Pre-Term Week

Pre- Term Week

The Last Two weeks i.e. ‘Pre-Term Weeks’ were the best weeks for me till now as far as year 2014 is concerned . The weeks were full of interesting activities, some major tips, industries interactions, outdoor activities and meeting with my new colleagues and faculty. It feels special being here at FIIB and getting involved in all the tasks and lectures . I am quite enjoying this atmosphere ,where, we are kept busy with lots of different and interesting tasks. Those tasks are the reason for me being here in front of you and writing about my small 2-week experience at FIIB i.e. Fortune Institute of International Business.
Our Pre-Term week started with an Icebreaker session , conducted by Neha Mam, focussed on aquainting us with each of our colleagues.In this activity gems were distributed and we were made to speak something about ourselves depending upon the colour of gem we got. Then came our first group task FIIB MasterChef Challenge, where we were divided into teams of four and wehad to prepare a dish using the available resources. This was followed by a movie session and discussion about the same . There was also a session where we interacted with our Super Seniors, they shared their experiences and also answered our queries. We also had a Public Speaking Session with Akshita Mam And Deepika Mam, where we were given various class activities in which we are made to speak about some random topic in a given time frame .It was a quite a Learning Session for me., I was initially totally numb when I was given the topic. My topic was “should/shouldn’t there be Uniform in college/universities ”. I know I need to overcome this weakness of mine. Then coming to my fear of coming on stage , we also had a Theatre Act Session where I and my Group Performed an act on the topic ‘Law And Justice’ given to us by our faculty. Our act was announced 2nd best .I played the role of Narrator and Supreme court Judge. I enjoyed doing the act and am looking forward to perform more such acts in future.
In the 2nd week of Pre-Term, the Sessions conducted were more focused on Case studies and some fundamentals of accounting and excel, etc. Radhika Mam giving us some basic tips about case study, followed by Portakabin case study By Prof. John Mathews, apart from case study he told us about the importance of marketing research and 4 P’s i.e.Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The Session on Digital personality by Prof. Monica Mor was focussed on making us aware of importance of managing our image on Social networking places and importance of writing blogs, etc. I personally quite enjoyed this Pre-Term week which gave us the opportunity to know our colleagues and faculty. Thank You FIIB.