8 Study-Life Balance Tips For MBA Students

Balancing is pure art; it is very important to achieve a comfortable balance between things at every phase of life. While it is true that balancing helps us to stay away from distractions and frustrations, it is also valid that it leads us to live a happier and healthier life. According to experts, the world’s most renowned people of today were the most-balanced students of college back in the time which means that people who touch heights in their career are habitual to the art of balancing.

MBA students who are about to join their business school should unleash the art of balancing as the freshman year could be daunting in the start. The hours they used to spend unwinding are now needed to invest in understanding the curriculum and fulfilling course requirements. While students get too busy in adapting all the changes business school bring to them, self-care is the belonging that mostly stays unnoticed.

Make sure that you always stay confident during your business school and never feel under pressure or frustrated while dealing with strict deadline assignments, group projects and final exams. Here are eight proven tips that help you to maintain a better balance between your MBA and personal life.

1.Create a Schedule and Follow Regularly

Figure out whether you’re a night owl or early bird and write down the time you can devote to study. Keep track of your routine for one week and prioritize things that direct you towards future career success. Make a proper schedule out of the records and follow it regularly to avoid stress later.

2. Find Time to Exercise

Studying in a business school simply means that you have to attend late-night classes and mark your presence in early morning routine classes. The strict class-schedule make it difficult for students to find time to exercise. But, always try to boost your hectic days by doing regular cardiovascular exercise that improves your memory and helps you gain effective results.

3. Get Proper Sleep

Where it is common for students to binge-watching whole night and get ready for morning classes, losing your sleep every night is something that can cost you your health. Add a slot for enough sleep while creating your schedule. Prefer timely sleep overpower napping to stay well-rested throughout the day.

4. Search for a Study Place

While studying in a group is quite a trend to follow, designating a separate area at home or campus for the study is a trick that can reward you peace as well as knowledge. Set aside a quiet place to study- be it a library, or a corner room at your home- to increase your concentration level and neglect other works.

5. Plan Your Free Time Smartly

No matter how much lectures you’ve to attend or projects and assignments you’ve to finish, you always get blocks of free time to refresh yourself. The long array of classes, group projects, assignments, seminars, workshops and other activities somehow make students feel irritated. The best way to not feel deprived is to have some ‘me-time’ and spend time with friends & family. Divide & cherish is one great way to stay happy.

6. Carve Out for Meditation

Following strict routines and deadlines effects your productivity and make you feel numb. In such a case, meditation is the only practice that moderate your negative thoughts and make you feel fresh and efficient again. It is a powerful means of stress reduction & mental focus.

7. Learn The Skill of Delegating

Pursuing an MBA is no different than managing corporate life, so it’s better to indulge some entrepreneurial skills and practice them right from your college. Delegating tasks is an essential skill that almost every professional take use of while trying to cope up with workloads. Think like an executive, assign your tasks to the right people in group projects and find more time to explore more things.

8. Consume Rich Diet Daily

Consuming a healthy diet is one of the easiest ways to feel happy, stay calm and keep track of things. Plan and consume mix supplements in your diet that helps you to stay active even when you study over time. Being a student, it is also good to eat lots of omega-3 fatty acids as it eases the mental strain.

The habits that students inherit during college are most likely to stay with them for a lifetime. And thus, it is very important for MBA students to have control over their life and follow a routine that consists of balanced habits.


6 Best Online Courses on Management Skills For MBA Students

While it is common to see aspiring graduates quest for the best-rated MBA college in hopes to brighten their career. But, not utilising the same time to sharpen their current skills and enhance the possibilities of being a better leader-manager is where most of the graduates go wrong. Most of the students are certain about the benefits of obtaining an MBA degree, and often undervalue the process of gaining relevant skills that make a critical difference in how their career unfolds after graduation.

Being an MBA student at FIIB, you should never miscalculate where to put your time and energy, and always have to stay ready for learning. Therefore, we’ve rounded up six best online courses (both free & paid) that will help you to stay ahead of the MBA game.

