Reflections from the ‘Closeted Conversations ‘

The theme of ‘Closeted Conversations’ and discuss ‘Women of Substance’ as a broad segment was being presented in the conference which was held by shift series. Speaking on different aspects of empowerment and equality, women change makers such as Pooja Bhatt, Sarwar Khan, Namrata Joshipura, Shreiyah Sabharwal, Prakashini Tomar (Revolver Dadi), Sundeep Rao, Kavita Arora, Sonali Rastogi, Nithya Shanti, Ashwini Bhadur, Shalini Kochher, Ani Choying Drolma and Sonal Munjal took to the stage to share their experiences.

Revolver dadi share her story from where all she started her shooting and how she attained her dream of becoming oldest sharpshooter in the world. She started the conversations telling the background of village and the culture of her village where girls are not allowed to step out of their houses but dadi break all the stereotype she began learning to shoot by chance, when her granddaughter wanted to learn shooting. At practice session dadi accompany her granddaughter. From there the actual journey was started where she learn those skills and won 25 national championship throughout the India. I really like her determination and confidence on dadi and one thing which she said in conference is that I like to quote here is education is the only medium which will provide platform to all the girls and girls are not behind the boys in any term they can become more successful in right platform is being provided to them. Revolver dadi gives training to girls and 20 girls from her academy  played internationally. She comes from the place where the girls and women are supressed and being dominated by male but dadi gives tough fight to all the rules and reached here where she is being recognised in such a big platform I really salute revolver dadi.

Sonali rastogi:-

She is very successful business woman and a very successful architect and the owner of morphogenesis. She is also the cancer survivor. Her journey is the true inspiration for many person. She narrated her emotional journey of the fight with the deadly disease in the session A Life by Design. To her, design is a result of different stimuli, ranging from climatic conditions, urban fabric, local traditions, and human activity. She always tries to find silver lining in the bad situation which always keeps her inspired and motivated to fight against difficult and odd situation.

All this stories helped to explore our identity and change mind-sets in the rapidly evolving society. This experience is unforgettable experience which bring shift in our thinking.

Student Entry

Mansi Rawat