Community Resilience is the Key to the Future. Here’s how FIIB is Unlocking it during the Time of Crisis!

The global crisis has dramatically changed the way higher education space has operated in the last few months. While gearing up for an online learning edu-force hasn’t been the easiest of the paths, going back to the fundamentals and creating a sense of community is what led FIIB to positively cater to the needs of each of its stakeholder groups even in these times of crisis. 

From keeping students active and engaged virtually with the campus life, to driving meaningful learning opportunities that further their career-growth, to organizing social events that strengthen our network with the wider academic community – FIIB has been on a unstoppable roller-coaster ride that has helped the RACERS community to move forward despite an extraordinary situation like global pandemic. 

Enabling Online Learning & Mentoring for students’ well-being

Being a provider of education, giving students a sense of normalcy and togetherness is the utmost priority in times like now. From virtual classroom to digital mentor-mentee sessions, nearly every student activity has been transitioned online so that students don’t miss anything, instead they make most of the New Normal MBA opportunities. 

Engaging with Alumni to Plan the Time Ahead

FIIB Alumni Cell introduced FIIB&YOU 2.0, an initiative to plan for the future with the extended community of FIIB aka Alumni. As FIIB community recently celebrated the 25 years anniversary, we used the occasion to strike meaningful conversations about planning for the future through Racers Cafe, the Alumni Advisory Committee, taking this as the right time to get connected, share ideas, and actively plan for continuing to deliver excellence in the next 25 years. 

Encouraging Research Amid Humanitarian Crisis 
FIIB Business Review initiated a dialogue between management practitioners, researchers and academicians in trying to find a way to address the current situation and help the management education fraternity to come up with solutions through the International Digital Conference-Editors Meet held on 2nd June 2020. The event was open to academicians, publishers, industry practitioners and early and advanced stage scholars. More than 300 participants from 18 countries participated in the meet which was a rich and engaging discussion for over 3 hours. Check out the entire Editor’s Digital Meet here.


FIIB sets the trend in celebrating the New Normal Convocation!

Hundreds of dreams came true at FIIB last month amid the chaos of global pandemic – and the best part is that they all were celebrated like never before. The college celebrated its students’ achievements and hard work through a virtual convocation ceremony streamed from the campus into the homes of the graduates. 

For the first time in FIIB’s history, graduating Racers attended the convocation ceremony with their entire families and friends right from their homes. Continuing the tradition of Diploma walk, something that signifies a sense of pride and achievement for the graduating class, FIIB provided students with the opportunity to receive their diplomas from the very first teacher of their life i.e. their parents. The virtual receipt of diplomas indeed served as a heart-warming session that uplifted the spirits of FIIB Racers while they’re about to embark on the next chapter of their journey. 

(Virtual Diploma Walk by FIIB Class of 2020)

Going forward, the graduating class of 2020 had an insightful virtual interaction with Mr. Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director – Twitter India, whio not only unraveled the secrets of leadership in the times of crisis but also inspired the future leader-managers to break beyond the pitfalls of pessimism, to buckle up and keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances. 

(Mr. Manish Maheshwari Student Address at FIIB’s 24th Convocation

In addition to many of the usual convocation activities, the Spirit Committee of FIIB took the virtual space to engage with the graduating class in a more engaging and entertaining way – allowing them to have conversations on a community level through break out rooms. Students also received video greetings from their beloved faculty and staff members that provided them with a sense of happiness and fulfilment. along with a commitment of getting lifelong support and guidance from their alma mater.  


5 Things To Do When You Are Overwhelmed at Work

Work is worship, but too much work can act like the tightest knot around your neck! When you are overloaded and overwhelmed with work, it is natural to feel suffocated and become unproductive. The constant stress to complete the task list hovers over the head and that makes everything just even messier.

