20 Speakers and a thriving Management ecosystem: Major key takeaways for Researchers, Academicians and Business World

With the core belief that research evokes thoughts leading to some of the finest business practices, we at FIIB decided to showcase some of the latest advances in management thought led by research, technology and innovation. The meetup of academicians, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders was a part of FIIB’s 5th International Management Conference held at the institute campus on 17th and 18th December 2019.

Around 20+ speakers from Australia, France, India, Kuwait, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, UK and USA, 70+ students of Uniglobe College, Nepal and more than 100 management graduates overall attended the two-day long IMC 2019. This time it wasn’t just the number of attendees that was impressive; the learnings each resource person shared and the research presentations showcased by students also contributed well to our vision.

Deciphering the framework of International Marketing

Speaking on the advent of online subscription-based services to technology-led convenience-based shopping for the consumers, Dr. Justin Paul, Senior Associate Editor-University of Puerto Rico, USA managed to spark a sense of comradeship amongst the audience by addressing many strategic requirements of International business. 

The key learnings from the address of Dr. Justin Paul were:

  • Become aware of the importance of Mobile Apps for payments as the future is digital.
  • Technology is not less than a torchbearer for shoppers; it is leading almost everything: consumer behaviour, choices, and right decisions. 
  • Grasp the 7-p framework of International Marketing sooner to stay aside from defeats later. 

Analytical approach in Integrated Marketing Communications

Be it a small business or huge enterprise, almost everyone in the business world is hustling hard to brand and coordinate their communication efforts. To outlay what importance integrated marketing approach plays in a brand image, Dr. Cornelia Caseauis, Associate Professor-Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France decided to be vocal about the inside-out approach to the Integrated Marketing Communication. 

The major takeaways from her keynote speech were::

  • An analytical approach is key to create brand awareness among customers at a minimal cost.
  • More integrated, fewer conflicts: With a handy marketing approach like this, organizations can effectively communicate a similar message to potential and existing end-users.

Globalization mushrooming in business, relations and what not!

Where it has been in the outlook of every businessman that globalization is the root cause of increased competition, Communication Expert from Australia Angela Yu, thinks it as an exquisite way to unlearn new culture and unleash unseen goals in life. To further describe how globalization impacts a common man’s life, she took a slice from her personal life and delivered a happy gift of globalization to the audience. 

The motivating learnings from her talk were:

  • Even two people from different linguistic backgrounds experience globalization, but they can turn sufferings/conflicts into happiness & success by embracing diverse cultures. 
  • Globalization brings more learnings and experiences in one’s life. 
  • What’s the harm in embracing something like globalization when all it offers to your business is the spread of products, investment, and technology. 

Entrepreneurship is on the rise

The most interesting phase of the IMC Day-2 panel discussion on the topic “Leveraging Entrepreneurship Development through Emergent Technologies and Disruptive Innovation” was when Dr Aneesh Zutshi, Assistant Professor-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal shed light on the Indian startup ecosystem and its essentials. 

The conversations flowed from building disruptive digital technologies, how technology impacts society, what information asymmetry digital platforms are facing, startup challenges, the Indian startup development, utmost need for collaboration and harnessing network effects, and big data too. 

Some of the key takeaways from his address were:

  • It is important for entrepreneurs to understand the role of technology in startup development before initiating the show.
  • India needs to leverage its digital presence, better its collaboration strategies and dive deep into big data to stand strong in the world of innovations and entrepreneurship.

We feel proud to share that this year’s International Marketing Conference has successfully brought together diverse themes, contributed to both theory and practice, and strengthen the interaction of Research, Innovation and Technology with Economy and Society. To know more about FIIB’s 5th International Management Conference, visit http://imc.fiib.edu.in


Deepening Bonds to Drive Growth: A Message From Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive Director

“We opened 2019 with a commitment to deeply listen to, engage with and bring happiness to the lives that we touch – students, alumni, employees, corporate partners. As the year comes to an end now, it’s time to look back and reflect on our efforts to deliver what we had promised.”

Radhika Shrivastava, FIIB’s Executive Director

This year was spent deeply listening to and engaging our key stakeholders with a sole purpose of striving for each one’s success, while keeping FIIB’s mission of advancing the practice of management at the forefront. 

