Multicultural Exposure through Global Exchange Programs—Learn to Work in Teams and Succeed in Organizations with Diverse Workforce

Global surveys confirm that employers world over like to hire the candidates with multicultural exposures since such experiences are equated to the power to adapt and be flexible to change and challenges, as such experiences also turn the candidates competitive. Meeting new people and an exposure to new cultures also promote broad-mindedness and empathy in them.

Effective teamwork that work on common vision, mission and objectives, sincere and free communications, clarity of role, feeling of mutual respect for each-other’s norms, value-system, mindset and perspectives, and accountability, and respect for difference in opinions, boosts an atmosphere of hard work, trust and cooperation at workplace. Also, knowing other cultures improves the creative instinct of graduates through broadening of their perspectives and mindsets.

International study exchange program is one of the ways which helps the students in imbibing the team spirit, understanding other cultures and bringing proficiency in language use that is hugely culture-dependent.

In order to have effective communicative competence, experts say, speakers need to know language as well as the culture where the language exists. Other ways could be by reading literature, attending and watching cultural shows including music, drama and films, doing collaborative works and sharing viewpoints. Exchange programs also help in expanding the academic horizon and the horizon of understanding of the participating students by nurturing their ability to adapt and accept the realities that students otherwise couldn’t have experienced.

Living in a new culture helps the participating students develop the valuable life skills for themselves, which boost their confidence. Such experiences make them emotionally stable and strong, and all the more mature since the participants constantly deal with the unknown and the unexpected and learn how to respond to them. Such a boost in confidence works wonder for the communication skills of the participating students, since they feel more confident and better placed while communicating with stakeholders.

Candidates who aim to undertake the international study exchange programs take their time out to study about the destination culture, including its history, geography, economy and government, which eventually make their stay smoother and convenient. In anticipation of the exciting but challenging times ahead, they prepare to deal with them. They generally get responsible and accountable about their future; and later, they apply the similar mindset, care and approach in their professional journey too.

In January 2020, three students of FIIB (Fortune Institute of International Business), New Delhi, left for a semester-long study exchange program to the Sam M. Walton College of Business, a premier 1926-born college of business at the University of Arkansas, USA, which is the second-largest college of the University. With this, the FIIB feels that the management graduates will enter into new relationship domains and networks that may lead them to new and more career opportunities and possibilities, including internships and professional partnerships.

Being immersive in nature, such international study exchange programs truly promote the spirit of diversity and experiential learning among the students and foster the desired understanding amongst them about the existence of diverse cultures and perspectives in approaches, which eventually help in creating the globally-competent professionals.