Free Management Courses To Check-Out

1.Presentation Skills Secrets: Delivering The Talk of Your Life

The first and the foremost skill that you going to need in your two years MBA journey is presentation skills. If you love to listen people delivering their TEDx talks but found yourself in a position of unable to talk about my story in front of unknown faces, then this course clearly articulates the secret behind transforming your communications. The best part of doing this course is that you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. Instead, you’ll learn from a TED and TEDx Speaker: how to craft meaningful communications to any audience, deliver highly effective and resonant presentations, and put an end to horrible PPT slides. The course includes 2.5 hours on-demand video, 38 downloadable resources along with some perks like Certification of Completion and lifetime access.

Great For: Students who want to be incredibly intentional about all their communications, and have a zeal of creating compelling presentations.

2.Excel Quick Start Tutorial: 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics

It is a quick, free course designed to spark your skills in Excel and make use of the spreadsheets to analyze data for business. It aims to give you clarity of basic Excel formulas, filter and sort lists of data, and teach you to make simple pivot tables and charts. The course allows you to learn the basics of Excel and use it further for analysis purposes in just 36 minutes course of time. Along with getting a certificate on completing this course, students will also have their hands on six downloadable resources which they can access for a lifetime.

Great for: Students who want to understand how Excel is used in a business context to analyze data.

3. Teamwork & Collaboration

Whether you aspire to be a future manager or, want to start your own company – effective team leadership skills and positive attitude towards collaboration are some of the basics that will surely add miles to your success story. In today’s always seem busy workplace, we are required to work in groups to strategize, ideate, manage, and execute plans. Not only at the workplace but, while pursuing your MBA as well you need to work in multiple teams for projects, assignments and other stuff. Therefore, it is more than important for you to learn these business communication skills to provide a foundation for decision-making, consensus-building, and problem-solving within a group environment.

Great For: Students who lack in managing conflict in groups to build productive professional relationships.

Paid Management Courses To Take It A Notch Above

4. The Complete Management Skills Certification Course

Right from transforming your leadership skills to indulging effective communication skills, this course by Udemy is a power package for students who are about to start their MBA journey. The course is quite comprehensive and comes with a full lifetime access opportunity which is a win-win situation in every case. It includes 7.5 hours on-demand video lessons with multiple assignments in between so you can check yourself and revise the chapters timely if required.

Great for: Students who are familiar with fundamental business practices and be interested in learning to achieve more.

5. The Basics and More of Being a Great Leader Certification Course

If your current answer to “tell me about yourself” goes something similar to – mostly stay uncertain about the decisions I take, quite proficient in adjusting my behaviour when it comes to lead the team effectively, and a key player in building motivation for my self all the time. Then, you need to spare some time and start this course as soon as possible. With the aim of making you a bit more confident, the course has an impressive set of assignments along with thirteen downloadable resources to learn from. The other benefit of this course is that it allows you to unleash the attitude of a manager by asking you to apply for the course in your everyday work.

Great for: Students who genuinely want to go from a slightly uncertain, confused newbie to a confident, skilled manager who builds and leads effective teams.

6. Mastering Effective Communication

This course is very efficient in the budget as concern for students, and also has great reviews from past students. If it is a common routine of yours to avoid vocab pitfalls and manage to have effective communications with your counterparts, then this course is one best match for you. Learn how to make your conversations better and effective so that they seem more like a ‘fit for purpose’ pitch. Through this course, students can make their conversations more meaningful, concise and mutually satisfying.

Great for: Students who want to outline the principles of Effective Communication and reap maximum opportunities out of the conversations they do.

This is all we have for now!

Although your MBA course will going to teach you everything, its equally important for you to have some certifications ready to add in your resume. Don’t forget to add these management skill courses to your to-do list while getting ready to matriculate. Do tell us in comments if you’ve any other plans for you.


