people living below the poverty line in 8 states of India. After knowing all these facts our Govt. says that 28% of India’s population is under the poverty line.
With more than a billion people, India has no shortage of potential test subjects. International pharma companies and CRO says that India has a huge population and that is why it is attracted for clinical and medical trails, but what they don’t tell you is that India also has huge poverty and a growing gap between rich and poor, and conducting clinical trials in such a context will raise a serious problem.In the last 15 years in our country, inequality has grown faster if we go by Forbes list India has 53 dollars Billionaire which makes us No. 5 in the world of Billionaires – United States is 1st, followed by Russia, Germany, China & then India but the net assets worth of our billionaires is higher than those of Russia, is higher than those of Germany. In terms of net asset value, our billionaire are 2nd richest billionaire in the world and these 53 individuals own a wealth equivalent between 1/4th and 1/3rd of our GDP i.e., 341 billion dollar in our trillion dollar economy, when compare to 836 million human beings who lives on less than Rs.20 a day.

Due to this unequal distribution of wealth in India poor people are becoming more poor and rich people are becoming more richer.

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  1. monika.bansal says:

    This situation will remain even after India comes in developed economy bracket.. this is how people have choose to live like that.. The people whom you are taking about is the one who has everything we can think of, good house which they rented out , subsidy from government in the form of ration card, supporting government ( dallitts favoring Congress) and what not… But India love to hear is that there people live below poverty line.. Strange but true.. India in actual is the richest of all 300+ countries across the world in every thing. Well done Debarati.. you can write more..:)

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