Dear work warrior, are you being able to relate to this? If that is a yes I get, then let me tell you that you are not alone in this. Every single day, a massive number of people put their nose to the grindstone even after they have way too much to balance on their plates. But every cloud has a silver lining and every situation comes with a scope of fine-tuning. So, next time you feel ‘too much work’ take a break and then continue to work to the best of your abilities. You can try a couple of the below-given strategies to have a better start of your to-do list:

Accept your situation and then walk up to someone to voice the fact that you need help:

No one is Superman in real life. Everyone requires some motivation, some help and few pushes to walk in the right direction to get their work done. One must not shy away to seek help as that is the very first step towards recovery from work pressure. Denying that you are overwhelmed with work will only push the situation deeper and will cause greater trouble ultimately. So it is wise to flip the situation before it toys off your balance.  

Have a clear plan based on which you can prioritize your work one at a time:

During the opening hours at work it is crucial for you to decide which tasks to take up first and which one to take up next. This way, you will have the clarity of direction to follow. Having a clear plan will not only ward off stress but also will make sure that all the crucial tasks get accomplished. 

It is crucial for you to take a break during the day:

Be it for a short walk or for tea, breaking from work a few times a day will only motivate you better to work while cutting down your stress eventually. You can go for a walk, can close your eyes and forget the world, can catch up with your go-to office mate or can simply do nothing at all for just a while. This will rejuvenate you and will bring out a significant output from you. Some people think that taking a break will hamper the workflow but it is just the opposite! Time to try this out.

Outside work, refresh yourself with what you like the most: 

NIs it music or online window shopping? Or is it surfing the latest video games or something else? Whatever it is, you have the rights to take a quick break to do that. If you will give time to what you like the most, then it will not only refresh your mind but also keeps you prepared for work the next day. Working for long hours with the intention to chalk out things from the task list will only decay your passion for life and new good things. That will eventually shackle your professional spirit as well which might ultimately tarnish your professional reputation. So better do what you like for a few minutes in between work and after work.

Simply believe, develop your focus and be positive:

No doubt that we feel pressured because of having a never-ending to-do list at work. Added to this, if you have an employer who expects a lot from you then the stress level automatically increases. In such a situation, you are required to simply believe yourself that no matter what, you can make it in small yet progressive steps. You use the above-given ideas to track yourself back for your goals. Above all, you are required to be positive and must always remember that you have to take care of yourself in order to make every other thing fall in place. Breathe in and then breathe out a few times whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation and the make of every day. Happy Living!


FIIB MBA Class of 2020 Charting Their Career Paths In Corporate Workforce

Finding worthwhile career opportunities amid a pandemic crisis is an uphill task, but the future leader-managers of FIIB MBA Program continue to find ways to kickstart their career tracks and fulfill their long-term career goals.

Our recently graduated batch of #FIIBRacers is nothing but a true reflection of the saying, “if there is a will, there is a way”. Here are some shinning examples:

