Making The Most of Any Opportunity and How!

Life is fair and one needs to remain alert for opportunities and hungry for growth to identify the same. Making the most of what he learnt in FIIB,  Mr. Ravi has scaled new heights of success by holding the lessons he learnt at FIIB, close to his heart. Let us read more. 

When asked about his journey with FIIB, he said

“When I entered FIIB I realized how strong the institute academically is. The case studies that we were introduced to in the institute are still followed in the corporate world today. The strategies designed by the institute to groom the students were extremely effective. To make the students corporate ready there were different clubs and committees to show the right direction and provide just the right support and guidance throughout. There were various organizing members for the student’s welfare and they all, in sync, polished us to become better professionals so that we can adapt to the professional world in order to drive it to the next level. 

The one big thing I learned through FIIB is how to make better connections with people, how to present myself better in front of the higher authorities and how to delve deeper and more meaningfully into the corporate dynamics. The lessons learnt during my FIIB days are still serving me recognition wherever I go and that is huge and the perfect ROI that I could have hoped for.”

There are precious lessons that he has learnt in FIIB and is still carrying the same with himself into the corporate world. He shares the following

“When I entered the corporate world, I was still learning about it. My aim was to contribute better with time no matter where I am and I have been successful in this no matter what. I learnt how to maintain determination and approach a situation correctly from FIIB. I contribute to the technicality, the culture and to the strategy of an organization to reach its goals. I get appreciation for my quality of work and what I am because of the quality education I received from FIIB. My vision changed due to the schooling I received and I am way more creative and innovative than I ever predicted myself to be.”

He has some Any pearls of wisdom that you would like to share with the students? 

“Well, I must say that FIIB is taking extraordinary initiatives and has reached the next level for sure. I interact with my assigned mentees for the Alumni Mentorship Programme and that has helped me in learning about all the FIIB activities for the student’s welfare. I am proud of FIIB and everything that I would have expected to happen is happening now and that is noteworthy. The times have changed and the college has come to a different orbit now. My only suggestion to the students will be to grab such opportunities. FIIB is doing a lot for all of you and just the right decision at the right time from your end to give more importance to studies will make your future more favorable. All the very best!”

This was Mr. Ravi for you, motivating you in the best ways possible while making you aware of the basics that will take your career to the next level. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in


A Man Who Believes In Showing Up Despite Any Odd !

No matter what happens in life, one must get up and show up. This definitely requires a lot of courage and Mr. Aravind is great at projecting it. There is a lot to learn from him to grow into the better versions of the self. Let us read.

His journey with FIIB

“I remember that when I stepped into FIIB I was kind of shy and hesitant to open up and share my views with my fellow batchmates around. I was from Hyderabad and it was since a long time that I lived as an introverted individual. Majority of the people around me were Hindi language speakers and it took me a while to adjust to the environment.  But with time, FIIB had its own element in transforming me into someone who interacts and communicates better. I could sense waves of passion in me to discover the new aspects of life and career and by the end of my journey I was this completely new person who just knew how to deal with situations and the self with grace. The lessons I learnt from FIIB and from the tremendously supporting faculty still remains with me.”

Lessons learnt upon stepping into the corporate world 

“The most crucial lesson that I learnt in the corporate world is that one requires to market oneself every single day. The corporate world is harsh and forces one to doubt him/herself upon the smallest of things. But if one is confident of the self and has the passion to show up no matter what, then trust me, no one can beat that individual. Taking responsibilities of one’s work is crucial and along with it displaying the fact that one has worked becomes even more crucial and one must not stop following that”

His suggestions for the students

“Well there are two. This is a very challenging time for all of us across the world so I would like all to keep faith in themselves and understand the fact that the job scenario, the recruitment scenario are all very much agitated due to the virus outbreak. No one is at fault so do not beat yourself up in case you are doing so. Be proud of the fact that you all have completed your MBA from FIIB and have developed your skills and personality over the period of time. 

Secondly, coming from the experience of a Product Manager, I have observed that there are several pre tools available online which will help you to create your own website even if you do not know the ABCs of coding. You just need to have the ability to read and understand English, that is all. Use these applications to utilize your time and probably start writing blogs on the current topics like IPL and whatever you feel good about. Focus on a lot of case studies related to the field that you want to have a career in. The more you will sharpen your knowledge through case studies, understanding the majority of the corporate situations will become easier for you. In fact after reading a brand case study, if you will have any better solutions for them you can simply connect with them over Linkedin and introduce your ideas to them. If luck will have it, you will have better exposure!”

