My First MBA Exams…. Someone Help

It was a Sunday morning and it was raining heavily outside. With my morning tea in one hand and a copy of the Hindustan Times on my lap, I sat in the balcony attached to my room, and some really interesting thoughts crossed my mind. “Not even a month has passed since I finished with my graduation exams,” I thought to myself, “and here I am, already getting ready to face my first set of MBA exams!”

I wouldn’t say that I was not nervous, but I was definitely more anxious about the type of questions I would be asked. To say that shifting from Engineering to Business Management -two courses that are poles apart, has been a change, would be an understatement. From Circuits and Diodes to Journal Entries and Cash Flow Statements, from Network Security and C++ to MS Office and from Engineering Models and Communication Systems to Business Communication, the transition in my area of study has clearly been extreme.

Someone has rightly said “time flies when you’re having fun” because even before we knew it, we were sitting in the college basement, our first ever MBA question paper in hand. Nervousness, curiosity, stress and fear washed over us like a flood, but after a few minutes, our minds gradually got in tune with the paper. Subjects like ‘Managerial Economics’ and ‘Financial Accounting’ did pose a slight problem for me, but as the saying goes, “Practice Makes One Perfect”, and I am sure that with practice and time, I will be able to master both these subjects. Surprisingly, attempting a question of the mid-term seemed much easier than the several exams I had been giving during my graduation days. Maybe, I should focus on my MBA as it will help me polish my managerial skills so that I may face ‘the big bad corporate world’ better. That is the reason my first MBA exams did not worry me much and were a pleasant experience for me.

Another important change that I had to implement in my daily routine was ‘Time Management’. My previous college was just ten minutes away from my home and the new one is almost an hour away. Reaching FIIB at 9.00am sharp, with an hour long drive is something that I am proud of today. Presentations, assignments, class participation, Toastmasters etc. along with regular class room studies, is something that needs a lot of time management and FIIB is helping me to master this skill. But if I could lay claim to my greatest achievement it would be the understanding of people from various backgrounds in terms of education, culture, age etc.  Putting myself in their shoes and acting accordingly. This has been advantageous for me professionally as well as personally. I am sure after the rigorous two-years of participation and grinding, I will emerge as a successful manager not only in my professional life but personal life as well.

I look forward to all such upcoming assessments to hone my areas of strength to rectify my weaknesses. With a shift in gear, gathering immense knowledge in Management and with my technical background, it will help me scale heights in the professional sphere of my life.