Amid of the globalization when a common man comes out in the market he feels the heat not literally but the sheer rise in all commodities, FMCG, more specific from basic need to luxury. One might be thinking how all these could relate to politics and business scenario but actually the rise has been induced by politics and business environment.  The way Indian politics look towards the world and reflected back is how the business pattern changes. Currently Pakistan has not given the Most Favored Nation (MFN) status to India thus setback the export potential of Indian exporter.
The difference between the government fiscal policy and RBI monetary policy is further exaggerating the worsen state of depreciated rupees to U.S $. In a way Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is asking the RBI to look into the economics at macro level rather concentrating more to check the inflation one also need to see the growth of the country. In a mixed economy approach like one of our nation where the government regulation and capitalist businessman try to emerge as a bigger role model to shape the future of nation growth story there need to be balanced step from the two to lead progressively even during high time like one right now.
Even the government is thinking that the decisive time has come to mark an impact around the corner of election through the Food Security Bill which will boost their movement towards the next general election. But many traders seem to fall apart from the norms, R s Seshdari director at Tilda Riceland does not come in support for the bill. The basic question that comes in is how can government a lot rice at 2-3 rupees per/kg in current times, it was Andhra Pradesh chief minister    N T Rama Rao 25 year ago who launched grains at rupees 2 per/kg so the pricing is not relevant. What further it may also lead is selling of grains in black market and if any one stand against the bill will be termed as anti-poor and since the election is round the corner it is the best strategic move so we can see how things are interdependence in the arena of politics and business.

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  1. Tiwari says:

    i do not wish to comment on politics cause I sure it will lead to chaos on this very portal but I so know this that no sooner the ball in placed in the centre of the field no matter what the refry wish or direct the game will be played in the same manner as it used. changing the name of the game and its dimensions changes nothing. in fact the players who are planning to play it has already played MNREGA which I think is and will be disaster of the century or even worst. some thing is going to happen again no matter what ! because this is Incredible India !!!

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