This was Mr. Aravind for you,sharing about his journey and suggesting you all with some of the best strategies for achieving the next best version of yourselves. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in


The New Age Leadership – 5 Must-Have Traits To Be A Effective Business Leader Today

Gone are the days when business leadership was merely related to managing a team and shaping every team member in a way that it helped the team spike up productivity that adds up to the overall business growth. According to the bestselling author and business strategist Dr. Vince Molinaro, the rules of the game of ‘how to behave and lead’ expectations in  the new-age world has changed and the emerging leaders and managers must strive to master these to be successful.

The most important rule that adds to the reputation of a leader nowadays is the advocacy for broader social change. As described by FIIB’s Faculty on Business Strategy, Prof. Arun Sangwan: “Young leaders-managers should think beyond the corporate success parameter and actively add their expertise and power to bring positive change within the society. Social Consciousness as a soft skill is something that every leader must aim for.

Let us dive deep into Dr. Vince’s new rules of leadership and see in what areas any young leader must juggle to meet the expectations of the New Normal Business and Organizational World.  

1.Befriend transformative technologies

As more and more technologies are emerging in the world, it is leaving no space for leaders to lead progressively without connecting with the digital space. Future leaders must carry a ‘ready to adopt new technologies’ mindset to ensure automation within the work process. 

Not only this, a good sense of how AI works and could help leaders understand their team members’ motivations and expectations would also be critical.

2.Mitigate risks on a global level

Irrespective of what industry they serve in, having a 360 degree understanding of what’s happening in the world and act sensitively about the same will also allow leaders to take decisive and timely actions.

While anticipation of such risks is one aspect, keeping strategic planning process in place, integration of risk analysis, and establishing communication with other stakeholders are some of the effective tasks that a young leader must always have in the To-Do list. 

3.Work towards cultivating an empathy-led working environment

As the workforce is fighting against an array of unexpected situations, it is becoming even more crucial for leaders to strengthen the communications happening within the organization and create a sense of togetherness within their communities. 

While empathy is the latest buzzword in CEO’s and leader’s conversations, they should not only limit the empathy-hype to themselves, instead they should also encourage their employees to participate in creating an empathy-led work environment. 

4.Promote a culture of inclusion and diversity

“The change starts with leaders themselves” – there’s nothing wrong in this phrase as most of the workforce thinks that leaders hold greater power to deliver diversity within organizations more than the HR.

Young leaders should promote and nurture a culture of inclusion and diversity like never before. They should aim for a team where people from any gender, age, ability, race, and sexual orientation are listened to and valued. 

5.Reach out and collaborate about social changes

Modern leaders should focus on leading with a social purpose and thus ask their team members to speak up for the social issues that matter to them the most. Support communities, strengthen employee skills and abilities, spread awareness about social issues and connect with the right stakeholders for the same are some of the ways through which leaders can repurpose corporations to drive social changes.

Lead for the future

If any leader is willing to embrace these five leadership rules, then they are more likely to identify the right opportunities for innovation and growth. But to be able to do so they first need to recognize these new improved leadership rules that will enable them to lead effectively in an ever changing and ever evolving new but unseen future.


5 Effective Ways to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public

  • Try, Try and Try Again!

Yes, you read it right. In order to excel in something in which you are weak, you have to firstly learn to face the music. This means that you should be the first one to sign up for events that allow you to express yourself. These baby steps will infuse confidence in you which  will allow you to evolve from a shy individual to a confident and expressive public speaker.

  • Prepare Ahead of Time

Being organised especially when you feel jittery even at the thought of going on stage to face the crowd can keep you motivated and confident. Right from understanding the schedule beforehand in order to know the time when your turn is to be expected, duration  of your speech among other information related to the event or presentation will help you remain composed on the day of your presentation.

  • Practice Makes You Perfect

Rehearsing your speech in front of a friend, family member who you feel will be the best critic for you is one of the effective ways to understand where exactly you are going wrong. This helps to work on that weakness accordingly before the presentation. If you don’t have an honest critic, just practice your speech in front of a mirror in order to easily access and revise your confidence, body posture,body language while you speak. This technique is one of the most recommended ones and thus can never go wrong for you.