Most Fascinating and Quirky Convocation Traditions (Explained)!

The most exciting phase of your MBA journey has also passed and you’re finally graduated! We can imagine how proud your parents were feeling at that day, seeing you with a degree in hand and “Yes, I did it” expression on your face. April 27th, 2019 indeed a date that 23rd Convocation batch remember lifetime!

From picking up a beautiful dress for your graduation day to making sure your parents arrive on time, you must have worked hard for your graduation ceremony. Likewise, we plan your special day in a very formalized way and specifically followed all the traditions associated with the convocation ceremony. At FIIB, we give our students and their loved ones an opportunity to recognize and celebrate significant accomplishments. And, that’s why we follow all the quirky convocation traditions for the recent 2017-2019 graduating batch.

Be it the way you wear your graduation gown and hat or, the song plays during Academic Procession – every graduation tradition has some definite purpose behind. In case you were too busy enjoying the day that you totally forget to emphasize the meanings, then we have covered it all here for you.

Academic Procession

Academic Procession is the most famous convocation tradition that usually happens at the start of the ceremony. The University dignitaries, including board members and faculty, march together wearing traditional academic dress. All of the graduands remain standing until the entire academic procession has taken seats.

Tossing of the Graduation Hat

Though convocation is considered as a formal event, throwing the graduation hat in the air is one the famous tradition that almost every student love to do. The purpose behind following this tradition is just to make students feel happy and proud. Many say that it a symbol that exclaims “we did it”!

Playing Pomp and Circumstance Song

Being an important part of college and university graduation exercises, Pomp and Circumstance is a largely universal tradition that comes second to graduation gown and hat. Most people identify this song as graduation march and is played as processional music for the commencement ceremony. The song was written by British composer Edward Elgar for the coronation of King Edward VII and is actually British in origin. It is in core belief that Pomp and Circumstance resemble a tune that comes once in a lifetime. Fortunately, graduation is one such moment of achievement for students to celebrate lifetime and nothing else can serve the pride feel than this song.

Turning of the Tassel

Earlier, the tassel adorning a graduation cap was just a simple practice to make the cap more decorative. But it has also considered as a tradition with a strong symbol now. The gesture of moving the tassel from the right side of the cap to the left symbolizes that the students received their degree. Prior to getting the degree, the tassel is expected to be worn on the right. Turning the tassel is a feeling of immense happiness as its an individual’s movement: from candidate to graduate.

The Academic Procession departs after chief guest finishes addressing the graduates in the same manner as they’ve entered the auditorium. All the graduates then follow the exit route and celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family. Congratulations to all the graduates for their accomplishments!

So, which tradition you liked the most and why? Tell us in the comment sections!


The Joy of Rediscovering Yourself – Study Abroad & Overseas Programs

The Joy of Rediscovering Yourself – Study Abroad & Overseas Programs

For many people, travel is an escape from everyday life and a means to rediscover themselves. There’s a way to weave learning with the magic of travel – Study Abroad Programs. Studying abroad is gifting oneself an unmatched experience that will redefine them in countless ways. It eradicates the barriers of learning for students and offers unparalleled education to them as at that particular time the complete world is their classroom.

Students at FIIB get multiple opportunities to experience the world in terms of student exchange, study abroad, acculturation, and global immersion programs. These culturally diverse experiences broaden horizon and being moments of pure delight of getting to know oneself better because the most fascinating stories about their journeys actually take place inside themselves, their journey of self-discovery through their travel and meeting new friends.

FIIB has partnered with these five reputed foreign schools for various types of collaborations to provide students and faculty with additional opportunities in the form of student exchange and internships, faculty exchanges and joint research:

  • Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas
  • Burgundy School of Business, France
  • Solbridge International School of Business, Woosong University, Republic of Korea
  • Uniglobe College, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • University of Salerno, Italy

Indulge in the experiences of our students reliving their study abroad moments.