New technology changes have led to the emergence of newer job roles and skills. To bridge this gap, and to help our recruiter partners find perfect fits, we aligned today’s job roles to our career tracks and also created live projects and internships that were a win-win.  We’ve held full-house faculty development programs and focused on research outcomes addressing the most contemporary management challenges. We organized a bigger-than-before second edition of TEDx at FIIB which brought some of the most engaging storytellers to the campus. Further our 5th International Management Conference brought world-renowned scholars on one stage. 

For our students, we took initiatives to spread happiness, provide opportunities, and inspire excellence. We listened to our students and started off refreshments-on-the-go to boost their mornings, music stations to up the energy levels, on-campus Saddle Gym to raise physical and mental fitness and a dedicated 24X7 counselling platform for emotional wellbeing. 

Our alumni, who are spread across the world, continued to stay connected with us through providing mentoring, guidance and career opportunities to FIIB students. We intend to ramp up our engagement with them more and hope that 2020 brings many more avenues of mutually beneficial engagements. 

For our staff, our initiatives included remodelling of the workspaces to allow maximum creativity and collaboration and create a culture that supports excellence and promotes work-life balance through workshops, stress buster activities, and investing in the right training programs.

To every person who is a part of FIIB community, we achieved these milestones with you! Please know that as an institution we are invested in your success as much as you are.

As we enter a new year with hope and bigger goals to understand, act, and engage deeply with our communities, a heartfelt thank you for being a part of FIIB’s upwards and onwards journey. 

Warmest wishes for a wonderful 2020!


Your Passion Takes You To Your Ultimate Goal

Why did you choose a career in Shipping and Logistics? Describe your journey

“One of my family members was a sailor, the first time when he came back in a ship, I got curious and got to learn how people work in a ship. I was fascinated and from then began my interest in shipping. But my career in shipping didn’t begin right away. I started my journey from Samsung as a Sales trainee, and then joined BRAMER, after working there for 10 years, I got the opportunity to work with Norvic Shipping International Ltd. and I thoroughly enjoy being the manager – team lead here. Sometimes you don’t get to the role you really want immediately, but if you’ve got a passion for what you want, you’ll reach there soon enough”.

What were your expectations from your career, did they differ from reality?

“Yes, they did, very much so, I got to see the ground reality of working in the corporate. I have 12 years of a career that went up as much as it went down.  In my first job I was assigned to sell TVs and ACs in UP west in a village where electricity was scarce, it was tough, and it taught me the art of persuasion. See, the jobs I took put things in perspective. To achieve success in life, you need to do have the right equation of hard work and passion. I was working hard but my passion was for Shipping. While doing my job, I never stopped working towards my goal; I never stopped learning. Ultimately, that paid off. I started working for my dream role. What I learnt from my experience and what I hope anyone else can learn from it is that if you’re interested in a particular industry, you need to stick to it – at least stick to your goal of getting into it. Networking with people will help you tremendously. Train for the job you want, people will notice and soon you’ll be where you want to  “

“…if you’re interested in a particular industry, you need to stick to it – at least stick to your goal of getting into it. Networking with people will help you tremendously”

What fond memories did your visit to FIIB awaken?

“Interestingly, our batch was in the second year, when FIIB shifted from its old campus to new campus, so we got to do our first year in the old one and the second in the new one. I have got memories from both the places. This visit invokes so many beautiful memories from that time. I remember Prof. Mirza Saida who taught us organizational behaviour and Captain Deepak who taught us Shipping. It is because of them that I learned a lot both in terms of work and life. What I learnt here is that you never know when a challenge is around the corner, so the best way is to be always prepared.”

“… What I learnt here is that you never know when a challenge is around the corner, so the best way is to be always prepared.”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“In the beginning, be open to all the opportunities you get. Sometimes you don’t get what you want, it’s life and such things happen. Don’t be disheartened if your career doesn’t seem like what you expected, take a step back and evaluate your options and choose the best one that lets you follow your passion. If you have a goal, stay on the path to it. Pursue it continuously and relentlessly, no one can stop you from attaining it. And then, once you achieve it, set yourself a newer and bigger goal. That’s the way to your success. Wish you luck!”