  • Ashish Kumar Yadav accepted a position as Tax Consultant at Deloitte.
  • Rajaganapathy M S was appointed Business Development Associate at BYJU’S.
  • Deepak Kumar Mahto, Md Asaf, Chandan Kumar, Sonal Shrishty, Sayan Mitra and Rama Shankar Thakur started their careers with ICICI Bank as a Management Trainees.
  • Abhishek Kumar Singh was selected as a Sales Trainee at ITC Ltd.
  • Siddharth Singh and Garv Narula appointed as Sales Management Associates at Bajaj Electricals Ltd.  
  • Shweta Singh appointed as Station Manager at Delhivery.
  • Kanika Purwaha started her corporate journey with EVC Ventures as an Account Development Consultant.
  • Payas Maheshwari was selected as a Management Trainee at Wipro.
  • Anshika Bhatnagar accepted a position of Sr. Executive-Corporate Sales at Naukri.com
  • Anjali Vashisth, Aprajita Sharma, Mohit Aggarwal, Manish Chhattani and Mrinali Jain were appointed as Senior Executives at OYO Rooms.
  • Rishi Motwani, Harshit Kaur Rissam and Yash Rastogi appointed as Relationship Managers at HDFC.
  • Liza Kumar and Arushi Rajput started their career journeys with  Moody’s as Analyst.
  • Rohit Kumar and Swapnaneel Kashyap accepted positions of Business Trainees at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Jinshu Joseph John, Kartik Yadav, Shreyansh Nahata, Aritra Banerjee, Rashmi Yadav and Suryanshi Pathak were selected as Key Account Executives at PhonePe.
  • Sandeep and Anmol Arora accepted positions of  Career Development Managers at Hike Education.
  • Chirag Saxena started his professional journey as SCM Executive with Bolloré Logistics.
  • Tripta Goel and Vaibhav Jain are currently bringing their sales techniques from MBA classroom into action to increase Kyocera Document Solutions India presence in the market and generate meaningful leads as Associate Territory Sales Incharge.
  • Vikram Rathore accepted a position of Sales Representative at TeamViewer.
  • Shivika Bishnoi, Nupur Jain and Deepali Jain were selected as Financial Analysts at XL Dynamics India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vijeta Verma started the corporate journey with Business Standard as a Management Trainee.
  • Rohit Thakur started his corporate journey with ABP News Network as Management Trainee – Ad Traffic.
  • Chetna Mahajan and Mrinal Rawat accepted positions of Senior Executive Sales at Gupshup Technologies.
  • Akash Chaubey and Taran Singh were selected in Asian Paints as Sales Officers.
  • Akshay Sharma and Sahil Katyal started their career journey with MRF Tyres as Frontline Sales Executives.

Not only this, The entire FIIB Class of 2020 showcased great enthusiasm and spirit during their two-years of MBA journey and as a result are working in renowned MNCs and Startups at present. 

What our students are saying about the FIIB MBA Program:

FIIB offers many career-preparatory opportunities to its students that introduce every student to their best version,” says Anshika Bhatnagar’ 20 MBA. “The sense of accountability that any student should have in their college life is something that FIIB imparted in each one of us way before our actual career-ride begins” 

“This place has changed me a lot in the last two years. Now, I count networking and initiating conversation as my biggest strengths,” says Rishi Motwani’ 20 MBA. “The UAE trip was indeed a moving experience that added much-needed social values to my individual self and helped me understand the roles of various cultures in building a complex society.” 

“FIIB offers many opportunities for the students by exposing them to various Guest Lectures as well as Conclaves and makes them confident enough by imparting knowledge and awareness,” says Chetna Mahajan’ 20 MBA.


Dedication blended with a constant will to learn. This is how Ravi defines success in life!

Management students strive to attain the ability to set any situation right and make the most out of the opportunities it provides. Ravi Virwani stood true to his aspirations and made the most of the opportunities that came his way and continued to build on them and how!

He believes that someone’s presence in the office does not hold any value if that person is not productive. This belief has egged him to rediscover and recreate himself through new skills and ideas, and in a way also helped him stay alert in every step of his corporate journey.

His Journey with FIIB:

“I really enjoyed my journey in FIIB as I relished the all-round conditioning I got before stepping into the corporate world. The batchmates, the professors, the regulations that were to be followed, all were good. I also got a good dose of experiential learning exposure through some brilliant case studies. It taught me how to solve problems in a scientific way. Added to this, of course being in Delhi, I got the opportunity to attend several conferences beyond the college campus. This helped me closely observe and understand the world beyond the four walls of the classroom.”

Early Corporate Life 

“I was very happy to get my first job in ICICI Bank at their corporate office. It was a good stepping stone and being there gave me a good macro view of almost every financial situation. I learnt things from many angles that probably provided me a far better understanding than my peers, so yes the exposure added significantly to my learning curve”

Fast forward to the current day, he is in the designation where he shoulders the responsibilities of building affordable housing finance portfolios for his company with a vision of ‘Customer First’

His point of view on COVID 19

“One requires to show his/her worth during such times. Coming to the office to show your face and not doing any work doesn’t take anybody ahead in life anyways. Relevant skill sets and one’s contribution to the profits of the organization is what will count even more from now on. Upskilling will provide growth for sure and the future corporate personalities must start adapting to this as quickly as they can. This was from an individual point of view. 