When you study abroad, you experience things that are hard to find anywhere else, and the memories you’ll bring home will stay with you your whole life. Studying abroad is also a matter of boosting your confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone and what makes us happier than discovering ourselves?


Happy Equals Productive – 3Rs Why People@FIIB Go To Work With Smiles

We spend one-thirds of our life at work therefore happiness at work is an extremely important variable for productivity, efficiency, and overall quality of life. Moreover, it is proven that unhappiness restricts the creativity of employees as well. Unfortunately, most of the organizations don’t value workplace happiness at first place, and maybe that’s the reason why people only talk about competitive salaries, leave policies and targeted goals at corporate space.

At FIIB, things are different as we focus on the ‘human’ of ‘human resources’. FIIB values having a healthy work-life balance and creates the right environment for a happier workplace for its employees following three R’s of employee happiness: Respect, Recognize, and Refresh. Discover how these 3Rs contribute to happy employees at FIIB.

Respect: Practice mutual respect & encourage healthy communication


FIIB fosters an inclusive environment valuing diversity in people, ideas, and contributors. It doesn’t stop there, in fact by adapting respect as a core value, FIIB built a workplace where people respect each other, use positive criticism and feedback, and support each other for mutual growth. Working in an environment where you know you’re respected and understood affects the happiness quotient of the employee in a positive way.


  • Practising a culture of positive criticism helping each other to excel
  • Respecting each others’ time by clearly defining meeting objectives and agendas
  • Employee-led workshops for employees to share and develop skills of each other
  • Open-house discussions and Town hall meetings to find and discuss issues of all and implementing solutions provided by all
  • An inclusive hiring culture providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds
  • Providing training and development by reputed organizations and external resources

Recognize: Celebrate & reward employee accomplishments


It is in human nature that we feel happy when the smallest of our efforts gets recognized by others. Recognizing employees efforts and accomplishments motivates them to work harder and made them more confident about their contribution at the workplace.


  • Regular appraisals are just one end of the spectrum, FIIB has a culture of listening, acknowledging and appreciating.
  • Spot Awards are presented to employees for contributing noteworthily to the organisation, upholding the core values and behaviors of the organization.
  • Recognizing Best Faculty every year for their achievements
  • Appreciating and letting colleagues know that they’ve done well on various occasions the community gathers together.

Refresh: Set healthy work-life balance goals


Work-life balance is not just a buzzword at FIIB; FIIB understands that the spare hours employees get are crammed with various activities and long hours of commute to the office that is why employees get various opportunities to unwind, relax, and resume back energetically.

  • Employees at FIIB can opt for flexi-hours and work from home.
  • Changing the culture of being workaholics to work-a-frolics’,
  • FIIB organises fun activities and workshops like Yoga, mindfulness, calligraphy, design thinking etc every week to bust the daily stress of employees.
  • It’s a tradition at FIIB to take a break from work routine and gather every month to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

Creating a workplace where people can grow professionally and genuinely have fun along the way, FIIB takes care of its employees in the literal sense. Won’t believe us? Come check it out yourself!


Revealing #NoHypeMBA Secrets – The Road to Successville is Through Happiness Highway

From childhood, we’re given an unwritten script to live the ‘ideal and successful’ life often running rat races for a sense of ‘achievement’. We get so engrossed in our pursuit of success that we lose the element of happiness behind. India ranks extremely low in the happiness index, there’s a surge in mental illnesses, and the youth of the country is depressed. Shaping the youth of today, it’s the responsibility of institutions of higher ed space to keep its students happy first and prepare them for career goals and corporate trials along the way.

FIIB places its students’ happiness above all, and believes that happy students = successful adults. That’s why, at each step of their life at FIIB, the students have fun, learn to cherish the little moments that bring joy, and understand the pure delight of life-long learning and education that matters. Scroll on to reveal our sacred secrets of building a culture of long-term success inspired by happiness through a student’s journey at FIIB.