What Christmas Plans are Dishing in FIIB Racers Mind?

Now is the time of the year where FIIB students are about to bid farewell to heavy semester books and navigate themselves towards the execution of much-awaited Christmas break plans. After all, it’s a time of choosing favourite cakes, the hanging of advent wreaths, and sharing the messages of love & brotherhood with the beloved ones.

We asked FIIB Racers their Christmas plans whether they’re – heading to home or planning to call it Campus-stay; looking forward to cherishing longstanding family traditions or thinking of starting new ones; going to fulfil their cravings with classic foods or gift themselves some self-made recipes. Let’s have a look at all the happy-Christmas-plans we were able to collect. And, we literally don’t mind in case you steal one or two from the list. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bhavya Kalra

Christmas is an occasion which surfaces feelings of positivity and happiness in and around us! That’s why Bhavya’s Christmas plan revolves around doing things which would bring joy. “I plan to do some activities full of fun and frolic- starting with visiting a Christmas themed decorated eating place to dancing to the beats of jingle bells,” Bhavya said.

Aakash Mathews

Christmas is more like sharing happiness, cherishing family traditions, and enjoying lots of tasty food with beloved ones. Every year, on Christmas, Aakash visit the church with his family to attend the early morning worship. Afterwards, there’s a huge family get-together lunch where he gets to meet all my relatives and childhood friends. “Christmas evenings are usually for my friends that we spend by sharing some laughs and pies,” he said.  

Amit Ghadai

For Amit, Christmas is to take some time off from his busy schedule and cook healthy food that fits well with his diet plans (Chuckles). “Yes, that’s true!, I never miss my diet chart even if it’s 25th of December,” Amit said.   

Shreya Rai

Christmas is all about collecting as many gifts and chocolates as I could from my relatives, friends, and family (obviously). We don’t celebrate it in our family but yes, I visit the church with my friends and sing “One Horse Open Sleigh” Christmas song with all. 

Shirley Rex

If you think Christmas lunch tables are not that crowded, ask Shreya about hers. Shreya’s family invites everyone they know for Christmas celebration, and typically that means 50 to 100 people show up. “The best part is that every single person gets to meet with each other and share their joy without getting bored,” Shirley said. What’s better to have on a Christmas than that, huh? 

Pratyusha Prattipati

To me, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It reminds me to be thankful for what I have and be kind to everyone. I count my blessings on Christmas, spend time visiting my friends and family, gift my loved ones, and end it with retrospection of this year. As it marks the end of the year, I also make new goals – personal and professional for my next year. 


Break Down Your Goals To Small Action Items

Why did you choose a career in HR? Describe your journey.

“My first week at FIIB had been tough and I had no idea how to interact with everyone. I was shy and introverted and at FIIB, you had to be proactive and participative. The best part is that if FIIB demands you to be proactive, it certainly gives you the means as well. During my orientation, I met another classmate who was an extrovert (who is now my fianceé!) with whom I was able to get over my hesitation to participate, once I identified my strengths, there was no looking back. I realized I was actually good at people skills. As I started interacting and immersing myself in various opportunities I became more confident in my skills. After my first term at FIIB, I was already in the top 10 in studies, and in the running for RK Shrivastava allrounder medal which I eventually won by the end of two years at FIIB. By choosing a specialization and in due course a career that challenges me, I grew both personally and professionally.

What were your expectations from your career, did they differ from reality?

“During my MBA, I helped organize the annual HR conclave. With the guidance of Dr. Vidya Iyer, I helped identify the right speakers and invite them for the event. This networking opportunity helped me get a glimpse of the industry and how to make the right connections. It gave me a clearer idea of how HR is, what are the current trends, what do I need to learn to see myself growing in the domain. I’ve got selected in Udaan India through campus placements, my zeal to learn and networking skills helped to ascend the corporate ladder easily. Now I work as a Business strategist at Udaan and I play a crucial role in strategic HRM.”

“…FIIB gave me multiple opportunities to grow and succeed while its people are the reason I call it my second home”

What fond memories did your visit to FIIB awaken?

