QYON: Leadership Program at FIIB is Hat Ke!

The art of managing crisis and difficult situations with flair might once have been considered a skill to grow and find success in organizations, but today, interpersonal skills, a can-and-will-do attitude and an ability to network with the right professionals are considered equally crucial for effective management. However, even combining all these talents together for the purpose of good management is not sufficient since the business world is increasingly looking for leadership more than management skills in their professionals today, reports Forbes.

While many believe that leadership is an effective form of management, the difference between leadership and management is often in the way unseen challenges are handled which most of the businesses cope up with today. “A good manager provides support to his team and helps them achieve their declared goals, whereas a good leader motivates his team members and make them capable enough to accomplish their goals,” says Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha, Director at FIIB

A constituent of the vibrant ecosystem of management education, FIIB recognizes the students who exhibit such leadership skills early-on at FIIB – whether they nominate themselves to be the class representatives, or get selected as co-heads for various student clubs at FIIB, or take initiatives and lead projects and events on various other occasions. 19 such students were selected for the FIIB Leadership Program this year and sent to the Dorzang Monastic Institute, located in Himachal Pradesh, where they got a chance to look at the life and conscious leadership from a different and sustainable perspective.

Select 19 students during FIIB Leadership Training Program

Under this leadership program that has a unique concept of “Question Your Own Notions” (QYON), FIIB goes beyond the abstract leadership theories and makes its students see the bigger and brighter picture of ‘practical reality’ that helps them take on and reign their world. Unlike a leadership training session that happens within the walls of a room, FIIB’s QYON Leadership Program is a fun getaway comprising the learnings and experiences that give the students the thoroughly sought-after practical leadership skills, desired at workplace today.

Challenging follow-me approach 

In course of ‘becoming a better leader of tomorrow’, students were taught that leadership was not merely an attribute of effective management, since an integral aspect of becoming a leader is to find the dissonance and mismanagement within life first. It is easy to command and control the people, but “this trip made me realise that leadership is not just about an individual, but about us and the beautiful nature we live in. It is about maintaining harmony between the two and then enjoying it to the fullest,” says Shirly Rex, a first-year student at FIIB. We follow those who inspire us to excel in life and make them our idols. In a way, we name them our leaders for life. 

Making Soul-Stirring Decisions

A good leader always finds time to rethink her or his purposes and expectations to live a meaningful life. It is not that things always happen as we plan. At that time, therefore, it is crucial to make decisions that can be changed as and when required. The equilibrium of professional achievements and personal happiness is sometimes just a change-in-the-plan away. “Taking walks under the clear sky, having freshness all around me, hanging with the best set of people was the most relaxing and soul-stirring feeling that I could have ever had, says Pallabi Medhi, a first-year student at FIIB.  

In the words of Mr. Saurabh Mittal, facilitator of Leadership Program, “It has been a privilege to do this program with FIIB students for the last three years in the foothills of the Himalayas which offer a very conducive environment for reflection. The students who have participated have been keen learners and were able to explore new ways of developing leadership skills and insights through this program.” To sum up, QYON (Question Your Own Notions) is a leadership program for the young minds of the 21st century.  By questioning, learning and unlearning our understanding of ourselves and the wider world, it helps develop a unique decision-making framework to enhance both the human and productive potential of its participants.