From the organizational point of view, being agile is paramount and companies must look at and adapt new ways to work. Organizations must also accept new behavioral changes in customers, individuals and as well as in employees. This is something that all of us will be required to take care of in the coming future. People will have to adapt according to the environment.”

This was Ravi and his words of wisdom for you. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in


A dash of optimism with the bash of determination. This is Navneet Diwaker for you.

The corporate world is a tricky place to be in, one wrong move and all of one’s efforts can go down to the dust. It therefore requires everlasting smart work, dedicated focus on the outcomes and some practical doses of optimism to sail through the harshest of the tides.

Let us know more about Navneet and about his journey so far in the corporate world.

His journey with FIIB 

“I got admission in FIIB on a scholarship and I was from a science background. It was altogether a new world for me as I came from a small town in MP. My classmates were from different states,  cultural backgrounds, lifestyle and eating habits. The faculty was top class with a rich educational and corporate background.”

His fondest memories of FIIB 

“My fondest memory is of the campus itself. Me and my batchmates used to call our campus mini Switzerland. It was lush green, we used to play cricket matches and used to grab tasty bites from the ‘Chachu’s canteen’. I also often fondly recollect the memories of working till midnight, and the last day project report completion and submissions with my group members.” 

The journey afterwards

“I graduated from FIIB during the times of market recession. I was unsure, also scared, that I will not get a job. During my PGDM, I used to visualize myself as the MD of an MNC but the ground reality was quite different. 

My first job was as an Area Manager with a FMCG Company, Victoria Foods Pvt Ltd. I was assigned to Mumbai so I relocated there. After one year I joined a Logistic Company as a Territory Manager to handle Corporate Sales in the South Mumbai region. I served there for 2 years and also got a promotion. Time flew and I worked in the best organizations and in the best of job profiles and designations. 

Fast forward to today, I have started my own venture in HR as a Corporate Placement Consultant. Today I run multiple businesses and apart from the consultancy, I also run a co-sharing workspace place. I am also exploring the possibility of expanding this new venture in multi locations. Maybe this is what we were trained well for in FIIB, to become entrepreneurs and finally getting connected to the purpose of pursuing management studies.”

Challenges faced in the beginning of his corporate journey

“My communication skills were still developing, I was seeking clarity on corporate culture, I  faced geographical problems in Mumbai and due to global recession and lack of job availability, companies were preferring experienced candidates.

During all this,  I was optimistic and moreover I did not have a choice but to perform. I constantly developed my communication skills, enhanced my domain knowledge and walked extra miles to deliver the desired output to my organization.”  

His management style is graceful and something which we all prefer to have.

“Earlier I used to have an autocratic style of leadership. I was upfront and bold. Now my style is a little diplomatic. I don’t believe in output orientation, I believe in systems and processes. I follow the basics of business with continuous innovation. Gone are the days of bossing around. Now you have to be employee friendly.”

To wrap up the interaction, he came up with some suggestions for the FIIB students who are on the path to become future corporate leaders.

“Enhance your domain knowledge. Become tech-friendly. Forget your past failures. Become data centric. Don’t get impressed with personalities. Always do the WHY analysis – whenever things are not working out – ask ‘why’ 5 times to yourself and you will realize that something is missing that you require to overcome in order to get what you want.”

It was quite an inspirational experience to hear Navneet’s story. FIIB wishes him the best for his future endeavours! 

Have a story you want to share with us? Get in touch with us on alumni@fiib.edu.in


It does not matter where you come from, what matters is where you want to be!

The best combination of success is honesty and team responsibility, and the best deed is ‘faith in self’. Sanjay Kalirona tells us how…

Faith is a beautiful thing. It makes things possible, especially when the faith is in the self, one achieves great heights of success. Mr.Sanjay Kalirona, despite  coming from a background that is nowhere related to business dynamics, walked up to be the CEO of Gizmore and Tyoon. 

