The Place I Always Call Home -‘Recharging’ at FIIB

What brought you to FIIB and how does it feel coming back?

“I have come to Delhi from Hyderabad for a meeting, on my way from the airport, I realized my laptop ran out of battery, I couldn’t think of any other place than FIIB and I came here to recharge my laptop and eventually myself. Now that I’ve come here, I realized what I’ve been missing all along – the familiarity of these walls, the still silence of FIIB library where we spent so many hours preparing for our exams, and the sense of belongingness that has gone missing in the corporate race. Some of my favorite memories of FIIB  include Prof. Santosh Sood, Marketing Professor who helped me and guided me, also the college visit to China with all the Classmates in the year 2012. The campus has changed quite a bit but the essence still feels the same. FIIB was always well known for being market relevant, and analytics woven curriculum is what FIIB being spoken about in the industry now.”

What were your expectations from the career path you’ve chosen, did they differ from reality?

“As a student, I always had an interest in aviation and aerospace, I also had a knack for management – I have always wondered whether I’ll find a job that will help me pursue my passion as well as fits my skills, and if I would, would I enjoy it? Having an FIIB MBA helps, what I’ve learnt in my classroom about logistics coincided with what was expected in the real world. FIIB and it’s alumni network helped me a great deal in getting my first job. That’s why stepping into my career, I knew the world had great plans for me – Throughout my career, I have worked with various companies in aviation logistics, and I have been travelling for my job since the last 3 years, what more could I have asked for?“

“Having an FIIB MBA helps, what I’ve learnt in my classroom about logistics coincided with what was expected in the real world. ”

How are you managing your personal and professional life?

“I work in Hyderabad, my family stays in Bangalore, and my jobs have been taking me all around India and the world. Sometimes, it becomes difficult juggling personal and professional lives, but that’s also what makes me good at prioritization and time management. When there’s work calling, I answer, but after hectic travels, I take a break to spend time with family too. Between loving people who make me what I am and what I do, life’s been a wonderful ‘journey’ so far!”

“FIIB has strong recruiter connections and can introduce you to your dream career, all you need to do is be sincere about your career and leverage the network you are a part of”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“Be  open to the location and companies you can work for. Update yourself on the current affairs and the industry news you want to work. Work on your LinkedIn Connections for your future.Connect and network with the industry speakers that come to visit. Make use of the alumni network you have. Lastly, pay attention to out of class activities, they develop you as an individual. FIIB has strong recruiter connections and can introduce you to your dream career, all you need to do is be sincere about your career and leverage the network you are a part of. Success will follow you. Good luck for your future!”


Readers Become Leaders – Why You Should Develop A Reading Habit

No two leaders are alike nor their leadership styles. When you look through their traits, you will find few common traits, the biggest of them all – They read, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, business, or hobby reading. Statistics say that C-level executives of most Fortune 500 companies read an average of 4-5 books a month. In addition to catching up with what’s going on their business verticals, they read a varied range of topics, which make them better leaders. So, reading is your first step to leading

With employers building interpreneurial culture, they are keen to find management graduates who are analytical, up to date with the corporate know-how, and think out of the box. Reading need not be old-fashioned, you can read on your kindle devices or smartphones. Whichever works for you, make sure to read. In case you still have doubts on developing a reading habit, these 5 reasons will convince you.

Reading makes you analytical:

Reading is a great way you can get accurate information on the topics you are passionate about. Reading develops clarity of thought and streamlines the way you approach problems. Reading also polishes your analytical skills and enhances your problem-solving skills. Analyzing a lot of information in short periods of time is a must for leaders.

Reading gives you new perspectives

Reading broadens your perspective and helps you look at problems from new angles. Reading makes you better at reasoning,exposes you to multiple varied cultures, thereby making your thinking much more diverse. You’ll have better insights for leading cross cultural projects and teams. 

Reading improves your communication skills

When you read, especially widely and in depth, you become proficient in language, your vocabulary becomes better, you communicate clearly and concisely. Knowing more words makes you more empathetic, better at persuasion, and brings more precision in communication – all the traits that will make you a good leader. 

Reading makes you imaginative:

A good leader needs to be creative to explore new avenues of business opportunities. Opening a book takes you on a journey while imagining scenarios in your head, kind of makes it your second nature, when you’re working on groundbreaking projects. Read a book, and get creative. 

