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Just imagine you with yourself. It is possible. Take out some time for your passion. We feel great when we indulge in activities which we love to do. Sports is one of the ideas to indulge in. A sport drives and motivates you to achieve the goal. In general, it alchemizes your kinetic energy inside you into potential energy. It is  a break from monotonous routine of life. On sports ground, you are what you are. You decide your own strategy.

Ranbhoomi 2012, an annual sports event of Fortune Institute Of International Business, ruled the last week of August. The event went across six days from 27 August to 1 September. Initially it was scheduled for five days but, due to bad weather it was extended. But it did not inhibit the enthusiasm of participants. It included indoor and outdoor games like Chess, Carom, Badminton, Volleyball, 8 pool ball and Table Tennis. As per reviewed by Harsh Bhargava, Sports Co head of FIIB, Ranbhoomi 2012 was  much more vivacious and spirited than last year. This year there were four teams: Section A (STARS), Section B (ROCKSTARS), Section C (FOSTERS), Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS). There was a great rush and cherriness for the respective teams. The opening ceremony took place on 27 August, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. At the inaugural ceremony FIIB Chairman, Mr. Manish Khetrapal addressed the students of FIIB.

When you play, it is  the strategy and enthusiasm both which works irrespective of the nature of the game. And there is no substitute for hard work and effort in sports. It is most important. Playing a game is enjoying it, but organizing a sports event means much more than that. It is like bringing  and focusing the dispersed energy at one place.  For this, a true sportsman is needed  who can feel the soul of sports because sports is an art. The one who feels this, does this passionately, e.g.- The International Olympics Committee  is controlled by the former active athletes. In the words of Harsh Bhargava, Sports Cohead of FIIB, “It takes a lot of perseverance, determination and thinking on the feet when it comes to sports. Just like others, here I worked hard for this club last year and this year to continue with the tradition. I have a passion for sports and sportsmanship. The ability to beat constantly the best in me is a sign of a true sportsman. The main driving force for me is if I win, I win in style and if I lose I lose in style. I don’t pick a team but I make a team and yes, this is me.”

Ranbhoomi 2012 went like this:

DAY 1, 27 August, 2012                                                                    

  • Teams: Sec A (STARS) versus Sec C (FOSTERS)                 
  • Games: Badminton and Chess
  • Winner: SEC C (FOSTERS)

DAY 2, 28 August, 2012

  • Teams  :  Sec A (STARS) versus SEC C (FOSTERS)
  • Games  : Volley Ball (Knockout match) and Carom
  • Winners: Carom- SEC A (STARS), Volley Ball- SEC C (FOSTERS)

DAY 3, 29 AUGUST, 2012

  • Teams: SEC B (ROCKSTARS) versus Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS)
  • Games: Carom, Chess and 8 Ball Pool
  • Winners: Carom- Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS), Chess- SEC B (ROCKSTARS), 8 BALL POOL- SEC B (ROCKSTARS)

DAY 4, 30 AUGUST, 2012

  • Games: Chess, Table Tennis
  • Winner: SEC B (ROCKSTARS)

        Day 5, 31 AUGUST, 2012


  • Teams: Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS) versus SEC C (FOSTERS), Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS) versus SEC B (ROCKSTARS)
  • Games: 8 Ball Pool Mix, Badminton
  • Winners: 8 Ball Pool Mix- Seniors (ONE HIT WONDERS), Badminton- SEC B (ROCKSTARS)

            Day 6, 1 SEPTEMBER, 2012

  • Games: Volleyball

Sports rejuvenates us and we enjoy it. It is an experience to participate in such events. Winning makes us feel great. In the PGDM program, events like Ranbhoomi are a good break from daily humdrum. Life becomes mundane when we are engaged in similar kinds of activities for a long time. Changes in routine keep us refreshed. When asked from various participants regarding such events, they were of the different views. They came with a wide variety of responses. Akshat Mishra, Sec A, PGDM 2012-14, says, “It promotes healthy competition, gives us a reason to forget our hectic study schedule and enjoy ourselves, winning is just an added advantage.” Rohit Kumar Jaitley, winner of Volleyball match (Ranbhoomi 2012), says, “Events like Ranbhoomi help students in keeping their competitive and sporting spirit alive. Winning a volley ball tournament strengthened my conviction that no matter wherever you apply it, hard work always pays.” While some say it inculcates qualities in us. Utkarsh, Sec C, PGDM 2012-14 says, “  It inculcates valuable qualities in us like we learn how to cooperate with one another and to subordinate our selfish desires to the interests of the team.” And some did not take as a competition as team was comprised of their friends and classmates, so it was fun playing with them. Ankit Phartiyal, Sec B, PGDM 2012-14 says, “To be a part of the PGDM program we always talk about Team work and Strategy. And Sports is the best medium where we can apply both of these.”

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