“Apart from all that I’ve gained in my career, I’ve also found another most important connection at FIIB – my life partner. I’ve come back with her to relive the times I’ve spent here, the times I was scared of public speaking and presentations to the times I’ve spent hours in the library to improve my skills, to the one proud moment of winning RK Shrivastava all-rounder medal. It’s a beautiful journey. FIIB gave me multiple opportunities to grow and succeed while its people are the reason I call it my second home. They are the reason, I have discovered myself and have countless happy memories to look back”

“FIIB will throw challenges at you, be willing and bold enough to accept and make the most of them!”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“Be focused on Curriculum. Ready to do whatever the work has been assigned to you. Focus on end-term goals, and break them into small action items. That worked for me. Understand the industry expectations, if you want to climb the ladder. FIIB will throw challenges at you, be willing and bold enough to accept and make the most of them! Remember, the future you build is today in your hands.


Learn core concepts and interpersonal skills

Can you tell us a little about your career?

“During my first year at FIIB, I started developing a keen interest in the idea of selling, I learned that the core purpose of selling is to solve the problems of your consumer, it requires you to understand your consumer, build relationships, and offer solutions. I decided that I would make a career in sales. I started to get the taste first hand once I started my internship with DishTV, later I was selected to work with DishTV during campus placements, I really enjoyed what I did so within a year, I got promoted to be a senior executive and soon I started a job with Tata Sky. Again, my hard work and passion for problem-solving helped my company grow the sales volume by 60% PAN India, that earned me another promotion to become Assistant Manager, as my career progressed, so did my interest in trying out new things, this time I was retail. I started working with cars24.com as a Senior Retail Manager. They opened their first store in Delhi and we have seen great performance in the 1st quarter. So far, my career took interesting turns and I’m fortunate to be passionate for the work I do.”

What were your expectations from your career, did they differ from reality?

“My marketing professor Santosh Sood sir has evoked my interest in Marketing and Sales. All those classes that I spent learning about the key concepts of marketing helped me a lot in my career. When I decided that I would pursue a career in sales, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy path. I was told that there are a lot of times I’d be disappointed before getting the expected outcomes, it is absolutely true but if you give 100% of your effort to something, you’re bound to make progress and succeed along the way. This mantra worked for me very well. During my 6 years working in sales and retail, I have heard the word ‘No’ many more times than I heard ‘Yes’ but soon I learnt how to turn objections into opportunities. As I figured out the secret to any successful sales career is listening, understanding, and providing solutions, there was no looking back. I would say, I didn’t expect my career would progress so fast, I am excited at how it turned out to be and at the same time humbled that there’s so much more to learn “

“All those classes that I spent learning about the key concepts of marketing helped me a lot in my career. ”

What fond memories did your visit to FIIB awaken?

“As I came here to deliver a guest lecture for FIIB students, I can’t help but notice how many things have changed since I was here. I am now on the other end guiding tomorrow’s workforce. This is the crucial time for any student to identify their strengths and find a match to a job role they’d fit into. I miss those times, especially my favourite faculty – Prof. Santosh Sood and Prof. Sadiya Samir Ali. I’ve learnt a lot here and that’s why giving back to FIIB feels all the more special. During my time here, I was a part of various extracurricular activities at FIIB – particularly Meraki (FIIB’s B-Plan competition) and they were crucial in helping me build my interpersonal skills. Thanks to such opportunities here, I had an edge over others who started their careers with me. “

“…During my time here, I was a part of various extracurricular activities at FIIB – particularly Meraki (FIIB’s B-Plan competition) and they were crucial in helping me build my interpersonal skills.”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“Whatever specialization you choose, absorb the core concepts of it completely, at the same time focus on building your interpersonal skills. The combined knowledge and skills will help you pave your way into the corporate and grow. Participate in all extracurricular activities, they are fun and will add tremendously to your soft skills. Have an open mind about the opportunities you get, give them your best shot, and learn along the way. Success will follow you. Best of luck! “


Focus on one thing, make sure you get it!

Why did you choose a career in Analytics? Describe your journey

“I have always been a straightforward person, I knew my strengths and I wanted to build a career that was in line with them. I am an extrovert and confident, these characteristics helped me be in the centre of every opportunity at FIIB. Soon, I realized that I’m really good at analytics and decided then that I’ll pursue a career in it. I have aced the interviews of two campus placements one in E&Y and one in S&P Global. I joined S&P Global as it suited my requirements for work-life balance and flexi timings. Later, I also got to experience several new responsibilities and things to learn at my job. Moreover, I’m on a career path that I absolutely wanted. This made me realize that with hard work one can definitely achieve their dream role.

