preterm batch 2014-2016

Last first two weeks at FIIB were great. This Pre Term session helped us to know our classmates much better and we all jelled up well. There were different activities which were organized to improve our team work and build self confidence in public speaking. FIIB master chef, minor presentations and dramatics (street play) were some of the activities which involved team efforts whereas activities such as case studies, extempore session and gems session helped us in building confidence. The pre-term session also comprised of two other important sessions of industry interactions and movie discussion. Personally, I enjoyed the most in dramatics session. We all were able to put together a hilarious act as well as giving social message .This was completely a new experience for me as I have never been a part of dramatics before. We were divided into random groups and prepared the skit in 40mins. Another session was movie discussion in which we saw “Coach Carter” and after the movie had a healthy discussion. The pre-term ended with the outdoor activity “paint ball”. It was so much fun hanging out with new friends followed by lunch .This was a very high peak ending to our pre-term session.