On a Journey of Knowledge and Quest: Akash Patra

I am a 1st year PGDM student at one of the finest MBA institutes in Delhi named FIIB. I am from Bhubaneswar and it was my dream to come to Delhi for higher education. And it came true when I stepped into FIIB. Honestly,  I consider myself to be lucky enough to get into a college with excellent and experienced professors and my college mentors who guides me in taking every decision of my career.

Not only teachers but the amazing friends I have made at the college here, have made my life more joyful every day, and even the 2nd year students are very friendly and helpful, and they regularly discuss and guide me as to what I should do to make my 2 years at FIIB more fruitful and productive. Hence, my knowledge gets expanded every day after all classes at FIIB because the conceptual learnings I get from each subject taught, will definitely help me when I will enter into corporate industry. Thanks to case study analysis, class activities, quizzes, assignments, project work and presentations. Not only this frequent guest lectures on various subjects, issues, and topics helps me understand the things in depth. All this has helped in improving my analytical skills, which every employer looks for in a MBA guy. Library at FIIB is the best place for me as I get access to latest magazines, publications, books etc. that helps me to think beyond and get business awareness. To get corporate exposure, I have done Live Projects with big corporate brands that helped me apply theoretical knowledge. And the best thing is the learnings I get after completing the project. Apart from studies, conclaves and cultural events are a big part of FIIB. Experienced corporate people from diverged background come and share their knowledge with us who will become the future leaders of tomorrow. I am feeling proud to be part of these events and get appreciation on Gong ceremony day. Here at FIIB, every small and big festivals are celebrated to their fullest. Every student and teacher and other staff members come together and celebrate the festivals. Yes, when it comes to giving exams, there is no escape from it, but I get to know where I stand in respect to my peers. I motivate myself to study harder to get good CGPA and get the scholarship for my dedication to studies. Leaving back studies, corporate projects, activities, canteen is the best place in college campus to chill and hangout with my friends. The sad part is we have to stand in long queue every day to get our lunch. But the good quality food we get compensates the time we wait. In college basement, I play various indoor games like chess and carom with my friends. I have also participated in Ranbhoomi, an outdoor game activity where all students go out and play their hearts out in games like cricket, football, badminton etc. Due to FIIB, I have realized my potential and now I am in a transformation phase, where I am improving my confidence level, communication skills, soft skills, attitude etc. Overall, FIIB has already created an impact on me and is helping me to have the best personality I can have and become a sustainable manager.

  • Akash Patra – Class of 2018