My Internship with Paharpur Group

FIIB has been constantly contributing to my development as an aspiring HR professional. My job responsibility is an end to end recruitment and a major part of my job involves around receiving a vacant position from the various companies of the Paharpur group along with a Job Description that defines my search criteria to hunt for the relevant candidates. I use Naukri.com to source CVs and calls are made to the potential candidates to verify their eligibility and validate their interests for the new job. Only after connecting all dots between the company criteria, job description and the apprehensions & skills of the potential candidate is the candidate called for the first round of interview, which is generally an IQ test.

I am approximately halfway through my internship period, and it has been a great learning experience so far. The 1st year spent at FIIB has facilitated me very well in spending my time in a corporate. The myriad of subjects that were taught in 1st year relating to the basics of business and corporate environment and knowledge of various small operations and processes that constitute a business have proven to be extremely helpful. I was also provided with the necessary guidelines and training before I assumed office and that has helped me in maintaining a balance between office, college, and personal life.

Although I’m in the HR department, knowledge about other departments does help in understanding how corporate functions. For ex-

  • Business Statistics helped in understanding the huge return on investment given by Naukri.com by providing access to over 50 million CVs thereby saving a huge time on headhunting and random calling.
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Behavior in Organizations facilitated in knowing the various functions in HR and how people tend to behave in specific work environments, and also how to see the other side of things or looking at situations from a different angle.
  • Operations Management helped in realizing that Operations are a part of each core function of a business.
  • Business Ethics made me think about the difference between the conventional way of doing things and the best way of doing them. This subject has and will always be a part of my development- both professional and personal.
  • Strategy Management has enabled me to identify the pertaining business practices in the office, and again allowed me to ponder on the best way of performing functions.
  • Change Management allowed me to accept changes, whether good or bad in the best possible way so that my learning and performance are hampered the least.

The first year at FIIB has been vital in grooming me up for the corporate world and establishing a firm ground on which I can lay my for my career foundation on. However, the key takeaway here is that if you are willing to learn, step outside of your comfort zone and expose yourself to new situations and experiences, you will be given ample opportunities and learnings on how to further improve and develop yourself.

-Student entry by Shiva Verma