His Journey with FIIB:

“It was wonderful to be a part of FIIB and it continues to be so. I have every reason to be grateful to the institution for making me who I am today. They say no matter how tall a tree is if the roots are not grounded enough any low-velocity storm can wipe it off the soil. I have a success story and this was possible only because FIIB stood by me throughout those two years and helped me to stand strong after every turmoil that I had regarding studies, myself, or during choosing a career.”

Well, Mr. Sanjay expressed that because he was a hardcore science student, he was not really aware of management until he decided to take admission in FIIB. He says “I knew a lot about science and was almost sure to have a career in it, but something in me pushed me to take up management at FIIB. There I learnt the ABCs of business and here I am in a reputed position, still carrying the lessons that I learnt in FIIB to maintain my professionalism better than my competitors. I am not only a better human today  but also I have the ability to face any trouble or unfavourable situation way better than earlier.” 

Mr. Sanjay has seen his father taking active participation in bringing out the best results of his hard work both on a metaphorical and on a tangible note. He says “My father is a farmer and has no direct connection with the cutthroat world of business. When I see myself today, I witness a successful businessman who was expected to walk the same path as his father did only because people did not expect me to have a strong mindset and business acumen. But a farmer’s son can be a successful businessman too and how”.

Early Corporate Life 

Talking a bit about his career, he says that “It was 1999 when I had joined Intex as a Sales Executive. It was very challenging and exciting to travel and to meet new people, to discover different mindsets and to pull them in my favor to invest in Intex. Time passed and I learnt the importance of different techniques and approaches of selling a product. Today, I am the CEO at Gizmore and Tyoon and with god’s grace, I am doing good.”

He is graceful and handles challenges in an upright way “Well, there will be tough times in life and they will make you doubt your worth. Let these thoughts slide away as the mind always plays tricks with you during tough times. Just make sure you are honest even during your lowest phase and listen to others carefully before making a decision. Build relations and once you are a team lead, take every responsibility for your teammates well. Remember that we are one and this is the greatest lesson in life. Next is that one must take risks to grow. Simple as that. I wish everyone a bright future ahead. Never stop learning and always be grateful for what you have.”
This was Mr.Kalirona for you, motivating you in the best ways possible while making you aware of the basics that will take your career to the next level. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in


Strategies for Entering New Markets: Lessons from Xiaomi’s Entry in India

In today’s world of interconnectedness and globalization, companies are competing with each other to enter into new markets. Foreign companies clamouring to enter new markets is not a new phenomenon. However, this new wave of globalization which started in the late 20th Century is different as it is ruled by technology-driven products like mobiles and computers. Asia and Africa have emerged as hotspots with Europe saturated. India being one of the biggest consumers of lifestyle and tech products in Asia, it seems lucrative to enter and build market share here. A Case Study by Kumar, Ayedee & Gupta (2020) highlights the entry of Xiaomi, a leading Chinese mobile company, into Indian market. While it definitely has insights for businesses on how to enter and sustain a business in India, it also has deeper lessons for Indian entrepreneurs who are vying to penetrate and tap new markets.

1.       Understand the culture of the market

Understanding the cultural underpinnings of the potential market is very important. A cultural understanding reveals the purchasing behaviour of the market. Indian market is a youth-oriented market with a massive population in the 24-35-year bracket. This age group has a sizable chunk of income at its disposal. Cell phone makers are eyeing this segment to sell their products. Similarly, evaluate the culture and demographics of the market you want to enter, perform market research and analysis on the factors that play a vital role in purchase decisions and offer a product that fits the requirements

2.       Unique Service-Based Business Model

Following a triathlon model, Xiaomi has been able to offer an ‘integration between software, internet services and hardware’. The company depends on its software services and content such as apps. Despite not having any physical stores, Xiaomi is the number one mobile seller especially in its category of budget smartphone targeted towards the upwardly mobile middle class. Their unique service-based model has forced many mobile companies to change their business model and adapt a similar business model as that of Xiaomi. It’s all about finding the sweet spot of technical and business feasibility

3.       Unconventional Marketing Strategy

Xiaomi adopted a ‘divergent marketing strategy’ which was a redux of the old word of the mouth. But this time around they used social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With influencers taking the world and their ‘followers’ by the storm this strategy has paid off well to the company which has seen high volume of sales in a short span of time. Also, the team worked hard on an approach of honest advertising, promising and delivering exactly what was said – a smartphone with high tech features in a budget range that’s affordable to most.

