My Leadership Journey So Far…

Post the FLP (FIIB Leadership Program) launch on 23rd August, 2013, I began working on my forward action plan for the upcoming months. After spending hours just to perform a SWOT analysis of myself, I realized my weaknesses and gave a whole new dimension to my strengths. Following that, an NGO visit was on my priority list. On28th August, 2013, I along with nineteen other colleagues and Professor Monica Mor got up early morning, took the metro and reached CSSAR (Center for Social Security Action & Research).

CSSAR which started with two centers and 148 children, today at the end of FY 2013; has six centers welcoming 347 children. Give India is a guiding partner for CSSAR in terms of technical inputs and monetary support. CSSAR has been teaching slum children in Delhi since April 2008 and their education program targets children studying in classes I to X in municipal schools. Their teachers deliver individually centered education to the pupils in regular school subjects and in Spoken English language. The program complements formal school education by filling in the gaps felt by students and parents alike, thereby sustaining the interest of children and their parents in formal education system. Currently, they run the following education programs:

  • Remedial classes for school going slum children (primary level) where they target children studying in classes I to V in municipal schools
  • Remedial classes for school going slum girl children (secondary level) where they target girl children studying in classes VI to X in municipal schools and is specially designed so as to reach out to the girls in the slums who are generally side- lined or neglected in the education system due to various constraints.
  • Spoken English class for school going slum children (secondary level) where they target girl children studying in classes VI to X in municipal schools and higher classes.

In fact, our very own Professor Monica Mor is the VP of this non-profit organization. On our visit to the Ngo, Mr. Yogendra Jha, secretary of CSSAR, gave us realistic insights on the challenges faced by this Ngo. I feel blessed to be among the lucky ones who are now supporting this organization which is doing a wonderful job for the welfare of the society. I am currently handling the social media of CSSAR (Facebook page of CSSAR: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Center-for-Social-Security-Action-and-Research/291405857607744) as this is a field where my passion lies and interests me (digital marketing) and with time, I have plans of widening this horizon through other platforms as well. Now that I have extended my hand towards this Ngo, I really wish to be associated with it throughout my life and serve this organization in some form or the other as the brutal reality of the other side of the world disturbed me to some extent.

Having being raised up in good terms, I have hardly faced any difficulty and hardships in terms of resources. But the plight of these slum kids touched my heart. I found it so difficult to even move around comfortably in one of the classrooms at the Ngo where the students are taught, I wonder how they manage 15-16 people inside that small room!

Amongst all the hustle bustle, while all of this kept on going for about a couple of weeks along with classes, assignments, quizzes, presentations, conclaves etc., to mark the anniversary for FIIB’s 3rd Leadership Cohort, we had an enriching session with Ms. Anshu Bogra, Head Buying and Merchandising, Lacoste on 17th September, 2013 where we were all invited for Hi-Tea (though we had coffee and not tea) for an interaction with the respectable lady. We had an hour and a half long chat session with our guest and discussed about interview readiness, sustaining in a job and carving the right career path for ourselves. To sum it all up, my FLP journey so far has been very interesting and full of activities equipping me with some learning each day. I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming months of this cohort, especially the OTP.