Reflecting on the Management Lessons Indian Struggles Offer

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As India celebrates Republic Day in patriotic fervor tomorrow accompanied by the traditional Republic Day parade, it is a privilege to be a part of a great nation where freedom is a birth right, dignity of citizens is safeguarded and democracy is practiced with justice & glory. As India celebrates Republic Day to maintain and withhold the true essence of sovereignty- let’s look back and reflect on a few management morals that we may derive from the various struggles India has faced so far.

Leadership: Way back with the Indian Freedom Struggle, a number of leaders from different corners of the nation have emerged. They have practiced a variety of leadership principles with utmost discipline and optimism bringing the entire nation into believing and striving for a singular objective.  Today- Indian leaders are made and not just born

Endurance: Over the years, we have found non- violent response to struggles as an apt answer to all struggles; the real lesson of endurance which is not only imbibed by the Indians but also practiced with resolute perseverance.

Team-work: From the desire to get independence to fighting social crimes like corruption- we still stand united from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Gujrat.

Empowering People: We still have leaders who not only motivate the public but also empower them to take charge and move ahead to make lasting impact in the Indian History.

As the Tri-color flag flies high above us and as the nation sits together to watch the grand parade this Republic Day, lets join our hands together to take these management lessons forward to the next level to make India shine into a brighter shade. Jai Hind!