Pre-Term Week (Batch 2014-2016)

On June 7th 2014, our Pre Term Week started with great excitement and my mind was filled with curiosity about what was lying ahead. I’d never thought that the first day of my post-graduation would be so interesting and it was really one wonderful way to start off. The Pre Term Week really helped me understand some basic concepts of MBA, get connected with my future classmates & a whole lot about industries, we even had an interaction with the alumni. These interactions helped me to contemplate how the two years of my post-graduation was going to be like.
Multiple sessions organized during the Pre-term included:
Ø Know thy classmate and Master Chef.
Ø Movies followed by relevant discussions.
Ø Sessions on Working Together.
Ø Case Study sessions.
Ø Theatre/act/skit.
Ø Introduction to industry through guest lectures.
Ø Introduction to basic accounting.

The first session known as “Icebreakers” helped me to get acquainted with many of my batch mates. This was followed by the FIIB Master Chef competition. The post lunch session of learning by watching a movie and having a discussion on the issues shown in the movie was really an amazing way of teaching & learning. The two movies shown in the pre-term were “Coach Carter” and “Remember the Titans”, one movie revolved around leadership & the other around team work, both attributes I believe are important for success in the corporate world.
The first team assignment was building a story inspired by shapes conducted by Prof. Vidya Iyer in the “Working together” session. Case study was a new experience for me; going through different types of case studies and methods for proper Case study was really interesting. The industry interactions through various guest lectures and alumni gave me a slight idea of industry and made me realize my strengths and weaknesses so that I can give a proper direction to my career. I realized I have lots of new things to explore and a lot of work to do on my weaknesses. Overall the Pre-term was full of fun & learning.