What were your expectations from your career, did they differ from reality?

“Like I mentioned, I knew my priorities, being of an analytical mindset, I calculated that to excel in career, one needs to have a) clarity of the career path they want to pursue (even if initially it means to dabble in to everything to match interests and strengths) b) a list of priorities when it comes to work and life. This differs from person to person and doesn’t mean being choosy though. It just means you know what to focus on. I applied this formula when I was starting out my career, of course it meant making tough choices sometimes, being hard on myself to push my boundaries, being patient for the right opportunity to come along, and being utterly and completely prepared for it. Being prepared helped; I could grab every opportunity that was heading my way, grew in my career, and am on a trajectory that I know is going to take me higher. I won’t say everything turned out exactly how I wanted but even when there were tough responsibilities in my job, I never backed down, and I think that’s something which made me what I am. “

“…The times that I spent learning new stuff, discovering my strengths through extracurricular activities, and preparing for my career is something I’ll always cherish”

What fond memories did your visit to FIIB awaken?

“I met the love of my life at FIIB, we’re getting married very soon and we both wanted to visit the place which shaped us as individuals both in personal and professional lives. I am in touch with some of the faculty who were crucial to my career success, I will always be indebted to them. The times that I spent learning new stuff, discovering my strengths through extracurricular activities, and preparing for my career is something I’ll always cherish.”

“The career tracks at FIIB will help you; make the most of the track specific training!”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“Focus on one thing and move heaven and earth to make it possible. Don’t run after designation, rather think of your specialization. Think what job role suits you the best. Research the job roles of your domain, understand the employers’ expectations and be prepared for them. The career tracks at FIIB will help you; make the most of the track specific training. Best of luck for your future!”


How does participating in B-Plan competitions enhance your entrepreneurial journey?

Are you someone with an idea that has the potential to change the market dynamics? Do you have a keen mind for business? Are you banking on your sheer grit and problem-solving attitude to give your startup the break it deserves? Participating in B-Plan competitions might just give you that. Every entrepreneur is looking out for opportunities that help them accelerate their business idea – be it the funds or the network. Business Plan competitions might seem like hard work as they require a significant investment of your time and efforts, but there’s a lot more to be gained from competing in an entrepreneurship challenge than just the prize. Here are a few reasons why participating in B-Plan competitions can be good for your venture:

Give shape to your idea:

Most entrepreneurial competitions need you to send out your team details, brief about your startup idea, and answers to a few other business aspects – This is extremely beneficial for your venture, as you’ll sketch out the core concept behind your venture and the problems you attempt to solve. In the process of filling out the form and building the team, you’ll also identify the resources you will need, the go-to-market strategy, as well as demand forecasts. This will give you a clear vision and direction for your startup which will help you in future regardless of the results of the competition.

💡 Tip: Take this opportunity to chalk out your Business Plan and Pitch well, which you can use even later while you pitch to potential investors

Get into the right network:

B-Plan competitions are a treasure trove for innovative ideas and experienced opinions. Participating in them will open up opportunities like mentoring sessions, pitching to experts/venture capitalists, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, and meeting the industry’s who’s who. You might meet a potential investor, or an incubator, or a co-founder, or a partner, or a customer for your business venture. If it’s a well-known Business Plan competition, chances are that you might get featured by the media which is covering the event, the possibilities are endless. This level of networking opportunities are hard to find elsewhere. Keep in mind that you are well prepared and have your answers ready for any business questions they might have.

💡 Tip: Carry your business cards with you to build connections


Dynamic Leader Lands At Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Garv Narula‘22 (Delhi), has accepted an offer from Bajaj Electricals Pvt. Ltd., where he will be working as a Sales Management Associate. According to him, he waited for this opportunity for a long time and now feels immensely proud to grab what he desired. 