Getting the 4 Ps of Marketing right:

Xiaomi got the product, price, promotion, and place right. These are the basics to nail marketing of products. The company was a  trendsetter in the budget phone segment and forced global companies to think harder and faster to capture the attention of a rapidly growing and upwardly mobile section of the population. True to its meaning (In Chinese Xiaomi means millet) the phone has become a household name in the middle class segment especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Their unique success story should be a lesson for companies especially in the developing economies.

About the Research

Anuj Kumar, Nishu Ayedee & Nimit Gupta (2020). Xiaomi’s Journey in India: A Roller Coaster Ride. International Journal of Management (IJM), 11(3).


A Trainer’s Perspective on Lockdown: Neither Your Student Experience Nor Your Career Development is on hold!

Colleges are not closed, only college buildings are locked. Teachers are not resting at home, they’re working harder and smarter from home. Even, students are not on Netflix chilling and killing their time, instead they are exploring different ways to upgrade their skills while interning remotely

As much as it is true that the pandemic outbreak has disrupted traditional teaching, it’s impact on students’ career preparedness is also not hidden from anyone. Since the broadcast of the pandemic news, many organizations have decided to maintain the social distance not just otherwise but also from the new hires. Also a good proportion of the recruiters who expect to hire are indicating a clear preference for onboarding only those graduates who are well-versed with the remote work culture and are handy with the future technology. 

In such a scenario it has indeed become a challenge to predict the long-term impact of the pandemic on students’ long-term career plans and ensure that they get all the required supplements to strengthen their career potential. 

However, FIIB has always strived to prepare leaders-managers of tomorrow who are not just job-ready but are career-ready. So, even during these remote operations and self-isolated times, it is inculcating in its student’s minds the need to combine their ‘Never Stop Learning’ attitude with the development of their personality in all its dimensions to stay long-term career success ready. And in doing so, FIIB’s Learning & Development Department has come up with a new concept to showcase its student’s employability skills, personality traits, and willingness to take up the challenges of the world of work. 

Right after providing virtual internships to the entire 25th Batch FIIB Racers, we shifted our focus to create a meaningful contingency plan to effectively represent and showcase our students’ skill sets and career goals while also giving a glimpse of their personality, business acumen and enthusiasm to enter the corporate world. After lots of brainstorming and exchanging of ideas over zoom calls, we came up with “FIIB E-Portfolios” which will feature all the 180 students in a unique audio-visual self-presentation format. We feel that our recruiters will find this format to be more efficient and meaningful in finding the right talent from FIIB.” –Ms. Tarunpreet Kaur, Trainer & Manager-Learning & Development Cell, FIIB.

4 Trainers and 180 Students

Honestly, the whole process of creating E-portfolios wasn’t as easy as it seemed at the idea stage. But knowing that we’ve got only a few weeks to train students in a way that brings them closer to their dream career and fulfill our promise of making them long-term career success ready, we buckled ourselves up and started with a work plan. Initially, we divided the whole process in two parts: 1) Curating scripts that defined the skills, strengths, and past experiences of students well, and 2) Shooting videos where they showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume

Enthusiasm and can-do attitude

What actually helped turn an action plan discussed over zoom calls into an opportunity to create a meaningful difference in our student preparedness for  future success is the “we’re all ready!” spirit of our 25th Batch Racers. From discussing their experiences and learnings with trainers to getting feedback on their recorded videos, students have worked very hard and passionately amid all the challenges of remote working and creating self-made videos, to ensure that their career development is not something that this pandemic can put on hold. 


