Operational Excellence Conference- An Initiative of Sigma Club, FIIB

The Sigma Club, FIIB is a student driven club by students of International Business and Operations Management. This club had organised a conference on 31 August, 2013. The theme for this conference was Operational Excellence (OPEX).

It started with lightning of lamp and Saraswati Vandana. Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi, Professor, FIIB acquainted the students with the theme- ‘Operational Excellence’. Dr. A.K. Sinha , Director, FIIB told students the importance of industry interaction how can students extract out the best from these kind of platforms.The conference had a keynote speaker and two panel discussions. All the speakers shared their enriched knowledge and experience from the industry ro which they belong. It was so interesting to listen to them. Most of the speakers simply related the operation concepts with life experiences and so made the task of understanding the concept simpler.
The keynote Speaker, Mr. Subhendu Roy, Principal (Consumer Industries and Retail Practice), A.T. Kearney focussed on the ‘Seven themes that help organisation to create a competitive advantage’ which included – Collaboration to integrate the value chain, A tailored approach, Implement pull cross the value chain, Proactively manage complexity, Ensure Business needs drive technology and automation choice, reconfigure supply chain organisation to have business management capability and Plan more frequently.

Panel I discussion: Sustainable & Improvised Supply Chain Strategy In Operational Excellence


  • 1.  Mr Anil Sachdeva, Sr VP, TQMI, New Delhi
  • Mr Sunil Kapoor, VP & SBU Head, Fortis Healthcare, Gurgaon
  • Mr Shailesh Mor, Director (Director Ocean & OM Services), Expeditors – Delhi
  • Mr. Kamal Bajaj, Head (Purchase, IT and HR), Profine Group – India

Moderator for the Panel discussion: Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, FIIB
They discussed about Strategic Sourcing, What Kind Of Suppliers They Should Hire, Online Delivery, Supply Chain, 3PL And 4PL, Logistics And Supply Chain

On the concept Strategic Sourcing, all the panelists agreed that everybody does negotiation and we start our day with negotiation. It is the responsibility of the supply chain to get the source. There are various sources of negotiation- reverse auctioning, e-auctioning etc., by which you drop down the leakages. Mr. Shailesh Mor continued by defining his sector, 3PL Logistics, “We provide back-end services. We are actually in the business of integration, providing efficiency in most timely and cost effective manner. And as a global company, we get to know about the verticals of each business, we find the major gaps are in the execution part in any business. A lot of stuffs become transactional when we see the different function of any business. Everybody become transactional without even thinking whether they will be able to get the maximum out of it or not. Even the organisation which seem to have great products, they also have the major gap in their expected and achieved targets of supply chain. Most of the companies are struggling with the issue of timely delivery. So the companies need inventory in this case. In supply chain-inventory management is important.”
Mr. Anil Sachdeva continued with the concept of Online delivery saying , “ Online delivery is a critical factor. And the bigger issue is Just in Time (JIT). So one should map the whole process, and look where the wastage is.” He discussed about the JIT origin. Adding to same topic, Mr. Sunil Kapoor said, “Supply chain is simple and JIT in life is very important. When your purchase any product you see the purpose. Also, we treat our suppliers like slaves. And in country like India, the governance structure in organisations does not help to recover supplier’s dues easily. As far as logistics is concerned, don’t ship after, don’t ship before.
Dr. Sharad Chaturvedi brought the concept of ‘Forecasting’ into the discussion by saying that, “Supply chain is about dealing with forecasting errors and being accurate.” On this concept, Mr. Sunil Sachdeva said, “There is lot of analytics and trends when we talk about forecasting. For a problem, we meet 50-60 consultants in healthcare. Each of them has their own practice of treating a single disease.”
This panel discussion gave a good exposure to all the students of FIIB. Those who are specializing in the area of operations, they got the insights and exposure `how should Operation area function to achieve excellence. The first year students were able to get the basic understanding of Operation Area in management because the panelists discussed the topic using lot of conceptsThe panelists interacted with the students and answered to their queries. A high enthusiasm was seen in students of FIIB during the conference. They were participative throughout and there was a great learning.
Panel 2 : Demystifying the Operational Success of Mumbai Dabbawala’s


  • Mr. Raghunath Medge, President of the Association, Dabbawalas
  • Mr. Gangaram Talekar, General Secretary of the Association, Dabbawalas

The Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust (Dabbawalas-NMBTSA)) hold an unique image in the eyes of business world because of their Operational Excellence. Their success depends on team work and time management. They are certified by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (ISO 9001:2000). Such an excellence is followed by an error rate in 6 million (six sigma).

It was great to have Dabbawalas at FIIB. Everybody was overwhelmed to hear their success story who claims to manage each process without using any technology except bicycle. They were being very transparent about explaining their coding process which is considered to be the main strategy behind their success.

Mr. Gangaram Talekar started the session with a video presentation showing how ladies work in their organisation and most of them are illiterate. Describing the kind of the work they do, he said, “Our work is very small. We just provide meals to people. What we give to people is Fresh Food.’ He showed the photographs when they visited Nigeria, London and other countries and they had shows with celebrities like Mandira Bedi (Deal Ya No Deal TV programme), Jackie Shroff and Salman Khan. Describing their organisation, he told about his Company’s History, Employees’ Strength And Time Taken For Dabba And Delivery. The students of FIIB seemed to be very enthusiastic during the session. About his organisation, he said, “There Error Rate is 1 in 16 million transactions, Six Sigma performance (99.999999), No technological Back up, “No strike” record as each one a share.”

Their approach towards work is very disciplined. No one can drink Alcohol during business hours. It is mandatory for all Dabbawalas to Wear white Cap during business hours. It is compulsory for them to carry Identity Cards. They can not leave without Prior Notice. For Dabbawalas, Work is Worship. The popularity of Dabbawalas is at peak. After that , Mr. Raghunath Medge continued. He told that Prince Charles from England had visited their organisation at Churchgate, Mumbai on 4th Nov, 2003.

He told that institutes like Richard Ivey school of Business,Ontario, IFIM Banglore, ICFAI Press Hyderabad and IIM Ahemedabad have developed a case study on Dabbawalas. He said, “We do not worry about competition. We frankly tell people about our coding system of Tiffins.” He shared his experiences when he went to Prince Charle’s Marriage. He was given free air ticket by Air India to go to England for Prince Charles marriage. Mr. Raghunath Megde is amongst the Top 50 people who impact Mumbai (The Influentials), rated by DNA.The success of Dabbawalas is not hidden in Business world. It is literally unique to have a business which is not backed up by technology and emits zero pollution in today’s business environment. FIIB students had great learning with Dabbawalas.

Due to these notable speakers, Sigma club achieved its objective to impart learning in the area of Operational Excellence. Sakshi Gupta, PGDM 2013-14, FIIB, who attended the first panel of this Conference, said, “I learnt about the Supply Chain Management and how to create integration in business through operations. It was valuable experience to listen from industry speakers. Looking forward to such more events!”


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