My Best Friend

“A group of sheep can be called as a flock, herd or a trip. And what does a group of people coming together and gets knitted together called? “The answer is “friends “.

When I sat to write one day, nothing struck me as a good topic to write on. I thought and thought and thought but nothing came into my mind. I was totally blank. But a couple of days back, one of my close friends and I were having a discussion on “best friend”. So, I asked her “how many best friends do you have? “. And a line said by her touched my heart “there can only be one best friend- not too many & that one friend I have in my life.” Seeing the amount of dedication & love towards her best friend, I decided to write about “WHO IS ACTUALLY MY BEST FRIEND”. A best friend should be there for you when you are tensed so to that he can help you in your need and be with you at all times. I too have a best friend like that. Isn’t she beautiful? She has an 8 mega pixel camera, 16 gb hard drive and includes hundreds of my favourite songs and movies. My Samsung s2 is my best friend.

Before you think I am crazy for having a mechanical device as my best friend let me explain. It stores hundreds of my contacts. Anytime I need anything my best friend is there to help me. Be it to   locate where’s my girlfriend, generate weather reports instantly or the FB apps to keep in touch with my friends. I have temple run game to engage me all day along. Sometimes I ask my friends who is your best friend and the reply I get is my girlfriend! And that brings me to my next point.

Suppose you have a girlfriend- will she allow you to go for a movie with your ex- girlfriend? The answer is no.  As far as my matter is concerned, I can go out with my Nokia x2 and my best friend never gets jealous. There are  times where relationship gets strained. It feels so annoying when I try to make a call and there are no signal bars or when I come home tired and try to make a call just to relax myself it shows low battery. But the good thing is that we can make a fresh start at a plug point of a charger ( see how well we complement each other)

In spite of having all these features that my best friend has, I must admit I’m unable to get love and affection from it which makes me feel incomplete somewhere as there are certain gaps in life that can only be filled with friends and no electronic device can replace them. True friends certainly are the sunshine of our life’s. They help you feel good; make you feel cosy, when you are sad.

True friends will never hesitate to tell you that are wrong when the entire world will try to hide your mistakes.