Reading is therapeutic and you will manage your stress well:

Reading is a stress busting hobby to many. Often people escape the daily grind and relax with a book and a cup of coffee or tea. Reading itself is therapeutic, it calms you down, lets you relax, and transports you to new dimensions. A study by The Telegraph compared various activities like walking, listening to music, and drinking a cup of tea to reading on their respective impacts on stress levels and found that reading works the best. 

Reading at FIIB

FIIB has a library with a vast collection of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, e-books, and other online resources to encourage young managers to read. Apart from the academic books, there is a huge variety in fiction and non-fiction too. Literary fests and exhibitions are regularly organized to introduce the joy of reading. So, have you found your literary match yet? If not, it’s time to head to a bookstore or a library to meet one!


Fundraising For Better Tomorrow: My MBA Social Internship in Healthcare Sector

Akshyesh Arya, 2020 Student of MBA- Marketing, FIIB

“Akshyesh was always active, regular, took interest in meeting the requirements of the project, and many times far exceeded the expectations laid out. He offered ideas that seemed interesting and useful, and proof of the pudding was that he executed these ideas, bringing gains to Amrit, in the long run.”

Dr. Suneeta Sethi, Founder, Amrit Foundation of India

Looking for a promising career ahead in the marketing sector, Akshyesh Arya enrolled in FIIB to complete his masters. Since his childhood, he is counted amongst those students who “see communication as my strength that undoubtedly encouraged me to present myself at places where most of my fellow mates weren’t able to.” Though, Akshyesh has already taken some of the must-have skills along with him, yet “I always find new reasons to enhance my skills at this place.”

My Social Internship Search 

Knowing that “I’m someone who is well-versed with people and their tone, I wanted to work for a foundation where my communication skills make the difference.” While searching for a perfect fit to complete his Social Internship Program, Akshyesh because of his straightforwardness got plenty of choices but none of those was actually fulfilling his quest. While most of his batchmates were happily accepting projects they’re getting selected for, “I was not convinced with the options I had and further planned to wait a bit more”. Luckily, he found one particular email interesting and immediately went to Placement Cell to know more about the internship opportunity. 

The Complete Skill Circle 

When Akshyesh got to know that his application at Amrit Foundation has been accepted, “it was one of the best days of my MBA life as I got selected in an organization where my skills were of perfect use.” According to Akshyesh, the work that has been assigned to each intern was different and yet was somehow linked. So, “we all work together and brainstorm a lot of strategies to link the NGO with its potential employers.” While most of his fellow intern-mates struggled with appointment dates, Akshyesh on the other hand, smartly liaised with as many experts as he could to raise the funds and sponsorships of all the on-going programs at the Amrit Foundation. Every time when someone came up with some new idea or strategy, “I practised not to deviate myself from the scheduled path,” he says. Be it’s his personal network or the names mentioned by the corporate mentor, “I simply reach out to all the experts in my list and many times exceeded the expectations laid out to me.

The Stage of Achievement

I still remember the time when my corporate mentor praised me to go the extra mile every day and came up with interesting ideas that complete the sponsorship requirements of the foundation.” After putting so many thoughts, strategies and skills, Akshyesh have proven himself to be one of those interns who have raised sponsorships to the tune of Rs. 20,000 and linked up Amrit with 7 to 8 potential employers. The only moment that “I couldn’t forget about the Social Internship is when I got to know that I’ve raised Rs. 20,000 within the time span of 14 days.” No experience has ever confirmed the blind faith I’ve on my skills prior to this one, and “that’s why I’m glad to have this Social Internship Program in my MBA.” 


Join the blurry dots of Next Gen Supply Chain – 5 insights that will take your organization forward

From expecting deliveries at least a week after the order has been placed, to being entitled to 1 hour deliveries, I think we all agree supply chain and logistics have evolved at lightning speed. Since supply chain management is the backbone of all organizational processes, there’s a burning need for companies of today to integrate their physical operations with disruptive technology to build ‘Next Gen Supply Chain’ for sustainable commercial success. 

To make it easy for you, we have compiled five major takeaways from the recently-held Opex Conclave held at FIIB:

  • Focus on Real-time analytics

Today’s supply chain spans across continents, as the reach widens, end to end visibility into processes is a must for supply chain management. Many organizations have adapted analytics dashboards and business intelligence solutions for better efficiency. By comparison, descriptive analytics tell you ‘after the fact’ insights, while real time analytics will help you fix problems and make decisions in real time. Further, it’s also not just about analysing data, the organizations should train their managers to understand these real time analytics and use them to make better decisions in terms of procurement, logistics, operations, and distribution.

