Patience, Persistence and Positivity- The Three Ps That Bhuvan Believes In!

No matter how challenging the situation is, one has to make the most out of it. It might be difficult in the beginning but we cannot lose hope if we really want to grow! Let us see what Bhuvan Chaudhary has in store for us in this interview. 

His Journey with FIIB:

“Mine was the very first batch in FIIB. We were trained by the most significant personalities from the professional/industrial world. My professors were from MMTC, STC and other highly reputed places.  I remember Mr. Joseph, Mr. Ashok Lal, Mr. Gandhi – the Director, Mr. Aggarwal, and a few more personalities from my time. They were highly experienced professors who were extensively given the task to put the proper blend of academics and professional experience in front of us. There was a productive mix and match of individuals for example from the highly reputed Engineers India Limited, who contributed in our growth. Our classroom was set up in the beautiful Bijwasan campus and I have a lot of good memories of the place. Sometime later the second batch students took admissions and we, the first batch students got the opportunity to interact with them and broaden our network. During my time, FIIB was only offering International Business so we learnt that subject very thoroughly”  

Early Corporate Life 

“When one steps in the industry, the industry demands some experience. As FIIB was just established, we had to work extra hard then to make a mark in the corporate world. Each one, and all batch mates of mine had to market themselves, including me, in order to land a job during the 1990s. I started my career with Guru Gupta Udyog Limited and eventually with time and experience I grew into my present self”. 

Suggestions For The FIIB Students

“In today’s scenario, 40% of people from my industry in International Business like furniture, footwear, fashion accessories, handlooms, handicrafts, carpet and more are now jobless. The pandemic resulted in cancellation of even orders that were shipped as the buyers refused to accept them. The exporters lost huge sums of money due to this. The situation is this bad and circumstances are very unfavorable currently. My suggestion to everyone who is passing this year, be it for any domain, is to keep your spirits high, do not lose hope and do not give up.

Patience, persistence and positivity are crucial in these unbelievably tough times that might just get tougher. Feed the opportunity and not your ego. Don’t get trapped in the thinking that you are an MBA and you deserve better. Today many people in the industry are working part time at lower salary brackets. You surely deserve better and that time too will come. However, in the meanwhile, pull your socks up and get going. Be thankful for the salary that you are being offered now and be rest assured that your scenario will develop beautifully in the coming years. Grab your opportunities now!!” 

This was Mr. Bhuvan with his ideas that are worth following and spreading to the others.  If you want to share your story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in