My two years at FIIB!!!

“Life at FIIB was a roller coaster ride that I thoroughly enjoyed”- This was the thought the moment I got my offer letter. That feeling when I proudly signed my offer letter confirming my job at Mancer Consulting cannot be described in words but I will try. The learning at FIIB- non-stop, intense and dynamic; required me to manage my own schedules between class time, team time, personal study time and the different activities that are happening on an everyday basis at the campus. “Life is what you make it”- is what I learnt at FIIB.
Like “Every diamond needs to be cut and polished before it becomes the most expensive stone”, life at FIIB groomed me into a corporate-ready professional with the essential knowledge and skills across specializations. Most importantly, it taught me the art of effective time management leading to efficient multi-tasking.

Who can forget the tireless days and sleepless nights I spent working on getting myself Job Ready. I believe the key to crack an interview is to have control over it right from the beginning and channelizing it on your directed path. And this comes only with preparation of not only domain related topics but also current affairs.

Having a positive attitude, enthusiasm, good body language and the willingness to work hard are few of the important traits that interviewers have been looking at.And without the grooming and support of the Business Communication Department and the Corporate Relations Cell at FIIB this was nearly impossible. The trainers and counsellors at FIIB helped me understand my strengths, analyse my weaknesses and prepare me for my job.

Who knew, the decision I made two years ago would change and impact my life to such extent. Getting associated with FIIB changed my life. Today, if I were to compare myself with what I was two years ago, I see a drastic change in me. These two years has not only polished my domain skills but also chiselled the way I communicate and present myself in the corporate world. I was an introvert when I joined this institution. But the various programs offered at FIIB helped me grow into a more confident person.

I am eager to join my office soon, and am glad that the college allowed me to join mid-term. It is going to be very challenging to manage between work and studies but I am eagerly looking forward to start my career with Mancer Consulting Services. During my two years at FIIB, I have been surviving on multi- tasking and hoping to apply it to the best of my capabilities at work too.
The journey wouldn’t have been possible without lots of mentors at FIIB, and so I only fits to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all faculty members, Corporate Relations Cell and all other FIIB staff for helping me be what I am today. Thank you all!!!