  • Avoid Thinking A Lot About Your Speech

A presentation indeed involves you speaking effortlessly on the topic which is allotted to you or which you may have chosen according to your interest however, there are also things besides your speech which need your undivided attention as well. For instance,you also have to look confident in order to feel confident in front of the audience, and for that, you have to work on your outfit as well.Choose your outfit wisely according to the theme of the occasion. This will allow you to divert your attention to a slightly fun aspect of giving a presentation, which in turn, will help you feel bright and cheerful when you walk on the stage to speak.

  • Be Positive

Just focus on the positives when you are about to deliver your speech. This will provide you with the confidence as well as a presence of mind to help you handle all the unforeseen situations which may happen during your presentation (ex. mic stops working, you forgetting your words among others). Positivity will allow you to keep cool,which will allow you to think straight even in these situations due to which you will be able to improvise your words according to the ambience and thus, the key to deliver a good speech is just to keep calm and keep going. Trust that you are the best.

  • Learn From The People Who Know-It-All

Find yourself an inspiration, i.e. any imminent leader who you feel is a confident speaker,who is eloquent with his words. Once done, you will feel as if you have won half the battle. This is because, now all you have to do is to just follow him/her, browse through his speeches, observe his/her body language, understand how he/she keeps his composure even when s/he may be feeling jittery and then, you will be all ready to face the audience in order to give a power-packed speech or presentation.

As they say, it is all in the mind, so why not feed the mind with positivity and faith that you can do it? All the best!

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, You Just Need To Take The Leap of Faith!

Currently the world is going through one of the worst phases in human history due the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses are challenged for survival and almost everyone is at their wit’s end to figure out how to sail through the current hardships. While different organizations and individuals are trying to figure out their own unique ways to keep their business steady and afloat, one thing which holds common ground across all of them is ‘taking the leap of faith’. 

Here in this article we share with you the outlook and approach of some of our Alumni who have articulated their basic belief of keeping the faith and that eventually good things will happen despite all the odds when you choose to proactively pursue them in your life. We hope that you will find the words of wisdom as shared by them motivating enough to cheer you up and get going to take your leap of faith. 

Jagadish Dora (2002-2004) https://www.linkedin.com/in/jagadish-dora-359ba99/, Digital Marketing Campaigns Manager – EY believes that while the businesses across the world are facing unprecedented and challenging times there is also a silver lining beyond the clouds. Now, when individuals are not being able to do anything in person, the digital world is booming like wild flowers! He finds himself doing more of everything that he has been doing in EY and expects to see several new projects coming his way. 

While the situation is extremely sensitive as he and his team mates are required to operate mostly in the virtual mode, coordination is often really tricky and new challenges keep cropping up everyday, he has guided his team to keep up the warmth, engagement, communication and trust within the team and with the clients. So, by keeping utmost faith in himself, his experience and his abilities he has kindled a ray of hope among his team members to carry on working without much murmur of complaints. He believes that, “this is actually the time when a manager coming from any field can showcase his / her finesse and resilience to stand taller than the tide.”

With Ranjeet Shankar (1996-1998) https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjeetshankar/, CEO at Glamaxy Essentials Pvt. Ltd, we got a slightly different perspective of the situation. While Ranjeet does not have any doubts that this is an unusual and a very challenging phase for the entire human race, he also holds the opinion that ‘this is not the end of the world’. He believes that there will be better days and everything will definitely bounce back to normal. But at the same time, we must all understand that to come out of this we will have to be at our best and tougher than the situation to survive! 

He advises that we should use this time to upskill ourself on the technology front so that we can step ahead faster than those who will not. He believes that it will be a fight of both one’s grit and one’s wits and only the fittest will be able to survive and progress. 

In the end, we’d like to say that time has witnessed the darkest of days before the rays of sunshine emerge. We must all learn to have faith in ourselves and our abilities, hold on to our resilience a bit longer, and play along believing in and saying Hakuna Matata to ourselves from time to time!


Have Faith in Yourself To Move From Being Hopeless To Hopeful – Advice from a Recent 2020 Graduate on how to Stay Persistent in your Job Hunt during the Times of Recession

Nothing is impossible and if you know your destination and have faith in your calling, then you can truly find hope in hopelessness.” – Pritanshi Aanand, HR Executive – Extramarks Pvt. Ltd. 

What does it take to stay hopeful in the times when there is hopelessness all around? To some, it sounds crazy and unattainable. But to some others, it is all about having a will and a passion to keep working at it. At a time when the pandemic is on the prowl,  and job opportunities so scarce that even the deserved are having self doubts, Pritanshi who was preparing for her job hunt was in no mood to settle for anything less than what she desired as an ideal job during the normal times. It was not an easy hunt for her by any means, and it made her use and realise the true value of what it means to be persistent.