  • Don’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy for distribution channels

Among the relatively less-discussed aspects of supply chain management is also the significance of distribution channels. While the important role of distribution channels in all businesses cannot be denied, most businesses are known to adopt a rather inconsistent and ad hoc approach towards their management. This short-sightedness can be particularly harmful to B2B companies, like those involved in selling technological solutions, where a major portion of the job begins, not ends, after selling, In B2B companies, the efficiency of the distribution channels comprises not only aspects like reach, stocking and finances, but also others like site surveys, providing solutions and demonstrating how they work, etc. You can also leverage channel partners through training them to create value addition in pre-sales and post-sales. Further, Information relating to existing products, trends, customer-feedback, strategy on sales and methods, is available from distributor channel partners. They can even provide crucial information with which you either make or break a sale.

  • Master the basics of Master Data Management

Master Data Management can be understood to include electronic data interchange (EDI) for the flow of the documentation (purchase orders, delivery challans, invoicing from suppliers), the global data synchronization network (GDSN), which provides a data pool to ensure that the product and the information pertaining to it are well available in the market, and the standard operating processes (SOP), which would include areas like item creation, item maintenance, cross referencing, pricing, promotion, etc.

GSDN helps improve consumer experience and sales. Big retail chains like Wal-Mart have separate teams to undertake MDM for each of their sections. Similarly, SOPs are required for each and every level of the movement of goods, and for this, various departments of a business need to be aligned.

  • Focus on procurement, warehousing, and advanced inventory planning

While procurement as an aspect of supply chain management is well known, what gets challenging is achieving a high degree of efficiency in the domain. Most companies are still using MS Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint for warehousing and inventory planning. The organizations need to upgrade to much smarter ways of handling situations where the movement of personnel, goods, machines, etc could be measured in seconds in a warehouse. That will also require well-trained people with flexibility and passion. They need to be honed in specific traits and technology to make the process more efficient.  Using predictive analytics and demand forecasting, advanced planning of inventory needs to be done at organizations where distribution time plays a key role in the business

  • Build effective safety, security, and communication

Very critical to the proper functioning of supply chain and distribution channels is safety (fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, sprinklers), security, and communication. This also makes other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) crucial to the domain, and together they often determine whether or not a particular sales deal will materialise or whether there will be loss of future sales.

Modern day communication devices also serve wide purposes, for example, the CCTV camera cannot just be used to record, but with the help of artificial intelligence, it can also be used to issue alerts in real time, thereby providing a definite edge to the product being offered. But these are expensive and require proper maintenance and protection. Similarly, public address systems can also be used to monitor and correct the goings on, removing confusion, directing personnel, etc.


Towards Rural Employment: My MBA Social Internship in Handicraft Sector

Chetna Mahajan, 2020 student of MBA-Marketing, FIIB

“Our experience with Student-interns from FIIB over years is exemplary. The interns display a systematic, pro-active and innovative approach to problem identification and solving.”
Satya Prakash, Project Director, IndhaCraft Literacy India

The whole idea of getting enrolled in a reputed B-School like FIIB to complete my masters evolved through this one word: Employment. “I mean that’s what we were taught throughout our adolescence which is true as well.” The first two months time-span here at FIIB “introduced me with a new term ‘experiential learning’ that undoubtedly changed my mindset and opened new doors of opportunities in my way to find employment.” 

Community as a Backbone

Continuing higher education to prosper one’s life targets seemed quite a possibility when “I found myself surrounded by faculty mentors who passed on new learning with every lecture, batchmates who never stepped back in helping each other even when the bond wasn’t very friendly as yet, seniors who happily extended their support from ‘you can borrow our past reports’ to ‘we can help you turn it into a good report’.” Community wasn’t more than a word with good definition until “I stepped in here where everyone carries different interest yet passionately helping each other to fulfil their life visions.” 

The Pathway of Life Target

Around the time when the 2020 batch was about to complete their 9 months at FIIB, Chetna was pretty aware of some targets she had to claim in order to achieve her longer life target. Tracking a perfect foundation to do her Social Internship Program was “the biggest target of all as I wanted to be a part of NGO that was actively working on offering employment to others in one way or another.” After thirty email notifications, fifteen application forms, and one satisfactory update, she finally fulfilled her dream of taking up her social internship at a place that did help others to earn a livelihood. 

