My first week @ FIIB

My first day at Fortune institute of international business(FIIB),was really very good I remember the first class of ice breaking session with Neha ma’am where all my classmates had to pick up gems and the questions were asked by ma’am on the basis of the colour of the gem.So during this session I got to know my classmates about their likes and dislikes and other stuff.
The second session we had was of the MasterChef, in which we were divided into 10 teams and each team had to cook food without fire all the teams were given same items to cook with and also the trading system was involved in which a volunteer from each team was allowed to exchange food items that they did not want.
Then in the last two session we were shown a movie titled Coach Carter. We learnt about the leadership qualities and what are the requirements for becoming an efficient and effective leader.
Then in the other sessions of the FIIB induction program we were taught about how teamwork is essential in any organization or in any field as most of the times we have to work in groups. There was this session called working together in which a team of 5 had to make 5 squares of equal sizes from the pieces of paper that were given to each team member in an envelope.
We also had a session on the core values of FIIB by Deepankar Chakrbarti sir in which we made aware about the core values of FIIB. The core values of FIIB are:Trust,Intelligence,Ownership,Integrity and Trust.
And we had another session by Akshita ma’am in which she made us aware about all clubs that are in FIIB . There are total 16 clubs and one main fest that is organized every year called the Samavesh, it is usually held in march.
We also had an interesting session with Radhika Srivastava ma’am in which we had to make a presentation on a case study that was given by her on the Royal Dragon Hotel,the complete discussion on that case study was a great experience in itself as I was doing a case study for the first time.
We also had a session on speaking up without freaking in which we had to speak on a given topic for a minute in front of the class.
Then we also had so many speakers from the industry sharing their experiences with us which was the best part of the pre-term program as I got to learn so many things from the experiences that they shared. Some of the guest speakers were the alumni of FIIB from the 2008-2010 batch.
All in all its been a great experience at FIIB till now I have made some great friends over here already learnt a lot about my classmates already after working with them in teams or groups. Hoping for a great experience in this college and becoming a better human being during this course of MBA at FIIB.
Name:Gaurav Ajwani