Readers Become Leaders – Why You Should Develop A Reading Habit

No two leaders are alike nor their leadership styles. When you look through their traits, you will find few common traits, the biggest of them all – They read, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, business, or hobby reading. Statistics say that C-level executives of most Fortune 500 companies read an average of 4-5 books a month. In addition to catching up with what’s going on their business verticals, they read a varied range of topics, which make them better leaders. So, reading is your first step to leading

With employers building interpreneurial culture, they are keen to find management graduates who are analytical, up to date with the corporate know-how, and think out of the box. Reading need not be old-fashioned, you can read on your kindle devices or smartphones. Whichever works for you, make sure to read. In case you still have doubts on developing a reading habit, these 5 reasons will convince you.

Reading makes you analytical:

Reading is a great way you can get accurate information on the topics you are passionate about. Reading develops clarity of thought and streamlines the way you approach problems. Reading also polishes your analytical skills and enhances your problem-solving skills. Analyzing a lot of information in short periods of time is a must for leaders.

Reading gives you new perspectives

Reading broadens your perspective and helps you look at problems from new angles. Reading makes you better at reasoning,exposes you to multiple varied cultures, thereby making your thinking much more diverse. You’ll have better insights for leading cross cultural projects and teams. 

Reading improves your communication skills

When you read, especially widely and in depth, you become proficient in language, your vocabulary becomes better, you communicate clearly and concisely. Knowing more words makes you more empathetic, better at persuasion, and brings more precision in communication – all the traits that will make you a good leader. 

Reading makes you imaginative:

A good leader needs to be creative to explore new avenues of business opportunities. Opening a book takes you on a journey while imagining scenarios in your head, kind of makes it your second nature, when you’re working on groundbreaking projects. Read a book, and get creative. 

Reading is therapeutic and you will manage your stress well:

Reading is a stress busting hobby to many. Often people escape the daily grind and relax with a book and a cup of coffee or tea. Reading itself is therapeutic, it calms you down, lets you relax, and transports you to new dimensions. A study by The Telegraph compared various activities like walking, listening to music, and drinking a cup of tea to reading on their respective impacts on stress levels and found that reading works the best. 

Reading at FIIB

FIIB has a library with a vast collection of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, e-books, and other online resources to encourage young managers to read. Apart from the academic books, there is a huge variety in fiction and non-fiction too. Literary fests and exhibitions are regularly organized to introduce the joy of reading. So, have you found your literary match yet? If not, it’s time to head to a bookstore or a library to meet one!