My job search was a roller coaster ride filled up with many ups and downs. Choosing Human Resources as my career path was already a challenging decision and the current COVID-19 pandemic just exponentially increased the pressure on me to find a good job for myself. But despite all the twists and turns, I continued my search keeping faith in my beliefs and desires. And, thanks to those who believed in me and most importantly, thanks to me for not letting myself get overwhelmed by the situation – I eventually got an offer letter from Extramarks Pvt. Ltd. to join as an HR Executive. At that moment, I felt that nothing is impossible and if you know your destination and have faith in your calling, then you can truly find hope even in hopelessness!

On the lessons learnt during the journey

My job hunt taught me two major things, which when I look back makes me realise why every event in your life has some significance. 

  1. The first lesson is that every rejection acts as a stepping stone towards success. You just need to have faith in your skills and learn from your mistakes in the past.
  2. The second most important thing is you must never lose hope because you never know when the right opportunity may knock your door. You must be well prepared to grab that opportunity when it comes.

On ‘Persistence’ as a crucial trait for success

When asked about what extra benefit did being ‘persistent’ offer her during this journey, she said , “I can bet that everyone in the college Placement Cell still remembers me because I was counted amongst the few students who eagerly took up every single opportunity that came my way – be it a mock interview, or a session with a renowned instructor, or the on-campus career fairs – I was a part of it all.” 

She further added, “I don’t know what more can a graduating student ask for in such a challenging situation than a timely degree in hand and a desired job title and company name on the resume.” 


There’s Hope, Always FIIB Freshman MBA Students Sharing Their Stories of Personal Growth and Courage amid Covid-19

It’s almost half a year but Covid-19 pandemic seems to be in no hurry to bid goodbye to us. Realising that the start of their MBA journey is not going to be on the expected lines, and despite the disappointments, the freshman batch students at FIIB have buckled up in-time and have adapted well to embrace the NewNormalMBA student life with high spirit and determination. 

Through this blog, we bring to you some such stories of courageous decision making, personal growth, hard-won self-battles and virtual friendships that will surely spike up your spirit during these times of social isolation.

I began my MBA journey with a self-identity of a motivated individual and thought that this would be unmoving. But it’s been around three months now, and I feel a lot of change in myself, a clear sense that what I was then is far from what I am now. In the past, I’ve always seen myself as the ray of sunshine and never imagined that someday I would need some sunshine to brighten up my life. 

Realigning to this change in myself seemed a bit difficult at first, but it started reflecting as a beautiful process when I started seeing it as an opportunity to build my life around the new situation instead of looking at only the inconvenient parts of it. After participating in counselling sessions with Prof. Shuchi Dixit at the institute, I’ve literally been able to revive my passion to help other people better their mental health and luckily in that process have also filled my life with lots of new tricks that are allowing me to better accept myself too. 

Enrolling into a blended MBA program, I knew there would be lots of struggles and unexplored opportunities coming up my way. But as our foundation classes started, the pressure of studies, assignments and projects hit me with a great pace. That was the time when things really got messy and distracted my concentration for studies also as constantly being glued to a screen gave me frequent headaches. After all, sitting for long-hours for online classes was quite a new experience for me and any new thing requires time for adjustment. 

I reached out to some of my batchmates and asked whether they were also experiencing similar issues, and guess what, every single person I spoke to was also hustling with their time management skills to adapt to the situation. The most courageous thing I did to overcome my situation was to connect with my peers and especially those who I felt had more knowledge than I did. Doing so not only helped a lot of us to manage our time better but also provided us with the much-needed mutual emotional support and a sense of togetherness. 

I am really an extrovert person and starting my college life during social distancing was something that I found hard to accept. But the warmth and love showered by the FIIB community even in the virtual space have really inspired me to get going. I got to know about the opportunities of becoming Student Club Co-heads during our foundation classes, and I was totally taken in by the idea because of my keen interest in organising events and spreading awareness. 

But as the term started, I just got busy with the classes and the assignments and lost interest. I almost thought of dropping the idea of becoming a student club co-head. Luckily for me, by then our mentor-mentee sessions started and my mentor motivated me to go for it as handling challenging situations with limited resources would go a long way in honing my organizational and managerial skills. 

