Q&A: FIIB Students on Career Enhancement Through Social Media

CVs also has a digital shift nowadays. Your profile on LinkedIn and Facebook is the e-resume that well dictate your skills, character and strengths more loudly than a traditional paper-based resume ever could.” 

The way you manage your time, communicate with your fellow mates and other people, absorb knowledge while at the campus matters a lot. While you spend 8-9 hours of your day at college, it is important for you to utilise your time promptly rather than giving excuses that you don’t have much time to polish basic soft skills. With this small but effective message, Mr. Gaurav Singhal, Founder & CEO – Blue Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. addressed students with the importance of utilizing social media for career enhancement.   

In the two-hour long session, students also took equal interest and asked multiple questions to calm their curious heads. Scroll down to read all the questions asked by students in today’s Industry Interaction session.

Q1: How we can manage our time better to engage ourselves with different activities?

A: While studying at college we don’t realise the amount of time we waste in thinking and planning that never really turned into planned actions. One of the most stupid mistakes that we do on a regular basis is not delegating the tasks to others. I’m telling you three simple ways to manage your time better and utilize differently: 1) You can save plenty of time by thinking less and taking more actions; 2) Delegate even the smallest of tasks or decisions that are not going to be with you in the long run to your friends; 3) Don’t see the time of travelling and vacations as the relaxation span instead, hone new skills at that span of free time. 

Q2: How we can prepare ourselves to be different in the crowd of many ordinary beings?

A: Everyone wants to be different. Even I dressed up like this (wearing a match of yellow and blue) today to seem different than you all. Maybe it’s because this is how we feel accepted by society and think that people will listen to us. But, the truth is you can be successful in your career without carrying the ‘I’m hatke’ tag. However, to be different demands a lot of knowledge and self-confident. And, both of these can only be achieved by setting a schedule that is hatke than the ordinary ones. 

Q3: I have several fears and stage fear is one of them. How can I overcome this fear?

A: You don’t believe it but this is something that I survived and is very proud of. Stage fear is something that 80% of the people live with normally. One best way to eradicate this fear from your life is to talk with yourself in your free time like a mad. Practice makes a man perfect, and the same saying goes well in every domain. Ask your friends to allocate 5-10 minutes and listen to your presentation or speech and offer feedback. You can also try listening to a standup comedian and then convey the same in your style.