Crafting a Livelihood

Handicrafts are not just a way to preserve India’s history and culture but practically the backbone of many artisans. “It is something that I wasn’t aware of until I got selected in Literacy India for my social internship.” Crafting beautiful artistic handicrafts is actually a way to earn a livelihood for many of the rural residents here in India but they’re unable to reach out to their potential clients due to the lack of quality marketing collaterals and advanced skill requirement of the modern era of marketing. 

As assigned by the corporate mentor, “I was responsible to conceptualize and create quality marketing collaterals and strategies that will help those artisans to display their work at exhibitions and in front of corporate clients.” This was the moment when everything seemed like a nicely weaved story to “help me reach my desired target by providing a way out to employment and happiness to set of people who are skillful but not tech-savvy.” Though the task assigned was not that simple, Chetna to up and went through every possible path to make things happen and provide the artisans with the smiles they deserved. 

“I studied the handicraft product range and did a thorough research of the products available in the market,” she says. To complete the assigned job, she not only brainstormed with her corporate mentor but also applied the lessons taught by her professors in the classroom. In her quest to design appealing marketing collaterals, she recalls “we as a team shifted our perspective from just designing to looking at things more comprehensively from the positioning, packaging, distribution, and pricing of different products,” which helped us garner the attention of many potential clients.


Unleashing The Tactics of Community Engagement Through My Corporate Internship

Kamakshi Srivastava, 2020 student of MBA-OB & HR, FIIB

“Kamakshi has been very dedicated and inquisitive. She never backed down from challenges even being a fresher/intern which I believe will help her reach the epitome of success. I really appreciate FIIB management for inducing such instincts in the students.

Ms. Manpreet Jangra, HR Lead (Talent Acquisition and Celebrity Brand Management), BFG’s Digitally Next, New Delh

Certified in Employee Engagement by LinkedIn Learning, Kamakshi Srivastava, 2020 student of MBA-HR, always finds herself fascinated towards the role of people management in organizations; how inclusive culture sustains a diverse and engaged workforce to drive maximum growth. In her quest to manage a community to fulfil similar fascination of hers one day, she decided to “continue her studies” and took admission at FIIB. 

Home to desires

Kamakshi shares a deep bond with people around her and always stays keen to learn the kind of activities going on around her. Recalling her decision to enrol at FIIB, she says, “At the start, I wasn’t pretty much convinced with the decision I took but the pool of volunteering opportunities I got here proved to be the real game-changer.” According to her, the type of guidance she received from her faculty mentors were worth the desires she carried. Step-by-step in the volunteering actions, “I got a new identity that perfectly complemented the kind of attitude an HR intern should take with herself into a corporate internship.”

The Internship Search

Unlike other students of my batch, “I never thought about some dream organization for my corporate internship, instead I did think about lots of learnings that my internship must fulfil.” It was a time when half of my batchmates were already talking about the organization they’ve got selected in. And, “I was just thinking whether the organization offering me corporate internship will fulfil my long-list of learning or not.” Fortunately, a notification hit my inbox declaring “I got selected in BFG’s Digitally Next where I will be strategizing mostly on accelerating the pace of better and smooth functioning of the organization.

The Real Management Juggle

On the very first day, Kamakshi’s corporate mentor briefed her about the company’s background and operations and instantly asked her to join all the groups (related to job postings) on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Following the responsibilities she was assigned to, “I was asked to prepare the job postings for certain job positions on the consecutive days.” Right from doing quick research on the evolution of social media campaigns to developing content for their social media campaigns – “I helped the organization to discover the perspective of a third person and undertook all the HR related activities to bring in a fresh pool of ideas.

Research and curation were not only the two big tasks “I’ve done during my internship time,” she says. “The start of the second internship month brought in even more surprising learnings for me as “I was assigned with a professional email Id to undertake all the office-level communications.” According to her corporate mentor, she was working on three very important HR areas and thus, “I was responsible for developing an entire recruitment plan for the organization.

