My Acculturation Program Experience

In the past one year at FIIB, I have participated in many events, but in terms of fun, excitement and learning, this 2-day Acculturation Program was something else entirely. Acculturation means understanding and assimilating the culture, values, tradition and psychology of a different country. This year, the students from Sam M. Walton College of Business, USA, visited our campus for the same. What an amazing experience it was! My teammates from Sam Walton—MacKenzi Owens, Elizabeth Arredondo and Chris Sheldon—were the loveliest people I have ever met in my life. They were really friendly and very funny. My two-day journey with them was totally amazing.

Day 1 started with some business lectures followed by a cultural program in which students from both colleges participated. It was a very entertaining program that acted as an icebreaker between us. We were then appointed teammates, with whom we took some selfies and started our Learning Day activities. We traveled to 3 different places in Delhi, i.e. Iskcon Temple, Lajpat Nagar Market and DLF Emporio mall to understand how management of various activities is done at these places. We also understood how marketing, financing, and operations is carried out there. My teammates were curious to know how religious Indians are, how businesses run and compete with each other, how efficient is our government, social issues Indians face, Indian food and languages spoken by us, and much more. I was happy that I was able to answer all the queries they had in their mind. Even I asked them a few questions about their country, which they happily answered. In between, we also had a nice lunch which they absolutely loved. All in all, by the end of the day we had learned about management system adopted by Iskcon Temple, product pricing strategy and promotional techniques used by business owners at Lajpat Nagar Market and luxury marketing and operations management at DLF Emporio mall. After returning to college, all teams had a pizza break followed by presentations in the auditorium in which we shared our day’s learnings. My teammates were super happy when we were declared winners. We also received Rs.3000 as cash prize.

Day 2 began with Amazing Race, in which each team had to reach a specified location in Delhi using five means of public transportation, with the winning team being the one first to reach. We were given some money to spend for transportation. This was most exciting for my teammates because they had a gala time travelling in auto, bus, E-rickshaw, cab and metro. But, since we could not find the appropriate route to the final destination, we lost. We were disappointed yet joyous at the same time. My teammates also went for shopping and purchased some Indian ethnic goods. Finally, we all went to Hauz Khas Village to party hard.

All the students of Sam Walton College loved the things we did for them. While bidding goodbye, we also exchanged gifts and thanked each other for the wonderful time. As now we have become good friends, we will stay connected even if we live miles away. I would like to thank FIIB for giving me this amazing lifetime experience through this Acculturation Program.

Student entry by – Akash Patra