”I always wanted to get enrolled in an institution where learning, fun, culture, lore and literature are also a part of the program. And, thankfully, FIIB is one such place that offers practical learning along with lots of extracurricular activities. I have successfully secured a job at a reputed organisation. All thanks to FIIB extracurricular activities!” – Lisa Kadam, Placed In: Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

“The happiest moment of my life is when I got placed at Grofers as Management Trainee. I genuinely believe that learning wasn’t just learning at FIIB and every single student gets proper attention. Whenever I was feeling low or unable to crack any particular round, I approached to Faculty and they helped me out by telling what I did wrong. I have many different reasons to thank FIIB but individual attention and proper guidance are the two major reasons among all.” Vidhi Chauhan Placed In: Grofers

According to a harvard study, students who are happy are 20% more likely to become impactful leaders in future than students who are stressed in their college life. They are also more creative and think out of the box. Our cheerful students are picked by reputed companies for as much for their attitude as their aptitude.It is no wonder that 30% of our alumni are at CXO level. It’s been 25 years of pure joy shaping young students into happy and successful adults and nothing feels more satisfying than knowing these happy waves will change the world as we know it!


Meraki – 2019

A view of our Top 12 Meraki Finalist, after combining through hundreds of B-Plans, our judges have selected 12 innovative ideas that showcase the potential to be the next big business ideas. Battle of Plans – March 23rd 2019!

Here are the top 12 teams and brief description of their plans, who will showcase their talent in front of Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors on March 23rd 2019 at FIIB Campus.

Idea @ Fantastic from Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering and Technology, The idea is to make bold step in the whole event management industry. The team are planning to introduce a whole new way to plan out our events from small domestic events to large commercial, hustle-less and cheaper and more flexible.

Idea @ Help Nation from LNCTS Bhopal, ‘Help Nation’ a ‘tele reality show’, & invites teams, to participate in a start-up game-show competition with final goal, “THE EXIT” Why ‘9 out of 10 start-ups fail’ because of countless reasons.

Idea @ Quick Rey from G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Description: Changing e-commerce platform from being delivery to pick up.

Idea @ Capshun from NMIMS, The team is providing the online caption support to enhance the visibility of social media posts, according to survey, Instagram has 120 million daily, 95% of these pictures have a caption to it, still Instagram faces the highest drop off rate when the users reach the ‘write-a-caption’ screen. Hence we developed Capshun, which uses artificial intelligence to generate captions and hashtags which can be shared directly by users on various social media platforms. Within 10 seconds the user is given multiple options to select the perfect caption according to their choice, along with this the users also get to choose the hashtags which are optimised for the best reach. We recently launched our pilot which has received over 20,000 Downloads within just 3 weeks. We plan to foray into multiple languages and increase our database of currently over 10,000 captions.

Idea @ Inneate from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, B2B e-commerce in Healthcare

Idea @ Adhikaar from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Team Adhikaar aims to empower women towards a sustainable livelihood breaking, gender stereotypes and resolving the pressing issues of last-mile connectivity and women harassment by pioneering a non-polluting women driven communication service.

Idea @ Re-Plas from IMT Ghaziabad, The team is working to Provide Low Cost Alternate Construction Material from Waste Plastic to Build Shelters & Homes in India By 2020.

Idea @ Book a Plant from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, It is an online platform which acts as an uber for plants by allowing the customers to make online orders through our website. Through customizable features and speedy delivery, the plants reach your doorsteps within 3-4 business days. As the name suggests, plants can be booked and they will be delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 days. Our USP is Doorstep Delivery, Huge Variety at Affordable Rates along with controlling the pollution levels in the capital of the country and rendering entrepreneurship skills to the nursery plant owners. It aims to supply air purifying saplings to the residential apartments and private lawns and minimal costs

Idea@Envirotech from Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences
Envirotech is a startup based on developing Smart Recycling Kiosks that simplify recycling practices and rewards users. 