The Internship Takeaways
The road to learning has never been as easy for anyone as it was for Kamakshi. “I would’ve not been able to extend my list of learning if it was not about the trust and responsibilities I was accorded in the first place.” She takes pride in saying that her mentor assigned her with the important marketing-oriented work of maintaining and updating the online reputation management of two of their clients. Other than this, “I was made the admin of all the official Facebook groups and pages run by the organisation,” which shows in itself the kind of asset she had become for the organization during her internship.


Balancing the See-Saw of Sales And Marketing To Accelerate Growth Through My Corporate Internship

Akchhat Agarwal, 2020 student of MBA-Marketing, FIIB

“Akkchat is result-oriented and is a good communicator. He was great at doing the tasks which my other trained subordinates do. Compared to interns from other institutes, I had the best experience with FIIB and I feel happy about the inputs they give the students.”

Mr. Ashutosh Garg, Assistant Manager, Amul India

One conversation with Akchhat Agarwal and you will know his Sales acumen. He came to FIIB to fulfil his predetermined goal to make a career in Sales & Marketing. Connecting his childhood dreams with adulthood commitments, he says “I am a good negotiator, I like meeting new people, I also knew that one could achieve greater heights with ground-level experience and that’s why I wanted to choose a profile where I could gain good experience in B2B Sales.” 

The Desired Internship Lane

Going into the MBA program at FIIB, “I was familiar that this is my moment to solve the puzzle of B2B sales domain and unleash how the whole Business-out and Marketing-in approaches work in the real corporate world.” While the first nine months of the MBA program offered some great learnings, the time to dive deep into the ocean of experiential learning “knocked at my door the day I got an email from Placement Cell about an internship opportunity at AMUL India.” 

At that particular moment, he says, “I patted myself on my back for the decision I took for my dreams. I filled the internship form as soon as I received the notification and prepared well for my GD and Interview Round.” Akchhat always wanted to travel the path of his dreams, irrespective of the challenges he might face in between, and it was his curiosity to learn every inch of the B2B sales domain that helped him grab the desired corporate internship opportunity. 

The Internship Experience

You must count your days whether you’re spending them to get closer to your childhood dreams. Although, it was “quite hard for me to believe that my application got selected by GCMMF Ltd. (commonly known as Amul),” but now is the moment to take hold of time and make every day worth reliving my dream. “On the first day, we had a briefing session and from the next day onwards we were asked to visit the given market area with the assigned salesperson.” Where the first 15 days went well in learning the basics like Amul products, existing stores, distributing channels etc., the sixteenth day proved to be a real treasure trove for his corporate internship.

On the sixteenth day of his internship, he got to know that the salesperson with whom he was working on the field left the company, and that was the time when “I knew that the real learning of my corporate internship has taken a bigger leap from that instant because I was responsible for bringing all the order from the market and a small mistake would lead me in danger.” The remaining two-and-half months went mostly in “liaising with new and existing retailers, convincing them to start or enhance their intake from the company, and fetching new orders to fill more pages of my diary.” 

The Final & Most-Important Count

After the three months, it was time to say goodbye to the corporate internship and collect the appreciation notes. Before collecting the same, “I wanted to have a quick recap on my work so I looked into my diary and felt good to see the long-list of retailer names turned into potential customers for Amul.” His hard work at Amul finally reaped out the desired fruits for Akchhat when the General Manager of Amul wrote a note of appreciation on official Amul WhatsApp group saying that “Akchhat Agarwal is doing an excellent job in the field!” 

When Akchhat’s corporate mentor, who works as an Assistant Manager at Amul, compared his progress with the previous year’s data he too was impressed. “I was shocked to see the expansion and also came to know that I added the maximum retailers among all the interns,” said Akcchhat, proving that there’s no substitute for persistence.


Beyond The School Gates: Educating The Underprivileged Through My Social Internship

Sonam Shakya, 2020 student of MBA-Finance, FIIB

“We are delighted to share that in our three years of association with FIIB, Friends and Smile has and continues to benefit from the maturity, diligence, and commitment displayed by FIIB Student-interns and their Faculty Mentors.”
Dr. Mukta Baxi, Director, Surgical Endocrinologist and Surgical Oncologist, Friends and Smile

Entering an MBA college was not something that “I planned since the beginning, the inspiration actually came from my Mother’s belief that Education makes people skilled and equips them to engage in meaningful professions and thus contribute to their own and society’s socio-economic well-being.” Pursuing masters felt like the right track that will “engage me in a meaningful profession” and as the social internship opportunity came along during the course, “it undoubtedly gave a proven voice to my mother beliefs.”

