Nail the Group Discussions

Group discussions have become an integral part of the campus hiring process. Group discussion makes mass elimination of candidates easy for the recruiters. Reading voraciously on every subject will help you gain information on every topic and help you get place better. This will keep you ready for any topic for a discussion in GD your knowledge is your most important weapon in a discussion. Read on for top tips excel at your next group discussion.


Begin the discussion:

Many students believe that beginning a group discussion will let them gain an advantage over the others in the team. The advantage is only greater if you know about the topic extensively, if not, it will only put you in a disadvantageous situation. Speaking just for the sake of speaking is noise.

Being Polite and Pleasant:

Make sure you are audible, making sure you aren’t yelling at the top of your voice. This is a discussion, not a political rally. You may or may not agree with the others, abstain from arguing and getting off topic.

Confidence is the key:

Maintain your confidence as you speak. Establishing eye contact with other members of the group will indicate your thorough knowledge about the subject. Being attentive to the ideas you put forward in front the panel, as you may get limited time to impress the panel.

Body language:

Your body language should not indicate dominance or low self-confidence. The panel will understand your interest in the discussion through your gestures.

Team player:

As this is a group activity being a team player is very important. Management education is all about working in teams so it is important that the panel is impressed.

The FIIB career management cell  dedicatedly prepares the students for group discussions to make them placement ready. Know more about the FIIB PGDM program here.