Idea @ GarageOnRoad from JSSATE, Noida, GarangeOnRoad is automobile garage aggregator based out of Delhi NCR, we have more than 1200 Garages in Delhi NCR and we also have our pilots running in Lucknow, Jaipur & Agra. Our monthly revenue is 6-8 L per month and currently we are bootstrapped and would love to expand and connect with right mentors and team to scale our business further.

Idea @ Hogworts from IIT Madras, Web-based platform for hosting University ProjectsIdea @ Nervy from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Nervy aims be first of its kind across the globe to quantitatively measure progression, prevention and treat Diabetic Neuropathy.


The Vibe – Meet FIIBs new-age band

Almost every college has a set of students who come early and leave the premise late. They usually have a certain kind of energy that ask them to gaze ahead of academics and buzz the tunes of music. When the lectures come to an end and students pack their bags to leave the college, these particular students dive deep into rhythms and unpacks their bags to have hands-on music instruments. Many people say that balancing between high academic grades and extra-curricular activities is not an easy walk. But, it seems like FIIB students have learnt the technique. Meet FIIBs new-age band who has successfully balanced the two-way ride and created a group that stays with them life-long.

The Vibe, FIIBs official student music band, is a power pack of six students in the lead voices of Arunesh Agashe, Manish Chattani, Khusboo Bara and Rajaganapathy Sethuraman with Ashutosh Swarnkar on strings and with Tanmay Saha on the bass. On asking about their spirit of togetherness, they summarized that “The Vibe Band is not limited to five or six faces. It is a space for all those passionate heads who want to fulfil their musical dreams and explore the world of creativity.” The students also shared their unforgettable moments of TEDxFIIB and showed their sincere thanks to FIIB for the opportunities and honour they received.

The Vibe Band shared their journey; talks about the music that drives them, moving out of their comfort zone and more. Let us see what they answered.

Q: What brought you all together?

The Vibe: Music and passion to create more beats are what brought us all together. Since we met in college, it was initially quite hard to be open and put the thoughts we had in front of each other. But as the interactive sessions are kind of a ritual at FIIB, which helped us a lot to understand each other better. Within the time span of two months at FIIB, four of the band members were rehearsing together. But, while auditioning for the official FIIB music band, Dr. Sangeeta Chopra said that there’s something missing which needs to be connected. That was the time when the fifth member of our band, Tanmay Saha joined.

Q: Where does the idea of the band come from?

The Vibe: There’s one common factor that we all carry with us and that is our immense love for music. During the first few days at FIIB, we participated in orientation, freshers day and other activities to keep in touch with our passion of music. When auditioned for TEDx, we all saw something bigger than us. And, that was the moment we thought we would together make a great combo – a band with unique talents.

Q: What are the challenges you faced while forming the band?

The Vibe: Rigorous schedule is a part of every MBA student’s life. Honestly, finding time from lectures, jamming sessions and other activities were not less than a challenge to us. But, we cannot compromise with our studies and leaving our passion for lack of time is not an excuse that we can afford. So, we decided to stay back in college and rehearse at least for two hours every day. Rajaganapathy, one of the band member, added, there’s no doubt that time is a tricky thing and we cannot fight with it (laughs).

Rehearsing together without spending time on solving a mess is again an unavoidable challenge that we all had to bare with, somehow. We are a team of six and, obviously, all six have their own opinions to share. In the words of The Vibe band, challenges are a core part of our journey but it is our passion towards music that we stand together on a stage to perform despite our rigorous schedule and individual opinions.

Q: What are some of the high points that you experienced in the band?

The Vibe: Performing on the TEDxFIIB stage was one of the most cherishing moments that we all going to remember life-long. It was our first official stage performance and we were excited, nervous, yet so happy that it was happening. Manish Chattani, one of the lead voice of The Vibe said that “we learnt a lot of things during rehearsal time, and we were extra careful to make sure every single detail of our act comes up well on stage. Arunesh Agashe further added that “It was a proud moment for all of us representing FIIB. We’re glad that it went smoothly, and we couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.” The second most exciting and thrilling moment was singing the Racer Anthem song. We enjoyed a lot and experienced what together we can achieve.

