Ready to Sail: My two years at FIIB


The idea of choosing PGDM as my career sprang into my life for several reasons. I had always wanted to become an entrepreneur and I knew that a management degree was crucial to empower myself with necessary management skills and entrepreneurial abilities.  Since I had opted for BBA as my academic discipline during graduation, preparing for PGDM was not very difficult. I was fortunate to get myself enrolled in the PGDM program at Fortune Institute of International Business, primarily because it was structured around the standard and contemporary industrial aspects.

Life at FIIB was splendid. Everything around the Institute has been special for me. The 2-year course at FIIB has helped me to acquire the analytical tools necessary for academic training and gave a working knowledge of many things related to management. Special efforts from our Faculty members, Business Communication Trainers and special guest lectures & seminars elevated my wisdom level to new heights. Besides, I was also a student head at the Cynergy Club (FIIB Student HR Network), where the responsibilities assigned to me helped me to grow as a leader.

Things I learnt at FIIB:

  • It taught me how to ‘Network’. The opportunity to study with a batch of focused students, support and guidance from a group of learned mentors, a huge network of seniors and alumni members was like an add-on to my career. This network has not only helped me to grow as a student, but also as a future management professional.
  • We were taught how to be more focused, goal-oriented, creative and connected. The FIIB Curriculum provided valuable skills and practical vision to become market ready.
  • The most important element that I learnt in these two years. I learnt was-“How to Plan” things. Planning is crucial to success in every aspects of life. PGDM at FIIB included trainings and exercises that has fostered values of team work, planning and accomplishments to carry out in the real business world.

When I look at myself, I can see a lot of positive changes in my personality. My journey from joining FIIB as a student to joining  Stellar Search as a Research Associate has been incredible! Today I am at the threshold of a new career, ready to take on challenges and march out into the world with a vision and knowledge that I could only imagine about a few years earlier.