I was very nervous during the time the club co-head interview process was on. In my heart somewhere I was wishing to be the club co-head of FIIB’s Student Club for Finance domain, aka the FSE Club. And lo and behold, I got that very position. I’ve successfully conducted two Finance club activities till now and the experience has been really overwhelming. I can confidently say now that I have much more faith in my capabilities, and in being able to survive no matter how uneven the tides maybe.


The 5P Rule for Doctoral Scholars

Guest Post by Dr Anandan Pillai

The long doctoral research journey for a scholar is usually a blend of excitement, inquisitiveness, and challenges. However, one who emerges through this would eventually become a successful researcher and be ready to tackle any future research problems in an industry profile or as an academician. Basis my own FPM journey and what I have noticed from my colleagues I am sharing what I call the 5 Ps of a successful doctoral research journey. These principles or rules can be helpful to all research scholars.

  1. Progressive research topic. Often management research is touted to lack the progressive nature or as path breaking as other traditional disciplines like science or technology are known for. In case of management research, it might still be possible to attempt a progressive research topic on a topic that you foresee to grow substantially in next five to ten years. Irrespective of whether you are from HR or Finance or Marketing, IT or Strategic Management, envisage the future and choose your research topic that would help you build a strong career as and when you accomplish the doctoral degree. Also, choosing a progressive research topic boosts the probability of publishing in a good quality journal.
  2. Process. Dwell and understand the complete research process during your course work. This will help you visualize the roadblocks you might face during the research process. So, while you move towards choosing a research topic, always make it a habit to see through the topic across various stages of process – be it literature review, data collection, data analysis and will the topic be accepted by the larger community whether academia or industry. Usually candidates make a mistake of dwelling deep into literature review, but miss to foresee how the data collection or analysis would span in future. Hence, it is essential to go deep and also come out of it regularly to see how next steps would result.
  3. Publication. A research that is not published is not respected. So, keep an eye on probable journals where you would want to target and build in the rigor in your research process to ensure you end up publishing there. Focus on the ABDC list which is widely accepted in academia. If you plan to build your career in academia soon after the doctoral program, publications will be very crucial to seek a place in a reputed institution.
  4. Punctuality. You have to be extremely careful of timelines. A good research does not mean you take endless time and default on timelines. It will also lead to frustration at your end. So, set intermediate milestones and try to achieve them without fail. Though the institution would drive you with strict schedule for various stages, it will also help to build in self-discipline by creating own milestones. Always plan your time for conference presentations (a good networking opportunity with fellow researchers), publication, industry interactions to get real life practical inputs etc.
  5. Purity. In the process of being more progressive, punctual and publication oriented don’t sacrifice the purity of research. Please maintain utmost level of ethical approach in your data collection and data analysis. It’s okay to say that your hypothesis wasn’t supported or the respondents think in 180 degree manner compared to what you thought initially, but don’t play around with data or try to force fit the data to meet your hypothesis. This will not only harm the sanctity of research, but also will eventually lead to a sub-standard work.

Let’s research efficiently and effectively.


Same Profession, Different Approaches – How Educators Are Going Beyond The Call Of Duty to Shape Young Leader-Managers’ Lives

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought some major upheavals in the teaching profession, forcing most educators to become good learners to stay good teachers. The adjustment required on their part was to seek a more balanced teaching-learning approach and develop a learner-teacher mindset  

However, the sense of responsibility and commitment shown by the educators to make this adjustment has been nothing less than phenomenal. Stories of the challenges faced and how educators re-educated and adapted themselves to ensure smooth learning for their students are all over the media. Here are a few such stories from the FIIB faculty community, who share their distinct experiences of not just how they embraced the new-age, new-tech teaching methods but also of how they had to go beyond the call of their duty to cultivate a self-learner mindset and invoke emotional intelligence in their students to ensure their overall well-being as well.

Establishing a parallel learning-teaching system digitally

The whole concept of providing meaningful learning experiences to students has changed drastically in the last few months, leaving no other option for B-Schools than to embrace the digital ways of teaching. “While brainstorming to set up digital classrooms for FIIB Racers, my main focus was on capitalizing the relationship between students and teachers, and not just developing a platform where teachers can broadcast their course content,” says Prof. Prashant Verma, Assistant professor – Business Analytics.

Creating an interactive and adaptive learning environment digitally was challenging, but what gives me immense happiness is that my fellow faculty members did not have to compromise on their teaching experience and that we have been able to onboard both the batches of students to continue their MBA education in a virtual manner.”