Q: What’s the road ahead for you?
The Vibe: We want to continue our passion for music even after the college journey rests. We want people to call us a group that is still buzzing with energy. We want to move forward; from the gigs of college festivals to performing at several venues in the city. We genuinely invite passionate students who find solace in the beats of music to join us. Our till-now journey was super hectic, but the opportunities we had was definitely worth the struggle.


From Campus to Corporate – FIIB Making The Transition Easier For Students Through Sankalp

Progress is impossible without change — Students who desire to achieve great heights in their career must understand the importance of transition. Normally, life is a tale of major and minor changes, which altogether shape our individuality and help us to create our own identity. In a student’s life, real change comes in after he/she completes the college and thinks about the career ahead. The timespan between leaving the college and entering into corporate world is quite a tough road to cover.  But, FIIB believes that it could be a smooth ride if students get right bits of guidance during their growing-into-adulthood phase.

With a core aim of making this “Campus to Corporate” paradigm shift less challenging for students, FIIB has introduced SANKALP, a skill development program, that provides various assessments, guest interactions, and hands-on training sessions to students. SANKALP is that bridge which enables students to become better employees and train them to cope up with the corporate world.

What is SANKALP?

SANKALPSkills And Knowledge Aligned to Lead and Perform

As the name conveys – SANKALP is an initiative taken by FIIB to create success for students by enhancing their soft skills and turn them into required employability skills. FIIB conducts various skill development programs for students betterment; SANKALP is one such program that helps them evolve into corporate professionals.

SANKALP – The Four-Stages towards Success

FIIB understands the different development needs of students and thus, crafted SANKALP in a way that grows along with the mindset of students. During the 2 years of PGDM, the students undergo 4 SANKALP training programs that broadly focus on polishing FIIB student into a corporate professional.

SANKALP 1 – Starting right from the roots

In the very first stage towards corporate success, FIIB plans to make students familiar with different career tracks that diverge from PGDM and tell them about the demands of the business world. During the first few months at FIIB, students get an opportunity to attend various sessions that will help them further to understand their capabilities, build confidence and foster camaraderie among their friends. “I came from a non-tech background, I feared I wouldn’t be able to catch up with IT tools, numbers, and stats. I also was not clear on what career opportunities would match my strengths, thankfully attending SANKALP-1 has solved all these queries for me, as it happened at an early stage of my MBA, I stepped into all my core courses confident that I will be able to make the most of them”, a first year student, Mansi said describing her experience with SANKALP and how she loved it.


The most important part behind the whole “Campus to Corporate” transition is stage 2, which is a 3 days long workshop that helps students to unleash what the corporate expects from them. With this particular stage, FIIB plans out to deliver the needed business etiquettes and preparations to students that outcomes successful CIP to PPO (Pre-Placement Offer) conversions from companies like ITC, McCann Erickson, Shopclues, Unison International and PayU Money.

This stage shape the future of student by-

  • Conducting CIP Evaluations and Processes
  • Briefing on how CIP goes in respective domain specialization
  • Creating a corporate culture at the campus (during the 3 days long workshop) to make students aware of workplace ethics.
  • Sharing previous experiences during CIP and much more.

SANKALP 3 – Getting ready for the last mile

A bundle of tests, assessments, and lots of placement drives that grinds students well-enough that they feel all set to step out and shine. The third stage of SANKALP is all about mock placement session that prepares students to face the real corporate world. At this point, FIIB doesn’t talk about ‘creating a corporate culture’ instead, make sure that students conquered the corporate world seat. “Career preparedness is individualized and unique at FIIB. The assessments and mock interviews help us understand their strengths, nurture their winning attitude, and train them to unleash their true potential by hands on training and mock practice sessions.”, said Ms. Smita Sharma, Head – Training & Development at FIIB.

