My first two weeks in FIIB

After taking admission in FIIB I was curious to know about the Institute, meet my batch mates, & teachers. It was 8th June on a Sunday when I reached Delhi a bit tired after 12 hours of journey. As expected the next day on Monday I reached collage 15 minutes late at 9:15. There was an introduction class going on & I too joined the class All the students were introducing themselves Then Neha mam gave us some gems ( colourful chocolates) and we were asked to speak on a topic related to the colors. I spoke on red and yellow colour. After that we had a competition called master chief competition where we were divided into teams and we discovered how difficult it is to cook. When it actually came to us, we prepared a dish called Fortune flavour. However days passed and after every class we had we came to know each other very well and most importantly the guest lectures we had were very inspiring specially the Marketing expert Mr.Pawan Gulani… I really don’t have words to explain it, as I am interested in picking marketing as my specialization. I was thrilled, though I was not able to give an appropriate answer to his question, even then I was not discouraged. Rather I thought about it, as to why I am picking marketing as my specialization? I have not yet found a right answer but I hope as the year progresses with the help of my respected teachers I will be able to answer the question and will be able to justify my selection. Today on 23rd June 2014 I am ready to begin my academic session with full energy.