Education as an enabler

I was brought up in a family where educating girls seems no different than educating boys,” she says. There are no social stereotypes attached to it, yet “sometimes it is hard for me to understand why my mother is so concerned about my higher education.” Maybe it’s because of the fact that India is still a country where not only girls but boys too aren’t often really blessed with the basic right of education. 

Though Sonam was aware of this situation even back then, but not entirely concerned about the challenges associated with it. “I never related to Education as an enabler to a good life until I got selected in Friends n Smile Foundation for my Social Internship.”

Facing the reality

I was just a girl with her own dreams until this social internship thing happened to me.” The first day at Friends n Smile Foundation was none less than facing the reality as one presentation taught her “education is a powerful tool which empowers communities to turn around their lives.” The main motto of the foundation in which Sonam was interning is to emphasize the basic education and skill development among underprivileged. According to Sonam, educating someone for their own good isn’t as easy as it seems; to teach individuals and along with it to create awareness among the societies and schools for fundraising goes beyond just a challenge. It is much bigger, it is something like.. facing the reality of mindsets, system and everything else.  

Importance of spreading awareness 

Listening to her mother at home and interning at the foundation taught two things to Sonam: first, education can really change people’s lives and second, spreading awareness that actually works is not that easy. Every time when the foundation asked the interns to arrange a camp for spreading the awareness, “I could feel that the real challenge is here and it’s time to bleed & sweat for the society’s well-being.” 

Although the list of challenges were as usual bigger than the chances of hope, her mentor counted on her among those set of individuals who are hard to knockdown, the chances of hope exceeded with some kinder deeds. As Sonam conveys that “I came up with an idea to strengthen the faculties working there first,” and with the in-house training on basics of computers, faculties stopped doing the student records manually. “As interns, this was the real change we made, that not only secured foundation members but also encouraged them to bring the change from within first.” 

The Internship Takeaway

Education is not limited to school or college; it is beyond that, it is in the tiny things that we do every day. It is a real enabler of better lives and strong voice. It was hard to connect “what I learned from my faculties at college to what I could teach to those underprivileged students.” But, here comes the second internship takeaway – try to build interest of people in things you want them to participate in. Spreading awareness is all about building interest and not just about getting your job done. 


The Road to Sustainable Career Comes with Twists and Turns

Why did you choose a career in International Business? Describe your journey.

“The world was changing rapidly, International Business was on a rocket pace, and India was the centre of this boom. The best of the opportunities in business were within our reach with a knack in Logistics and IB, I was a starry eyed kid who wanted to build a career that sustains long, I had chosen IB and now I had to choose the right place that could teach me – FIIB was one of the few institutes that focussed on IB and had a niche in training young managers in the trends surfacing.  It was my first choice and BOOM – my hunger for logistics meets the people who are well versed with the job trends in IB. My interest deepened after meeting my then, WTO Professor Panda who opened our eyes and mind to the real world. I did my summer internship at Transport Corporation of India (TCI) – which is when I got really fascinated with cargo industry.”

What were your expectations from your career, did they differ from reality?

“After my internship, I got placed in TCI in international division, my work took me to different cities in India like Mumbai and Pune and countries like France and Spain – I worked with 13 companies like New Globe Logistiks, Delphy, Michelin Tires, Asia Motor Works, Tata Motors, Eicher in my 13 years of career. I’ve handled responsibilities in logistics, supply chain, procuring, and international business.  There were rough turns, there were smooth slopes – but it was exciting. As I started with ground work right from assembly lines, I learned the ins and outs of operational processes which later helped me to grow and handle a team of 7 people. There was not even a moment to catch up, so immense was the learning. There were times when I stayed late at work, when it was difficult to adjust to the pace and amount of work, and work-life balance only came after practice. Did my expectations differ from reality? Yes, but did they turn out much better – Yes to that too!“

“…if the alma mater does well, it benefits alumni too as the B-School has a positive effect on our career paths”

What fond memories did your visit to FIIB awaken?