SANKALP 4 – Holding your hands till the end

When we said transition in life is normal, we also meant that sometimes you (as a student) have to put extra efforts to reserve your seat at the corporate world. With its fourth stage, FIIB tries to help those students who somehow left behind in the race of career success by offering one-on-one career guidance and helping them further for placements. “The concepts covered helped discover my strengths and work on my shortcomings, I discussed some tricky interview scenarios I have faced and the trainers suggested how to tackle them, Thanks to the session I realized I had it all in me, I just had to sharpen my skills.”, said Tasneem one such student, who has since been selected as a Sales Associate in Connect2India.

With SANKALP, FIIB is focusing on driving career success for students and pave a way to success that sound true to the tagline ‘Enter to learn, leave to succeed.’


Student Clubs & Extracurricular Activities – Stepping stone towards a bright career

As the popular saying goes, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” But students should prefer the more inspirational line in the course of their career: “Follow your bliss to make opportunity knock the door.

The experts also believe that students who consider extracurricular activities as a part of their learning are generally much more productive and successful than their regular counterparts. But being extra is more than just attending seminars and getting yourself enrolled in a club. It is much about adopting the mentality that extra special students have over average students – demonstrate leadership potential, being multi-directional and paying close attention to the dimensions outside of their college curriculum.

There’s no doubt that students often feel a little aimless while trying to choose the best alternatives for a bright future. On the other hand, recruiters and admission officers repeatedly has to make right interview choices from a pool of qualified applicants. No matter at what stage of career you are standing, considering student clubs and extracurricular activities will going to help you (always).

At FIIB, students don’t need to care about those “extras” much as the faculty is versed enough to take care of it. They understand that practical learning, team bonding and being a regular competitor are not just classified terms. Instead, these are some vital skills that differentiate future leaders from 9-5 working employees; high- achievers from average students. With this mindset, FIIB offers 9 different clubs that actively conducts seminars, extracurricular activities and conclaves to broaden the horizons of learning for students. To make sure that every student gets maximum opportunities during their course at FIIB, and even after the completion, these student clubs act as a sustainable platform to complement their skills.

Why it is essential for you to be a part of MBA Clubs?

Basically, MBA clubs are an ingenious way for students to polish their skills, cultivate new opportunities and enhance networking without hampering the routine lectures. Students who want to ramp up their extracurriculars can get a sense of start with such clubs. The best part of joining MBA clubs is that you’re free to pursue your interests, relate gained skills to your career goals, and unleash fast-track professional growth at times. Including a tag of high-achiever, your extracurriculars also help recruiters to differentiate your resume from the mile-high piles of applications.

What to consider when choosing the right Student Clubs

Being a student, you need to understand how important it is for you to choose the right club: one that fits well with your interest, lifestyle and career goals. Here are some of the things that students need to keep in mind while choosing a club:

  • Focus on career-related options

You need to track where your mind and heart want to be before actually seeking a club. Be a part of the club that invests in your skills, make you less frustrated, and most importantly, delivers key insights of the industry you wish to work in the future.

  • Seize the opportunities

You should explore every industry even if you’ve experienced in a particular sector. For example: Assume a student had his past job in the finance sector. But during his MBA he is getting an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial tactics, then he should seize the chance without entertaining the second thoughts.

  • Think differently

While it is crucial for students to think of career goals and future success, considering mindfulness and self-satisfaction is also equally essential for them to pave bright as well as a healthy career path.

Do you want to be a high-achiever?

Now, that everything has shared with you, it is up to you whether you desire to be a high-achiever in your career or, happy to be an average student. Whatever your take on this, you must understand that student clubs and extracurricular activities help you to be the better version of yourself. They not only help you to excel in your academics but also make your individuality strong enough to reckon fulfilment in other walks of life.

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