Getting familiar with the new medium of teaching

Dr. Ekta Singhal, Assistant Professor – Marketing, believes that the new concept of teaching requires three critical behavioral adjustments from the educators – going beyond your comfort zone, imbibing the concept of ‘learning with fun’ into your teaching style, and most importantly, upskilling oneself to make others’ more skillful. “I personally felt that students expect more from their faculty when interacting in a virtual mode. I have upgraded my technical skills and also befriended some never-before used tech applications just to make my virtual classrooms exciting and learner-centric.” 

Making students independent in actions and thoughts

Prof Shuchi Dixit, Assistant Professor – HR emphasises on seeding emotional maturity in students, whether through counselling or by leveraging students’ participation in fun-learning activities. “I always ask students to become self-learners and advise them to consider self-strength as a need-of-the-hour weapon that will prepare them well to deal with the 21st century world corporate challenges and help them create positive energy and enthusiasm to foster and drive meaningful change in their lives.

Read How is FIIB making young leaders-managers emotionally-adept

Energizing individual spirits by coming together as a community

Prof. Arpan Anand, Assistant Professor – Marketing feels that more than the academics and the classroom teaching it is the disruptions in the extracurricular activities part of management education caused by the pandemic situation that has negatively affected the learning curve of the students. So being the head of FIIB’s Spirit Committee Prof. Anand didn’t let the lockdown hardships come his way in providing exciting volunteering opportunities to the students. 
“Despite all the odds, I called a meeting with my other senior Spirit Committee members and decided to plan virtual #FunFriday evenings to provide much-needed relaxation as well volunteering opportunities to students.” Prof. Anand along with his energetic team had successfully organised virtual Teacher’s Day, Independence Day, a series of #FunFriday events, and other such fun learning events to boost students’ spirits. “Delivering lectures in a fun-manner is my signature style and I always believed in upskilling myself so shifting from teacher to learner was not really my main COVID-19 hardship.”


Gulzar Makes The Most Of Now And How!

Let us not miss out on what we have today by simply dreaming of what we can have tomorrow. Having a highly practical approach to life and a strong understanding of the corporate dynamics, Mr. Gulzar talks about his life before, during and after FIIB. Let us hear him out. 

Hello Gulzar Sir, please tell us about your experience with FIIB. 

“My experience with FIIB has been a memorable one. In my bachelor’s college I was more into spending time with friends and I had an easy-going attitude towards life and approached work according to my comfort. After stepping in at FIIB I sensed the silent yet must have discipline that every MBA student needs to inculcate in life as a preparation for the corporate world. In FIIB I made friends for life and met various people coming from different parts of India. I miss those days and thank the institute for making me what I am today”. 

How different is the corporate world? How is your so-far experience as a professional?

“What one learns in the book is just a warm up before stepping into the very challenging corporate world. I studied ‘Sales & Marketing’  and I can clearly differentiate between my perception as an MBA student back in those days for my domain and as a professional belonging to the same field now. I have discovered the several layers of ‘how work is done’ and growing with every passing day. I learnt the obvious requirement of keeping each and every department of an organization in  sync in order to reach the work goals. 

In college I just had a limited domain level understanding of things but the way I am being shaped now happens only when time and experience polishes your professionalism. This is an automatic process and dealing with different personalities in work life makes you evolve so. I have become more intuitive, proactive and have learnt how presence of mind, dedication to work and basic know-hows of each domain is required to survive corporate competition.”

What would you like to suggest to the current FIIB students to become better corporate personalities in the future?

“Please take the guest lectures seriously. The career related sessions that the institute conducts must be attended every time. The institute works really hard in getting the guests from the industry for sessions related to our careers and you all must make the most of such opportunities. The more you will be present in such sessions the better you will be able to face the challenges you will encounter during your initial days of corporate work life. During your MBA, your only exposure to the corporate world will be through these sessions and your internship. Take them very seriously. 

We learn about Excel, SPSS and other software during our stint at FIIB, so pay full attention to these to avoid getting embarrassed as a professional later. Keep in touch with your Alumni Community and expand your network as much as possible. Lastly, the COVID phase has humbled down all of us. So be practical in your expectations during such times and do not miss out on placements while waiting for ‘something better’ to come your way. Seize the day as you will get ample scope for improving and moving up in life even later. Be it a small scale or a big scale company, you will learn for sure. Good Luck!” 
This was Mr. Gulzar for you, advising you to make the most of a given opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming times. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in

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