Professionalism Personified In Noteworthy Ways!

Anyone can do a job but not all can exude professionalism. With utmost integrity, self belief, discipline and a rock solid dedication to work, Pritiman Sarkar takes us on a journey which has been fair to him because he maintained the dignity of being a professional. Let’s read!

The journey begins

“The experience of learning in an MBA school is very different from the generic academia which we are exposed to during our school & college days. When I look back at my journey at FIIB- it was intense as well as rewarding, as it enabled fulfilment of my aspirations and my dreams. From being a student to becoming a professional and transitions between theory/class room to projects, GDs, mock interviews and summer internship, they enabled me to have a flavour of the real world outside the cocooned environment of my student life. FIIB was able to foster my skills with clinical precision which has defined me as a professional.”

The journey afterwards

“While the journey has been exhilarating and exciting till date, all the curved balls thrown at me over the years have taught me to follow the 4 basic principles – Discipline, Dedication, Consistency and Integrity and the 5th overarching principle is Common Sense. This has helped me in good stead as I progressed in my career and reached senior positions in Investment Banking, Fintech and Cards Business. All these roles have been diverse, intricate and knowledge intensive in the financial sector which resonates with the skills honed at FIIB and developed in my journey from foundation to consolidation, and progressive aptitude and attitude to strive for excellence.”

The element that motivates him as a professional

“The role personifies my today’s “me” that is based on the fulcrum of our digital, cutting edge technology which is being scouted and deployed at break-neck pace whether it is voice, email, chat, knowledge bots, voice biometric, tech stack changes, enablement to foster customer centricity and build the first in industry initiatives and deployments. It has the flavour of what I have experienced and the expertise which I have developed in the past and enables future skills to be adopted. It brings in a combination of traditional and digital business and generates tremendous depth and width in the role disposition at large”

Upon being selected as a new member of the Advisory Board of FIIB-Finance

“It is a very humbling experience to be invited as a part of the Advisory Board. I am glad to contribute in my small way towards my alma mater and my long standing engagement with FIIB. I look forward to this opportunity, more specifically to jointly pursue it for its success. Basis the contours which have been shared I would like to share my knowledge gained in the financial sector specifically in building an outlook as well as curriculum, bringing in industry and domain experience and supporting student’s vision and real business opportunities in their educational journey.”

Suggestions for students to be better professionals

“The way I look at it today is to suggest to them to ensure that they are able to “future proof” their skillset and career. It is critical that they are able to build their mind & develop skill sets, plan their careers and should know and prepare for the jobs which will be relevant in the next 5 to 10 years horizon. With the GIG economy in play and impact of automation and job redundancy there is a radical new direction for career progression. Hence the key to success would be to have a growth mind-set, hone unique and human skills, build a professional network and develop resilience as the top skills requirement in the next 5 years.”

This was Pritiman Sarkar for you all who balanced knowledge with self belief during the challenging times in his career and never missed out on making the most of the sunshine he received.

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