“After graduating from FIIB, life’s been a whirlwind, I am now taking a break from my career to think things through and make a career move that’s going to take me to Hongkong. Although, I’ve been connected virtually with people at FIIB, this visit took me back to the times I passed these walls as a student. I remember our silly fights in class, those eye opening lectures, the study sprints just before exams, and the pride of  wearing graduation caps. There’s so much that has changed. FIIB as a B-School has evolved much bigger and I see people who recognise my almamater when I talk about it. FIIB has always been an institute that is ahead of the market trends, that has remained constant. I think if the alma mater does well, it benefits alumni too as the B-School has a positive effect on our career paths. I have been inactive on my alumni groups for a while, this trip made me ping my friends and ask for a reunion at FIIB!”

“FIIB is the launch pad, and it’s up to you to rocket out to the world of work. You’ll love every moment of it!”

What advice would you offer to students who take #NoHypeMBA at FIIB?

“You will need the know-how and skills of your domain to make it big in the corporate world – An MBA at FIIB will help you with that. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to the world and quickly adapt to what’s new in the industry. Get smarter with learning, leverage tech wherever you can and that corporate internship you’d spend your entire summer on – make the most of it. Remember, FIIB is the launch pad, and it’s up to you to rocket out to the world of work. You’ll love every moment of it!”


Stepping into the World of Analytics Through My Corporate Internship

Divya Krishnan, 2020 student, MBA-Operations & Analytics, FIIB

“Divya reported directly to me and was trustworthy enough to place her on-site at my client (Sterlite Power) for an active assignment where she got excellent feedback from my client too. She learns like a sponge, achieved stretch targets, and helped us create an incredible wireframe for upcoming software we are building.”
Mr. Havish Madhvapaty, Founder, Havish M Consultancy

In June 2018, Divya Krishnan enrolled at FIIB to pursue an MBA specializing in Operations & Analytics. In her words, her most awaited phase of the two-years-long MBA program was “the three months of experiencing the corporate culture, to catch a glimpse of my aspirational role and understand how the industry operates in the real world”.

The Internship Search 

My internship search was mostly about targeting those opportunities that would serve my purpose well – a position in an analytics firm with exposure to how the field was changing and what I would be expected to do in such a workplace. A lot of companies came, students appeared for interviews, selections happened, and I had still not even applied to any company. And then came a notification from CMC cell about a company from my choice set- Decode Research and Analytics, and I was determined to grab this opportunity but I wasn’t able to close it. 

At the time, I was questioning myself whether the decision I took to wait further would get me into a firm that deals primarily in analytics or not.  But my perseverance paid off and three months later I was interning at a two-month-old start-up Havish M Consulting which worked on exactly what I was seeking to explore and learn. Although the company wasn’t so well established in the market, for me it was definitely my gateway to the analytics world. The company works across three wings – Analytics, Business Intelligence and Automation Solutions and had a very strong client base with three of the Big Fours, Cvent and Sterlite Power to name a few.

The Icing on the Cake

During my internship work at the company, I came to know that the founder of Havish M Consulting, Mr. Havish Madhvapaty is also holding the position of Director at Decode Research and Analytics. At this particular instant, I felt like life had taken a full circle for me.  The days of self-doubt were behind me now!

The Internship Experience

Interning at a start-up has its own benefits – for me, the absence of complex organizational structures was the real shot that allowed me to learn steadily. Originally, my job was to assist the company in the end-to-end implementation of automation projects for the clients, but like any role at growing startups, it quickly expanded to working directly on projects that were of high importance. 

One of the primary projects that significantly contributed to my practical knowledge was the creation of an automated Talent Tracker which involved starting from the very basics, i.e need assessment, but then going right up to the roll-out phase. This Talent Tracker would enable companies to remove redundancies and further democratize decision making through interactive dashboards created on Microsoft Power BI.

My Internship Takeaway

Interning at a young organization helped me dive into an array of experiential learning opportunities that have undoubtedly shaped my abilities and enhanced my response to detailed observations. Talking about the highlight of my three-months Internship journey, I got a chance to work on a one-month-long project with one of the company’s key clients- Sterlite Power. I worked there as a Project Intern in the Business Acquisition Team which was responsible to create trackers for various regions of the Green Energy Corridor (GEC) and Rajasthan SEZs, conduct in-field surveys and finally come up with a budget that enables the company to win the bid and acquire the business. 
Just as the saying goes – a journey without challenges has no meaning, I encountered several challenges in my corporate internship journey. There were days when the workload was immense and the deadlines were squeezing tight, yet I had to ensure that I stuck to the commitments and delivered fruitful results within the stipulated time.

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