A state-level volleyball player with tactful leadership skills, Garv earned an MBA degree with Marketing as major and HR as his minor specialization, and secured almost every coveted Graduation award/nomination at the college – R.K. Shrivastava Scholarship Award, President’s Honor Roll and Most Influential SIP Projects. During his two-year span at FIIB, Garv also excelled academically in four consecutive terms, with GPA of 8.20 in Term 1, 8.0 in Term 2, 8.58 in Term 3, and 8.06 in Term 4.

Garv believes that “success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm,” and being a part of FIIB community he has experienced this several times. “I wholeheartedly thank FIIB’s mentorship program and training sessions that constructively added to my enthusiasm and motivated me to think holistically and work integratively no matter what.

A versatile scholar who mastered the skill of balancing both the academics as well as extracurricular activities, Garv has not only volunteered for many conclaves and cultural fests such as Samavesh, NMC, and TEDxFIIB but also bagged first prize in Marketing Fair 2018 by utilizing his learnings from the marketing classroom. 

“FIIB’s mentorship program and training sessions constructively added to my enthusiasm and motivated me to think holistically and work integratively,” says Garv Narula, Second-year student at FIIB

Garv feels that his contribution as Co-head of Brand Rovers (FIIB’s Marketing Club) actually prepared him well for leadership roles. “I still remember guiding my juniors in ensuring that all arrangements were as per the requirements and then sharing the joy together after the successful execution of the entire Marketing Conclave,” he said. 

Garv completed his corporate internship at GCMMF Amul, resolved employability issues of underprivileged girls with Udayan Care in his social Internship and traveled to Dubai under FIIB’s Global Immersion Program. When asked about his inspiring experiences at FIIB, he recalled his mentorship sessions, Gong ceremony celebrations, and hustling up in the Saddle Gym as the most memorable.
The aspects of FIIB that Garv said he will miss the most are the tight-knit community, supportive faculty, and energetic vibes that motivated him to learn keenly and embrace everything positively that came his way. “I consider these two years at FIIB as one of the most beloved phases of my life, and will cherish the life long bonds that I made here.


Marketing Mastermind Caps Brilliant Career With Gupshup Technologies

Chetna Mahajan’22 (Delhi) will start her professional career with Gupshup Technologies as a Senior Executive in Sales. She chose this placement offer over some other promising companies that came to FIIB campus and offered Sales & Business Development roles as she was more keen on working in the: Digital Marketing and E-commerce domain. As per her interest, she also did a Digital Marketing Online Course certified by Google so as to have an edge over others and to increase her skill pool.

An attentive student who has opted for Marketing as her major specialization and Operations as her minor specialization, Chetna had bagged the coveted award for being a dynamic and spirited co-head for the Spirit committee and also participated as an Emcee in Sustainability Summit 2019 during her stint at FIIB. 

“FIIB offers many opportunities for the students by exposing them to various Guest Lectures as well as Conclaves and make them confident enough by imparting knowledge and awareness,” says Chetna Mahajan, Second-year student at FIIB

I credit FIIB for giving me every opportunity to grow and learn by providing experiential learning,” she said. “With the kind of activities and training FIIB provided has definitely prepared me for the academic rigors of college as well as the hustles of the corporate world. In particular, the numerous conclaves and cultural programs that I got a chance to attend here at FIIB proved to be a great learning opportunity for me. Along with it, my busy schedule taught me several valuable skills with regard to stress management, time management, communication, organizational awareness and better planning.

Outside the classroom, Chetna worked on a  rural employment project with Literacy India and helped Handicraft Artisans to craft a better livelihood. She also provided her skills to increase B2B retention and B2B sales revenue for Indusind Media & Communications Ltd. – Hinduja Group. She also participated in Brand Rovers Marketing Contest and won the first prize, and traveled to Dubai for her Global Immersion Program. 

Chetna counted herself as someone belonging to the Introvert community when she joined FIIB, but now she recalls coordinating with different stakeholders as a volunteer for various departments, giving classroom presentations and volunteering as an emcee in conclaves as her most cherished memories of the business school. 

In her view, “FIIB offers many career-preparatory opportunities and such a supportive environment to its students that introduce every student to their best version. Her sense of belonging as a part of the FIIB family has enriched her experiential learning in many aspects and she extends a big thank you to her faculty mentor who was a mentor-cum-friend to her and helped her in every phase of her MBA journey and taught her how to be a self-confident winner.” 

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