My Pre Term Experience at FIIB

I was very excited to enter once again into college life before joining for PGDM at FIIB. I was filled with joy since I would be exploring a new environment, meet new friends and new faculty members and gather a new set of experiences

We were in for a surprise! Before start of the actual session, our college invited us to meet with our new batch-mates in a totally new environment. We indulged a thrilling game of ice-skating and had a group lunch, which gave us an opportunity to get introduced to each other. It was really an awesome experience. Besides, several workshops were arranged for us and attending those workshops was a good learning experience.

The orientation week or the Pre Term sessions were completely unique in nature. It was like a trailer of what we have to learn in the coming two years. This orientation week was full of surprises. I have never experienced anything like this before! A lot of activities were arranged for us, which helped us in grooming ourselves, to have a clear understanding of our goals; knowledge about the current scenario of the job market, industry behavior and much more.

During these days of Pre Term, we came to know more about the PGDM program, our college and also our faculty members. A few fantastic activities were arranged for us like Maasterchef, ice breaking sessions, group activities like theater, movies and discussions, guest lectures and industry interactions etc. In one of the sessions, we had to speak up individually in front of the entire class. This was an amazing activity to open up & it helped us in reducing our hesitations. In competitions like Masterchef, we had to work together in teams to prepare something unique and make it presentable too. As I had no cooking experience earlier, this was a mixture of learning and fun for me.

I was particularly fond of the sessions where we had many guest speakers from the industry sharing their experiences with us and it was really motivating in nature.

Then a movie session was also arranged for us. A movie named ‘Coach Carter’ was shown; following which we had to take part in discussions around it. I personally found it to be really motivating .Then as the orientation week progressed we discovered that every hour, every day, FIIB had something new for us.