Recap of my journey at FIIB

“If you think you can, you can!
If you think you can’t, you are right!”

I feel a deep pleasure of satisfaction for having been a part of FIIB and opting for PGDM. I still remember the day when I entered this college and everything came out to be so exciting on the very first day!

Like every student even i had earnestly desire  of getting placed with a good reputed company that too with my own efforts and be a delight to my college – faculty, friends and everybody.

FIIB has not only imparted subject knowledge but has helped in developing my personality and skills. A number of activities like Toastmasters, seminars, conclaves, regular competitions, presentations, everyday assignments, case study analysis through plays, discussions etc. not only made me more alert and hardworking, but also converted me into a multitasking individual and introduced me to leadership qualities.

I was an active core member of our Marketing Club which had helped me to learn how to organize events, and be professionally active with good personality skills and I have participated in various co-curricular activities as well, which made me more competent with a changed attitude and endless enthusiasm.

Faculties here at FIIB, have been extremely considerate, polite and cooperative. I realized that Fortune Institute of International Business was the best place for me to learn, explore and grow as a professional.
I feel much advantaged that I am a part of this college which has a defined, constructive way of providing education with a proper set of curriculum.

“To arrive at the winning point one has to work hard from the beginning”.

My luckiest break has been getting accepted into FIIB for PGDM.  Grilled training sessions, group discussions, writing skills, general knowledge and soft skills given by Business Communication Trainers at our college from the very 1st year has sharpened my skills and allowed me to be absolutely certain of knowing myself more appropriately. This not only gave me feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of my own abilities, but I have become more focused about what wanted from my career, and then with all the hard work, frequent practice of interview with oneself, daily sessions, I looked up towards the interview and became industry ready. The Corporate Relations Cell had been playing the role of an effective backbone by giving a proper communication with the recruiting companies.

I still remember how difficult it was to clear every round with different level of stress every time and at times losing hope; but then what worked for me is not repeating same mistakes twice in interviews. I could not afford to repeat my mistakes and tried to overcome them by practicing again and again.

The knowledge, learnings and experience I have been showered with in these 2 years of my MBA is of great worth and will always remain my precious achievement. As I am going to enter into a new phase of life, I will miss my every golden moments cherished with my friends, college mates, and Faculty at FIIB.