Managing the “Uncertain Times Of The Pandemic” With An Attitude Of “Certainty of Learning”

The fact that it is literally impractical to imagine a life without uncertainties has probably never been more true than today. And that’s why we as a community need to save ourselves from falling into the trap of thinking only about the worst-case scenarios that tomorrow may bring and start employing ‘learning’ as a tool to stay on track and live with the unpredictable future.” – Dr. Anil K. Sinha, Director – FIIB

There’s no second guessing the fact that the sudden pandemic outbreak has heightened the uncertainties around every aspect of our livelihood – from economy to employment – and created unprecedented challenges in every direction of our life. But, irrespective of how challenging the times are and how uncertain the future may seem, our collaborative approach towards focusing on the things that are still in our control and working for solutions with clarity is the only driving force to stay relevant. 

The Power of Knowledge

As the famous proverb “Knowledge is power” states that a person with knowledge can outwit any uncertain situation and cope up with any challenge that life throws at him or her. So amid these uncertain times, FIIBians have literally lived by this phrase and willingly integrated the essence of learning into their respective career goals. 

Watch this video to get a glimpse of how the FIIB community stood strong in the face of COVID-19 challenge and showcased a “Won’t stop then, Can’t stop now” attitude to create a learning attitude that further sprouted win-win career opportunities for all its stakeholder groups. 

But knowledge isn’t a power until it is applied!

As builders of the nation’s young leader-managers, the broader responsibility of keeping the learning curve of the youth growing falls on the shoulders of educators. While we all know that teachers are the treasure trove of knowledge, this pandemic outbreak has significantly challenged the way educators provide knowledge to their students, leaving them with no option but to upgrade their technical competencies. 

For the past two months, the faculty at FIIB have been on their toes, exercising different ways to substitute traditional pedagogical methods with innovative virtual pedagogies that safely and effectively allow them to perform their core responsibility. Here we share views of some of the FIIB Faculty on how the forced change has affected them and what different strategies they’ve used to accommodate to the pandemic situation and continue to perform their duties:

On changes in routine to accommodate with the outbreak:

In a jiffy, the entire world moved from real to virtual, teaching shifted from a real room to Zoom. Exploring virtual classrooms, organizing webinars, taking online courses, recording teaching videos, sessions on virtual platforms has been a learning process for me to ensure limitless learning for my students.” – Dr. Ekta Singhal, Assistant Professor (Marketing & Entrepreneurship) – FIIB

As rightly said by Zig Ziglar “You don’t  have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” “With the emergence of Covid-19, technology has become the greatest friend and the most useful product for the people globally. Work from Home and Learn at Home are the new ways of life,” she further added.

On utilizing time to provide trending lessons to students:

I have not made many changes in my regular schedule to accommodate the pandemic change. I have always kept myself updated by listening to financial TV news on the phone while driving to the office. It keeps me going through the whole day. Now, during lockdown, even if I am not driving down to the office; I still put in that 1 hour to update myself on the financial markets, changes made by various companies, updates on other important business news. I have always carried these examples in my classroom teaching and would continue to do so, even if the classes are conducted on online mode.” Dr Shegorika LalchandaniAssistant Professor (Finance and Accounting) – FIIB

On staying steady despite the sudden change: 

The lockdown hasn’t made much of a change in my regular routine because as a part-time faculty and part-time consultant I have been working from home already for many years now. Though it did add some hours to my work from home schedule but that kind of gets compensated by the time saved on commuting to the institute or client’s office. And as you may all know that’s quite a significant amount of time in Delhi’s traffic. With adequate technology support being available these days to conduct classes, meeting, emailing and texting online, my ability to deliver the work, or ensuring the quality of work, hasn’t got affected much as well.” – Sanjay Tiwari, Adjunct Faculty & Brand Consultant – FIIB

Prof. Tiwari also shed light on the fact that considering all the unwrapped possibilities that this lockdown has thrown up our way, there is a definite felt need for upgrading further on technology gadgets and skills to catch up and adapt to the more intense work from home requirements. 

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